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What Is A Tongue Condom? Meaning, Working, Benefits, And More

Surprised to know that tongue condoms are a legitimate thing? If you are new to this concept and want to ensure your safety during oral sex, enter the world of protection now!

Written by Jyotshna Agiwal

On Jul 26, 2023 – 12 minutes read

what is tongue condom

Planning sexual activities without considering protection from every end is not a smart thing to do. If you can install an anti-virus on your phone to protect your data, why not practice the same with your body? Unsafe sex often results in people getting sexually transmitted diseases which are difficult to cure. Using a tongue condom can prove to be a simple way of ensuring oral sex safety. 

A tongue condom is a protective barrier that you fit in your mouth and covers your lips and tongue to shield you against potential diseases. Both men and women can wear tongue condoms to cut down their risk of getting STDs. You don’t come in direct contact with the vagina or the penis while using a tongue condom. 

People often pay enormous attention to regular condoms but their concern takes a backseat during oral sex. It is unwise to forget about your safety while indulging in oral sex pleasures. You must be aware of all the steps you can take to guarantee your safety even when you are not engaging in penetrative sex. The best way to start is by gobbling up all the information available on tongue condoms! 

What is a Tongue Condom?

A tongue condom is a contraceptive that protects you from sexually transmitted diseases when you perform oral sex. Any form of stimulation that involves the usage of your tongue on your partner’s genitals constitutes oral sex. Although it does not lead to pregnancy, it is one of the many forms of sexual pleasure. It has been around for a very long time but it was only in the 1990s that the concept of using a condom for your tongue became popular. 

how to use a tongue condom

There are limited options available in tongue condoms when it comes to the materials used. Then again, as long as the purpose of preventing STIs is served, even one material is enough for the production of tongue condoms. So, what are your options? 

  • Latex tongue condom 
  • Latex alternatives (synthetic polyurethane condoms) for those who have a latex allergy
  • Dental dams 

Tongue condoms are usually available in one universal size only. There’s not much to explore in a tongue condom based on its size. It fits most people well because it goes on their tongues and around their lips. Therefore, if you are looking for customization in a condom for tongue, you would be quite disappointed. Since the notion of tongue condom is relatively new, you can get it only in one size for now. 

Experiment With Flavors

Luckily for you, there is some scope for experimentation when it comes to the flavors available in tongue condoms. Flavors were added to regular condoms to make them more enjoyable for oral sex. Consequently, tongue condoms should be available in a variety of flavors. Make sure to pick a flavor that is acceptable to both you and your partner. Read the label of the flavored tongue condom before choosing it for your sexual shenanigans. 

Tongue condoms are quite similar to regular condoms except for one aspect – their shape. While the regular condom is a tube that is designed to fit over the penis, a tongue condom is designed as a flat sheet so that you can wear it over your mouth. 

How To Use A Tongue Condom? 

Whenever you are trying a new food, you read the instructions on its packaging to determine its correct use. Similarly, whenever you are trying a new thing, in this case, a condom for your tongue, you must learn how to use tongue condom in the most appropriate way. 

do condoms work for oral
  1. Tear the packet carefully and read the instructions. 
  2. Look for the open end of the condom which is wide enough to fit on your lips. 
  3. Be careful of your teeth causing microtears in the condom and adjust it accordingly. 
  4. Once you are done, discard the condom since it is made for one-time use. 

It may take you a few sittings to get the working of a tongue condom right. But, this should not deter you from getting accustomed to it. Once you find out which brand works the best for you you will become a pro at it. 

You can also use a lubricant along with the tongue condom to increase stimulation and sensitivity. If you are putting the condom over the genitals, apply a couple of drops of the lubricant over the area. Then, place the condom and it will enable you to feel better. You must not use oil-based lubricants with latex condoms. 

If you are using flavored lubricants, you must apply them after placing the condom. There is no limitation on applying flavored lubricants and you be as liberal with their application as you want. The safest thing is to read the instructions on the lubricant packaging to ensure its correct use. You must apply it in a way that the condom does not get displaced or tear away. 

