Meghan Markle Plastic Surgery: Separating Truth From Gossip!

Did Meghan Markle really go under the knife?

Written by Priyanka Sonkushre

On Aug 23, 2023 – 5 minutes read

Meghan Markle plastic surgery

Meghan Markle plastic surgery has been a hot topic since the 42-year-old Duchess of Sussex appeared in a video introducing her friend and photographer, Misan Harriman, before his TED Talk on April 24, 2023. The video went viral, sparking discussions on social media where fans debated whether the former Suits star had undergone plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Now, let’s delve into whether these claims are mere speculation or hold any truth!

Meghan Markle Plastic Surgery: Did She Really Have One?

When Meghan Markle appeared in a video on TED Talk following her announcement that she wouldn’t be attending King Charles III’s coronation in May 2023, fans were taken aback by her striking new appearance. With sleek, straightened hair, hazel eyes, nude lips, and flawless skin, she left her admirers pleasantly surprised. However, some observers speculated that Meghan Markle’s transformed appearance might be the outcome of cosmetic procedures.

meghan markle natural hair photo

Megan had been out of the spotlight for a while, adding to the speculation. Social media observers hinted that her absence might be due to cosmetic procedures to enhance her appearance. Some even compared Meghan Markle’s new look to Kate Middleton’s! We won’t weigh in on whether she truly resembled the Princess of Wales or not—that’s for you to judge.

The Meghan Markle plastic surgery 2023 speculation, which got the entire world talking, has not yet been put to rest by Markle’s reps. In fact, they declined to leave any comment on the matter. Insiders have, however, revealed that Meghan Markle surgery allegations were denied by the actress herself. So, let’s assume the change in her looks is probably because she has finally lost most of the weight she had gained during her two pregnancies.

Meghan Markle Plastic Surgery: Before Surgery Looks

Meghan may not have had plastic surgery in 2023, but if we look at some of her older pictures, they do suggest that she might have had some cosmetic work done on her earlier.

megan botched nose job before and after

A picture from her high school yearbook that went viral after her engagement with Prince Harry shows a girl with a wider nose bridge.

Older pictures of the actress show gaps between her teeth, which were probably fixed by veneers when she grew older.

How Many Plastic Surgeries Has Meghan Markle Had?

Well, the exact number of plastic surgeries the Duchess of Sussex has undergone remains uncertain. However, observing the changes in her appearance over the years suggests one thing: Meghan Markle has undergone plastic surgery procedures on several occasions in the past.

She likely had a makeover with teeth veneers to get that perfectly aligned smile. She is even thought to have had a rhinoplasty to create a narrow nose bridge and a refined and smaller nose tip. Some of her pictures also suggest that she had breast augmentation at some point but later had them removed because it didn’t work well for her overall look.

megan before surgery

Besides Meghan Markle plastic surgery, there’s one more thing that catches the attention of her fans, and that’s her hair! While Megan naturally has thick, dark hair, her hairstylists may be using temporary clip-on extensions at times to fix some of her looks or get that voluminous ponytail. 

However, her hairstylist, George Northwood, said that Meghan’s hair is naturally long and healthy, and he never used hair extensions on her in the two years he worked with her.

Meghan Markle’s Botox: It’s Not What You Think

Meghan Markle’s recent appearances have definitely caught attention. Some speculate that her radiant and youthful skin might be due to Botox injections. Although it’s uncertain whether this is accurate, rumors suggest that her beauty secret isn’t Botox but rather another cosmetic product dubbed “Botox in the Bottle.”

Biotulin, a.k.a. “Botox in the Bottle,” is an organic gel that tightens skin and apparently reduces wrinkles in merely one hour after application! It is also known to relax facial features by reducing muscle contraction, thereby having a positive impact on minor wrinkles all over the face.

megan botched nose

Her preference for organic Botox over injectables, along with other treatments, ensures she has radiant and healthy skin. Meghan’s favorite organic Botox is also popular among other A-listers like Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, and more!

And What About Skin Whitening?

It appears that Meghan may not have had any skin whitening treatment because she is relatively fair-skinned, as her father has light skin while her mother is dark. So, just because one of her parents is dark-skinned doesn’t mean she will also have a dark skin tone. 

meghan markle weave

Many people tend to tan when exposed to the sun for extended periods and lighten up when less exposed. This natural process could be contributing to variations in Meghan’s appearance. Additionally, factors such as camera settings and lighting can also influence how pale a person appears.

FAQs On Meghan Markle Plastic Surgery

1. What is Meghan Markle’s genetic condition?

Meghan has a genetic condition known as Hypermobility. It results in loose and stretchy joints, due to which some or all joints in the body have an unnaturally large range of movement.

2. Has Meghan Markle had other children?

Although it was earlier suspected that Meghan Markle had a girl child from her previous relationship, there is no evidence supporting the claim.

3. Who is Meghan Markle’s daughter?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have a daughter named Princess Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, who is currently two years old.

4. How many biological children does Meghan Markle have?

Meghan Markle has two biological children. A son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor and a daughter Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

Final Verdict on Meghan Markle’s Plastic Surgery

Meghan Markle’s recent transformation has sparked discussions and generated a buzz online. Some have suggested that her enhanced appearance is due to recent plastic surgery. However, her supporters have defended her, arguing that she doesn’t need cosmetic procedures to achieve that ‘glow’! According to insider reports, it appears Meghan has not undergone plastic surgery; rather, she is simply aging gracefully!

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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