Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery: From Rumors To Reality

Ariana Grande’s Transformation: A Timeline of Her Rumored Plastic Surgeries

Written by Anshita Singh

On Feb 23, 2024 – 5 minutes read

ariana grande plastic surgery

In discussions about celebrities, it’s common to delve into the realm of cosmetic procedures. Over 40 prominent actors and models in Hollywood have opted for such transformations. Ariana Grande plastic surgery is a notable example, with ample evidence provided by before and after images. Consider her portrayal in Victorious as Cat; her current appearance bears little resemblance to that former depiction of Ariana Grande. Celebrity gossip often centers around rumors of such transformations, intertwining with discussions on body image, beauty standards, and the prevalence of cosmetic procedures in the industry.

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery: The Timeline

Exploring the trajectory of Ariana Grande’s career, we’ve cataloged the surgical procedures she’s undergone to enhance her aesthetics, as well as those she may have considered. Join us as we delve into Ariana Grande’s journey with plastic surgery.

ariana grande now

1. Ariana Grande Nose Job 

I think there are only a few people on this planet who are satisfied with their noses. I mean, it is difficult to identify a beauty standard for a nose.

noses job celebrity

But one thing is for sure, no one wants a thick and big nose. Neither did Ariana Grande, so she got a nose job. Grande got a small and petite nose through a rhinoplasty procedure. That must save her a lot of time from contouring. 

2. Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery: Brow Lift 

The trend nowadays is all about achieving that defined, snatched look, as sported by celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. It’s become the standard, with many individuals on social media striving for a similar appearance, aiming to emulate those thinner facial features.

ariana grande brow lift surgery

That catfish trend is gripping beauty enthusiasts quite strongly. The brow lift is another cosmetic procedure that’s done using threads, Botox or surgery to give the face a snatched look. Ariana Grande’s surgery probably includes a brow lift that lifts the eyebrows up, eliminating that frown

3. Ariana Grande Face Lift: Did She Get One?

Celebrities frequently opt for facelift surgeries not just as a luxury but as a crucial means to enhance their facial features and maintain the youthful appearance required in show business.

celebrity face lift

With Ariana, rumors suggest she might have pursued buccal fat removal to combat wrinkles and sagging skin. This procedure not only addresses excess fats in the face but also results in a slimmer, smoother, and more youthful-looking appearance.

4. Ariana Grande’s Lip Fillers 

If you’ve watched Victorious, you’ve likely noticed Ariana’s lips. In the past, her lips were thin, but now they appear thicker and fuller. Following today’s beauty trends, where fuller lips are considered desirable, Ariana embraced the trend and opted for lip filler injections.

lip filler before after

Lip fillers, a popular and quick cosmetic procedure, involve injecting hyaluronic acid fillers into the lips to increase their size. This enhances the lips’ structure, adding to the overall allure of the face. However, it’s important to recognize that beauty standards are ever-changing and superficial. Ultimately, the decision to undergo such procedures should be a personal one.

5. Ariana Grande’s Breast Implants 

There is no confirmation on whether Ariana has got breast implants or not. However, there are many people who think that she has got breast augmentation.

arianna grande before and after

The aftermath of this supposed surgery is that some people supported her choice of breast augmentation while others showed their disappointment regarding the same. In the medical arena, there is nothing wrong with getting breast implantation as long as it is done by a professional surgeon and with high-quality medically approved material to prevent infections (1). 

6. Ariana Grande Buttocks Injections 

Ariana’s fans often debate about whether or not Ariana has got any buttock augmentation to get the perfect, sexy round butt she rocks.

arianna grande bbl

Though there are diversified opinions about the same, there is a possibility that the pop singer has got Brazilian butt lifts or butt implants among other plastic surgeries. It is neither ethical nor easy to say just by looking if she has got butt injections, but anyway, her latest physique is stunning. 

7. Ariana Grande Botox Injections 

The 30-year-old pop singer Ariana has denied getting plastic surgeries but there are some evident signs that she might have gone through such surgeries.

celebrity botox

The flawless wrinkle-free skin might be the result of religious skin care and herbal treatments but there is a possibility that that might be the work of Botox injections. 

Did Ariana Grande Really Get Plastic Surgery? The Bottom Line 

Ariana is one of the most sought-after pop singers globally. Her music hits are absolutely dope and Ariana’s fans stan her. Ariana is one of the few artists whose on-camera journey started at a very young age. We all adored Ariana as Cat in Victorious, and since then, we have seen her evolve in many ways, including beauty-wise. 

The 30-year-old pop singer has changed a lot since her debut in Hollywood and that is the reason why there are many speculations made on the supposed plastic surgeries of Ariana. Whether she has got all those fillers and augmentations or not, Ariana is a beautiful and talented singer who has given us a good time with her songs.

Secondly, she is Ariana. If she has had any plastic surgery, it must have been done by highly professional surgeons and with the highest quality materials. So, it is safe for her to take on such surgeries and worry less about their possible future consequences. 


1. What plastic surgery has Ariana Grande had?

Though Ariana has not been vocal about her plastic surgeries, she might have gone through a nose job, brow lift, lip fillers, Chin implant, facelift, botox, breast augmentation, and buttocks enhancement. 

2. When did Ariana Grande get plastic surgery?

There is no definitive timeline on when Ariana Grande got plastic surgery. Although, there are speculations that she might have got Nose job done between 2010 and 2013. 

3. What plastic surgery did Ariana Grande have?

Though Ariana has not been vocal about her plastic surgeries, she might have gone through a nose job, brow lift, lip fillers, facelift, botox, breast augmentation, and buttocks enhancement. 

4. Why did Ariana Grande get plastic surgery?

Ariana Grande has always denied getting plastic surgery, but the reason one might get plastic surgery is to enhance the overall look and beauty of the face to meet the beauty standards. 

  1. Washer, Laraine L., and Karol Gutowski. "Breast implant infections." Infectious Disease Clinics 26.1 (2012): 111-125.

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