Rihanna’s Stunning Black Belted Dress At Dior’s Haute Couture Show!

Dressed in all black, Rihanna attended the Dior show in Paris and made her way to the headlines with a cowboy spin.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Jan 23, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Rihanna Put a Tomboy Twist on a Black Belted Dress, Jacket, and Diamonds at Dior's Haute Couture Show

Christian Dior’s fashion week is something fashion enthusiasts look up to and when Rihanna reinterpreted Dior’s new iconic silhouette look, we had no choice, but to take notes from her. The singer returned to Paris for Dior’s haute couture show and rocked a ladylike dress worn under a black belt.

But as for her part, she gave the ensemble a unique touch by mixing it with a tomboy twist by pairing the silhouette with a black baseball cap.

Christian Dior’s Fashion Week: Rihanna’s Stunning Look!

Rihanna's Black Belted Dress At Dior's Haute

The Diamonds singer sided her looks with a diamond necklace, earrings, and a Dior bag. She teamed up the whole black outfit with a pair of white heels. If anyone could take Dior’s classic skirt suit and spin it into something new, it would be the one and only Rihanna. 

The Grammy winner did the same this morning when she arrived at Frech fashion house’s Spring/Summer 2024 runway show. She gave a modern interpretation to the brand’s signature silhouette and her unparalleled confidence took the attempt to a huge success. Rather than a typical cotton twill or wool, the ensemble appeared to be made of a type of nylon which adds to its uniqueness and it also demonstrates the changing trend in fashion. 

She has lately been experimental with her attires as very recently she spoke to ELLE about her beauty philosophy, according to which “Beauty is to have fun with” and it should never be considered like “a pressure or a uniform.” She further added that she considers freedom in beauty as one of the best “ways to live.” 

Further, she added that her definition of beauty has evolved over the past few years, especially with the arrival of her second son, Riot. She revealed that being a mother, her approach to makeup has changed tremendously, and it was the first appearance she made after welcoming Riot. 

Becoming a mother has helped her add “inspiration” to her life, but she also finds it important to bring a balance between her motherhood and her glamorous life. She told the reporters that she still makes time to get into the depth of enjoying the “colorful creative process” of getting dressed up and doing makeup while also saving precious time for her children. 

The self-rooted actress continued praising her previous iconic looks that she went on to describe as her “worlds.”  She said to ELLE that she recently created “two different worlds” – one for the CFDA Awards(1) in which she appeared butt naked bathed in jewels and crystals and the other for the highly appraised performances at the Grammys in which the singer wore a full men’s suit. She left the audience and the entire fashion world spellbound with her astounding looks.

She slays in both glamorous looks as well as classic suits. At the Grammys, she stunned the attendees as well as the internet by going from an extremely feminine style to a completely different one. It stirred the internet and left the fashion world surprised. 

The Barbadian singer and businesswoman always finds a way to stick in the limelight and currently, the work is done by her designers as none of her outfits leave the show unnoticed. 

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