Benefits Of Using Tongue Condoms

Astonishingly, oral sex has been associated with the spread of several STIs (1) necessitating the use of tongue condoms in this sexual practice. The very mention of the words oral sex does not ring any bells of STI transfer in individuals. But, any act that involves the intermingling of bodily fluids calls for protection. 

Albeit a rare practice, the effectiveness of tongue condoms in promoting better sexual health cannot be denied. They protect you from coming in contact with the fluids of the other person which might put you at a risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases. Using a tongue condom allows you to enjoy oral sex without the fear of catching an undesirable disease. It lets you put your safety first. 

Why Use Tongue Condoms?

Now that you know how to use tongue condom, you must know why they rose in popularity and what makes their use important. A lot like the standard condom in terms of benefit and use, a condom for tongue mainly looks out for your safety during the process of oral sex. Most people are adept with using regular condoms during penetrative sex but forget about their sexual hygiene while engaging in oral sex. 

You are at an equal risk of developing sexually transmitted infections from oral sex as much as from penetrative sex. It might not lead to pregnancy but it can facilitate the exchange of bodily fluids which can carry infections. Using a tongue condom can play the role of a protective barrier and that’s the kind of roleplaying you should vouch for. 

If you enjoy oral sex, you must take adequate steps to make the experience safer and more enjoyable for you and your partner. If the idea of tongue condoms is new to you, you should talk to your partner and build a dialogue around it. Whether you are going fellatio (mouth-to-penis) or cunnilingus (mouth-to-vagina), there is a need for tongue condoms. Communicate with your partner and decide who will wear this condom. 

Once you talk to your partner, you will be more open to the concept of tongue condoms and become more informed about the potential transmission of sexual infections. Maintaining open communication will help you to ward off the myths regarding oral sex and you will end up building a safe space for you and your partner. 

How Does A Tongue Condom Play Into Your Sex Life

Oral sex condoms are the best way for you to enjoy the entire experience of oral sex without actually touching the genitals of your partner. If you are too worried about being at the receiving end of ejaculation, a tongue condom can minimize this risk for you. Tongue condoms don’t suppress the pleasure during oral sex rather they enhance the entire experience and add a nice touch of safety to it. 

The usage of tongue condoms makes oral sex a safe practice. It keeps the bodily fluids of you and your partner separate and hence, shields you against prospective sexual infections. The whole idea of using tongue condoms exploded when there was a steep rise in STIs and people soon began to gather that oral sex can contribute to infections as well. Tongue condoms make oral sex accessible to every individual and provide an all-encompassing sexual experience. 

How To Choose The Right Tongue Condom?

You already know what is a tongue condom, its uses, and its benefits. Now is the time to get to the nitty gritties of choosing the right tongue condom for yourself. You might be wondering whether there are so many options that you actually have a choice in this regard. The truth is yes, to some extent. You have quite a few options when you shop for tongue condoms. Let’s check them out. 

  • Latex condoms – Made from rubber, they are similar to standard condoms. 
  • Polyurethane condoms – People with latex allergies should use them. 

You can choose flavored condoms for yourself if you mind the smell of raw latex. Some people choose flavored condoms for the thrill of it. Others use dotted condoms for added texture and a unique experience. There is no fixed guide for every individual as to which condom will suit them the most. You will have to undergo a trial-and-error method to find out your likes and dislikes in the department of tongue condoms. 

Tongue Condom v/s Dental Dams

There is another oral sex protection method that is popular with a section of individuals – dental dams. They are a rubber sheet, also called a latex square that acts as a protective barrier against the inflow of the fluids of others. Dental dams are useful only during cunnilingus (mouth-to-vagina) and not during fellatio (mouth-to-penis). 

Dental dams have a smaller surface than condoms and it is a bit difficult to hold them in place without lubricants. Hence, it is very common for vaginal fluids to flow past dental dams making their efficacy low. 

