Megan Fox Vocal About Having Plastic Surgeries

In a recent interview, actress Megan Fox candidly revealed about the plastic surgeries she has undergone.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 21, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Megan Fox admits having plastic surgeries

The fact that Megan Fox is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful ladies is nothing new. Given her attractiveness and keen sense of style, it’s not unexpected that a lot of her admirers and online speculators are wondering what the key to her almost flawless appearance is. During an open discussion with internet celebrity Alex Cooper on her video podcast “Call Her Daddy,” the Hollywood star acknowledged and refuted all the plastic surgery procedures she had undergone to get her ideal physical appearance.

Megan Denied And Accepted The Rumors Regarding Plastic Surgeries

Megan Fox admits having plastic surgeries

First up, she denied the rumors about liposuction. She said that she had never had any liposuction or body contouring treatments. She also denied the buccal fat removal. She mentioned that she would never have any fat removal treatments as she is a lean person who doesn’t have enough body fat and face fat. She has also denied undergoing butt implants or a Brazillian butt lift. She said that she would do it if she could but mentioned the difficulty while undergoing the procedures. It was a hard surgery that would take 3 months to recover and would leave one with bruises for an eternity. She also explained that her body would not react well to general anesthesia, therefore it would be a big deal for her to undergo surgery. 

Megan also mentioned the protocols her doctors had to go through if she underwent any surgery. The actress explained that her doctors have to discuss with her extensively due to her significant fear of dying under general anesthesia. She emphasized that she doesn’t approach surgery lightly and, as a result, has undergone very few surgical procedures. She reflected that her fear and paranoia regarding surgery have likely been a saving grace, as she pondered what she might have done otherwise. The actress also mentioned how crucial it is that the doctors’ “music playlist” contains no songs that would make the surgeons think of their ex-girlfriend or ex-wife. Fox explained that it’s essential to be in a good headspace before undergoing surgery. She advised against coming in for surgery if one has disagreed with their spouse.

Even though Megan Fox denied several rumors regarding the plastic surgeries she accepted some of them. The actress refuted rumors that she had any “facelift of any kind” or fillers when she acknowledged that the only procedure she had on her face was a rhinoplasty in her early 20s. She has also acknowledged having breast implants three separate times during her life. She said that she had surgeries for her breasts, first when she was 21 or 22, and then redone it when she was done breastfeeding her kids. She had to redo them recently to rectify the rippling. 

However, Megan didn’t talk about one particular treatment. She said there was one thing that she had done but wouldn’t reveal. She shared that it was really good and also mentioned it was not a known plastic surgery. 

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Megan mentioned that none of the beauty treatments are safe. She said everything has its risk factors. She mentioned that she wasn’t encouraging people to blindly go out and do things, instead, she stressed the importance of conducting one’s research. She expressed her view that shaming someone for such decisions was a very peculiar thing to do. She also hinted that even though she underwent some surgeries, she doesn’t enjoy the whole process. She considered it more of a necessity than preference.

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