Nathalie Emmanuel Compares The Zipline Scene Of “Arthur The King” With Her Acting Career

Nathalie Emmanuel gets suspended and stuck halfway on a 500foot zipline in her latest movie, Arthur the King.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 22, 2024 – 3 minutes read

nathaline new movie arthur the king zipline

The cast of Arthur the King races through real adventure obstacles. Drawing inspiration from the true tale of adventure racer Mikael Lindnord, who met his dog friend during a race, Arthur the King sends Mark Wahlberg, Simu Liu, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Ali Suliman to the Dominican Republic for a torturous 435-mile journey to the finish line. Michael (Wahlberg) leads his squad through mountain riding, ziplining above treetops, and woodland running to reach that destination. In particular, the zipline sequence isn’t very smooth because several team members get trapped halfway across the wire, leaving them stranded 500 feet above the earth.

Nathalie Talks About Her On-Screen Zipline Adventure

nathaline new movie arthur the king zipline

Emmanuel compared the adventurous scenes of her acting career with the latest ones in the movie Arthur the King in an interview with theGrio. She revealed that the zipline scene from this movie topped all other scenes in her acting career. When the anchor asked particularly about the ball bomb scene in Fast X and standing before Cersei and The Mountain in Game of Thrones, Nathaline shared that the zipline scene takes the top spot.

Nathaline began by saying that the ziplining came first as it was real. She shared that she went up a zipline over a very very high canyon. She also revealed that the bomb in the Fast X was not real and the wall in The Game of Thrones was a platform that was not so high. But in the case of the zipline scene, it was real and she felt the adrenaline as went went down a 500-foot zipline. She said that filming the scene, where she also got stuck on the zipline was like “intense adrenaline”. Therefore, Emmanuel considered it number one. 

Nathaline continued by saying that even if Arthur the King successfully conveyed Emmanuel’s genuine sense of tension, she experienced intense feelings during the Game of Thrones sequence because it concluded her longest-running character. She said that the Game of Thrones scene was emotional as she bid farewell to her 7-year-long character. She mentioned it as a very high emotional adrenaline day. But while talking about the Fast X scene, the actress said that she didn’t feel the adrenaline rush as it was not real.

Other Adventerous Scenes In The Movie

“Arthur the King” has several adventurous scenes as it narrates the life of adventure racer Mikael Lindnord. The actors shared that their intense training started a month before the shooting. Liu said that they were blown out by the training. The training was so intense that they had to run and bike for so many miles. Liu addressed biking as a crazy sport and said that the bikers would also not delay that they are crazy in their own way as it was an insane grueling experience. He also thanked their trainer Michael as he taught them how to bike, kayak, track, and climb. 

Emmanuel credits the incredible stunt team of the movie. She said they were the greatest support system during the filming. The stunt team helped her equip herself with the disciplines to which she was new. She shared that she had zero expertise in any of the activities and also she was scared of kayaking as she was not an ocean-savvy in any way.  

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Emmanuel’s answer was a yes when the anchor asked whether anything compares to the intense hard work and dedication required for adventure. She said that the pursuit of acting requires the same dedication as that of adventure. She said it was a highly competitive and unpredictable career to choose.   

“Arthur the King” is now available in theatres worldwide.

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