Eiza Gonzalez Says She Has Given Up On Dating: Reveals “Not Looking Anymore”

In a recent interview, Eiza Gonzalez revealed that she has given up on dating and is not interested in looking for anyone.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 22, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Eiza Gonzalez given up on dating

The Mexican actress, Eiza González stated in a recent interview with InStyle magazine that even though she is “dying to have kids,” she is taking off from pursuing a romantic relationship. Eiza has made headlines due to her romantic relationships with several major celebrities in the past.

Eiza’s Recent Statement On Dating

Eiza Gonzalez given up on dating

The 34-year-old actress has revealed in her latest interview that she has “sort of given up on” dating. Eiza declared that she was not looking for anymore. González, who has been connected to Josh Duhamel, Jason Momoa, Timothée Chalamet, Liam Hemsworth, and NBA player Ben Simmons in the past, says she is “dying to have kids” and that she falls in love so deep and it takes her so much to get over. She also shared that it gets harder for her as she doesn’t play around as she gets older. She said that when she is in a relationship, she gives it all which pushes her into a tough heartbreak. Eiza admitted that she had several dating heartbreaks and said she had a list of nonnegotiables. 

The “Ambulance” movie star also noted that she would not date someone who has not been to therapy. González explained that she started therapy at a young age to deal with the trauma of losing her father, who passed away in a motorcycle accident when she was twelve. She remembered that after stopping for a few years, she started going to her therapist again. 

González also pointed out how difficult her dating life with another actor can be as she always travels as part of work. She also shared her opinion that an actor who is at the height of his career would “never take a backstep” for her. She added that she would have to follow them and they would be sort of dictating the rhythm. She also mentioned the societal norms that would accompany them. Eiza said that if they have kids, the actor would be paid $20 million and she would be paid $2 million. Also, she mentioned the authority another person would have on her life, like, the actor would be like, well, ‘she can do that movie’. 

González briefly dated NBA player Ben Simmons in 2023, her last known romance. In February of that year, the ex-couple was seen out together multiple times. A source claimed that they had been dating “for a few weeks” during that time. Before that, Momoa, 44, and the actress were spending time together after his separation from his ex-wife Lisa Bonet in January 2022.

Eiza Trolled For Claiming She Was “Too Hot” For Roles

The Baby Driver star claimed she lost several roles as she was too attractive to handle. The statement in her latest interview has been a backlash for her as she is being trolled severely on the internet. 

Eiza said that she remembered being told about so many projects that ‘She’s too pretty for the role’, She’s too hot for the role’. She continued that she was confused as many Hollywood A-list stars were conventionally attractive. She added that she would think about Margot Robbie, as she was the most beautiful woman Eiza had ever seen. 

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González even told in the interview that she thought of altering her appearance as she was “too attractive to handle”. She said she considered shaving her head to make her less physically attractive. She was confused about whether she should make her less attractive or more attractive. Eiza also considered not dressing or covering her up. Online commenters quickly seized on Eiza’s comments, suggesting that she might not be a very good actress. A particular comment said that maybe she missed out because she couldn’t act her way out of a paper sack.

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