Pugh Dares to Go Braless In Curve-Hugging White Stunner At Dune II Premiere

Florence Pugh dared to go braless again in a curve-hugging white gown at the Mexico City premiere of Dune II, continuing her quest to “free the nip

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Florence Pugh goes braless

Florence Pugh continued her quest to free the nip with her braless, curve-hugging white gown with intricately detailed stitches on her skirt for the premiere of her new movie Dune II in Mexico City.

The Quest for Freedom 

Florence Pugh on a quest to free the nipple

Florence Pugh came to the stage in a mesmerizing manner, wearing a standing-ground design that features muted jerseys in earth tones from a brand based in London’s SS24 collection. 

The 28-year-old’s dress had round necklines and a sleeveless top. She had opted for braless by freeing the nip and going bare under the nearly sheer dress. The skirt was asymmetric and turned into a figure-hugging, with enough fabric to sweep the floors to the bottom. 

She enhanced her dress with accessories, which consisted of a myriad of rings and chandelier earrings. Her hair was styled into a funky foxhawk.

This is not the first time she has made such daring statements, as she had gone braless before and was trolled by vulgar netizens, to which she expressed her absolute disgust at a society where men go shirtless but women can’t.

The First Challenge 

In July of last year, she was trolled for going bare in a sheer dress to the Valentino Fashion Show in Rome. Her entire comment box was filled with criticism and vulgarity by people who wanted to destroy women’s bodies.

She hits them back by telling them that merely trolling her body proportions is sheer stupidity, as she is already aware of her proportions and is comfortable with her body, shutting out all the haters and putting an end to the destruction of a woman’s body. 

She expressed later on that she knew there was going to be some backlash but she didn’t consider all of that as she was more excited about wearing it than anything else.

She further elaborated on the issue, as she believes that it is not about the dress; rather, they are afraid of the freedom it brings. People have been degraded for so long that most people are no longer comfortable with their bodies.

Although she thinks that some people do come out without any care in the world, without caring what anybody else thinks about them, most people still can’t crack their shells.

Moreover, she remarked that women are more than just their bodies, and people can look at a nipple without having sexual desires. There is no need to sexualize everything and anything.

Dune II Premiere

Florence Pugh plays the role of Princess Irulan, who is the daughter of the Emperor.

She will be joining Timothee Chalamet, who portrays Paul Atreides, the Duke of House Atreides, and Zendaya, who takes the mantle of Chani, a young fremen woman.

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Pugh expressed her excitement about working with them and finally felt like she could call them friends. She is also glad to have a better understanding of “young Hollywood.”

Dune Part One and Two is based on a literary classic written by Frank Herbert. Which was published in 1965 and was an instant hit, radically changing the entire fantasy genre. 

Dune II was a massive success the moment it hit theaters, gaining the approval of critics and general audiences alike. Moreover, it was nominated for 10 academic awards, among which it won six, including Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, and Best Sound. 

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