Another oral sex protection method involves the use of plastic wrap or cling film. It is a thin polythene sheet that is originally used to seal food containers. Many individuals also use it as a protective barrier during oral sex if they cannot find tongue condoms or dental dams. Since plastic wrap is thinner than the other two, it can be easily penetrated by teeth or fingernails rendering it ineffective. 

Tips On How To Use Tongue Condoms Effectively

Did you know that you can use a tongue condom wrong and that can blow your chances at sexual safety? Well, it is not rocket science to learn how to use a tongue condom in an effective way but it comes with its set of rules. If you are using an oral condom, you must be well-versed with the dos and don’ts of this safety object. 

uses of tongue condom
  • Check for the material of the condom if you have a latex allergy. Using a latex condom can worsen your allergy and make the entire experience unpleasant. Choose a safer alternative like polyurethane condoms. 
  • Without fail, check the expiration date of the condom. If you accidentally use a condom past its expiration, it will negate the very purpose you wanted it to serve. 
  • Do not stretch tongue condoms wider than they allow as it can tear them and you would have to use a new one entirely. 
  • You should avoid using oil-based lubricants or food products with a tongue condom as they can degrade its material and cause it to break down. Instead, use water-based lubricants. 
  • Don’t reuse tongue condoms or dental dams as they can become ineffective in the second use because of contamination or tears. 

Where To Buy Tongue Condoms? 

Tongue condoms are not as readily available as regular condoms. You might have to dig a little deeper to procure them. Their availability depends on your location and brands operating in your city. If there are brands catering to your city, you can easily get tongue condoms in medical stores. There are some departmental stores that also keep tongue condom supplies. You might have to check thoroughly and visit a few stores to get your hands on tongue condoms. 

If walking around and asking for a condom for tongue is not befitting for your style, you can go online and search for tongue condoms on the internet. It is a more discreet way of shopping for condom supplies and you won’t be inviting any judgy comments while making an online purchase. You can search for different brands or look for a particular one if you are specific with your choice. You can also compare brand reviews if you are new to this to make sure that you purchase the right product that works. 

Since you would be ordering online, you should be ready to wait for a few days for it to be delivered. You must also check the website’s refund policy if you are ordering a pack of tongue condoms. Some people order larger quantities because they are more economical than one-piece purchases. 

If you already know what is a tongue condom and which one’s the best for you, simply go for it without stalling further. 


How do tongue condoms work?

Tongue condoms sit perfectly on your tongue and lips to protect them from coming in contact with the bodily fluids of your partner. They keep you safe from STIs like herpes, HIV, etc. 

What is a tongue condom called?

A tongue condom is called an oral condom because of its use during oral sex. It is also called a dental dam. It is made from latex or polyurethane material.   

Should you wear a condom for oral sex?

Yes, it is recommended to wear a condom for oral sex. You can also get STIs from oral stimulation of genital organs. Hence, it is best to protect your mouth with the help of a condom for your tongue. 

Is a dotted condom good for oral sex?

If you want a different texture while performing oral sex or are comfortable with dotted condoms, you can use them. They have a unique sensation and are perfect for those who do not like the smell of raw latex. 

Why do condoms have flavor?

Flavored condoms make oral sex more enjoyable. They add a different angle to the entire act of sex and make the experience more fun and memorable. Additionally, they cover the latex odor very well. 


If you enjoy the pleasures of oral sex, using a condom for tongue can make the experience safer for both you and your partner. Tongue condoms facilitate protection from sexually transmitted diseases and enable you to enjoy oral sex in its full capacity. They are simple and affordable to use and put safe oral sex practices in place. 

When you use a condom for your tongue, you safeguard yourself against the exchange of bodily fluids. Many people throw caution to the wind and play with the STIs-laced fire to regret their entire lives. You must keep your tongue condom on and do not mix pleasure and safety while engaging in oral sex. 

  1. Edwards, Sarah, and Chris Carne. "Oral sex and the transmission of viral STIs." Sexually transmitted infections 74.1 (1998): 6-10.

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