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The Rise Of Strawberry Milk Nails Trend: From Beverages To Beauty

Strawberry Milk Nails: A delicious trend to transform your manicure game.

Written by Priya Sreekumar

On Nov 13, 2023 – 6 minutes read

Strawberry Milk Nails

Our social media feeds are turning a delicious shade of pink lately with the latest obsession sweeping the beauty world- strawberry milk nails!

The strawberry milk nail trend is more than just a manicure- it’s a nostalgic trip back to childhood with a twist. The classic strawberry milk manicure is the perfect blend of a classic strawberry milkshake and modern nail art.

From seeing strawberry milk nails TikTok videos of stars and nail pros showing off their fresh sets and experimenting with new designs, we realize that it is now everywhere. And for those who prefer a cooler tone, Blueberry milk nails are also making waves, making this trend versatile enough to suit any taste.

Let’s see what is so irresistible about them.

What Are Strawberry Milk Nails?

Strawberry Milk Nails Trend

The strawberry milk manicure that is inspired by the translucent and creamy hue of strawberry milk is part of the milk bath nails manicure family.

This manicure trend for fall 2023 is all about soft, delicate colors with a milky and semi-translucent finish that is soothing and stylish. It builds upon the lip gloss nails and aura nails trends, giving off a gentle sheen that’s reminiscent of a Russian manicure‘s sophistication.

It doesn’t matter whether you opt for a classic look or decide to incorporate the glazed donut nail trend into your strawberry milk nails, the result is always refined.

What Is The Milky Nail Trend In 2023?

The milky nail trend in 2023 is all about understated elegance.

Strawberry milk nails offer a softer and more romantic vibe whereas blueberry milk nails bring a cooler and dreamy twist to the look.

This trend extends beyond just a color choice- it is a statement of graceful femininity that is becoming a modern classic.

How To Create Strawberry Milk Nails?

Creating a strawberry milk manicure whether at home or in the salon is like painting with the most whimsical watercolors.

Things you’ll need to do a strawberry milk manicure at home:

  • Pale pink polish
  • White semi-translucent polish
  • Top coat for milky finish.

How to apply: Begin by applying a base coat and then layer the pale pink polish with the white until you get the kind of milkiness you want.

Finish with a glossy top coat for that signature sheen.

Strawberry Milk Nails Trends

The versatility of these nails is that it ensures everyone can find a style that perfectly matches their personal taste and fashion sense.

Here are some of the most creative strawberry milk nail designs.

Classic Strawberry Milk Manicure with Glitter

Classic Strawberry Milk Manicure with Glitter

This style adds a playful twist to the soft pink base. A sprinkle of glitter brings a hint of glamour, and that gives it a subtle and sparkling effect.

Strawberry Milk Nails With Marble Effect

Strawberry Milk Nails With Marble Effect

This artistic approach swirls in white and pale pink to create a stunning marble effect. It is good for those who love a touch of artistry and uniqueness in their manicure.

Long, Angular Strawberry Milk Manicure

Long, Angular Strawberry Milk Manicure

You can opt for a bold and edgy look with sharp and angular shapes. This style is perfect for making a statement and giving the trend a more modern edge.

Strawberry Milk Nail With Wire Detail

Strawberry Milk Nail With Wire Detail

Incorporating fine wire art adds a futuristic and intricate detail to the nails. It is a unique and innovative way to add depth and texture to the classic strawberry milk style.

Almond-Shaped Strawberry Milk Nails

Almond-Shaped Strawberry Milk Nails

Combining the trend with an almond shape offers a sophisticated look. The almond shape complements the softness of the strawberry milk color, and this makes it ideal for both casual and formal occasions.

Faint French

Faint French

This is a subtle nod to the classic French tip but with a milky twist. The faint French style in strawberry milk hues gives a fresh and modern take on the traditional French manicure.

Light-Colored Strawberry Nails

Light-Colored Strawberry Nails

You can opt for a barely-there pink for a more understated and delicate look. This whisper of color is perfect for those who prefer a more natural and minimalist aesthetic.

Matte Finish

Matte Finish

Switching up the gloss for a matte finish adds a sophisticated and velvety effect. It is a great way to give the trend a more subdued and contemporary appearance.

Glazed Strawberry Milk Nails

Glazed Strawberry Milk Nails

Combining the trend with the glazed donut look adds an extra layer of shine. It creates a glossy and wet-look finish.

How To Maintain Strawberry Milk Nails?

How To Maintain Strawberry Milk Nails

Maintaining the delicate beauty of a strawberry milk manicure requires a bit of care and attention. Ensuring they stay fresh and gorgeous is all about regular upkeep and a few key practices.

  • Protection During Household Chores: Always slip on a pair of gloves when doing household chores like cleaning or dishwashing to protect them from potential damage and prevent chipping or fading.
  • Daily Cuticle Care: Moisturizing your cuticles is crucial for maintaining the overall health and appearance of your nails. Use a nourishing cuticle oil or a hydrating hand lotion daily to keep the skin around your nails soft and supple. This will also help in extending the life of your manicure.
  • Immediate Touch-Ups: The key to prolonging the pristine look of your strawberry milk nails is to act fast at the first sign of a chip. A quick touch-up with the same color or a fresh top coat can do wonders in maintaining that creamy, dreamy perfection.
  • Gentle Cleansing: When washing your hands, use a mild soap to avoid stripping the nails of their natural oils and color. Harsh soaps can cause the polish to become dull or start peeling off.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade the delicate color of your strawberry milk nails. Try to keep your hands shaded or apply a UV-protective top coat to preserve the color’s intensity.
  • Regular Manicure Maintenance: Schedule regular appointments with your nail technician to keep your nails in top shape. Professional maintenance can address any lifting or wear and tear, ensuring your nails continue to look flawless(1).

Celebrities And Influencers Embracing The Trend

From Hollywood’s A-listers to Instagram’s beauty gurus, strawberry milk nails are getting their moment in the spotlight.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have been spotted flaunting these subtly sweet nails on red carpets whereas influencers are sharing their personal twists on the trend across social media platforms.


1. What do milky nails look like?

Milky nails have a semi-translucent and glossy finish that looks like a splash of milk has been mixed into polish by creating a dreamy and diluted effect.

2. Are milky white nails in style?

Yes, milky white nails are very much in style. They offer a timeless and chic look that pairs well with any outfit.

3. What is the difference between white and milky white nails?

White nails are opaque whereas milky white nails have a semi-transparent and creamy finish that gives a softer and more delicate look.

4. What are Korean jelly nails?

Korean jelly nails are a type of nail art that resembles the translucent texture of jelly, often in bright and candy-like colors.

5. What are blueberry milk nails?

Blueberry milk nails are a cool-toned variant of the milky nail trend that features a blend of soft blue hues with a creamy and translucent finish.

Let’s Wrap

Strawberry milk nails are more than just a trend- they are a mood, a statement, and a way to sweeten your style without saying a word.

Whether you go for a subtle sheen or a playful design, this manicure will have you looking down at your hands and smiling. So why not give it a whirl? Your nails are just waiting to be dipped in strawberry milk goodness!

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