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Say goodbye to Panda Eyes with Tubing Mascaras

Curious about tubing mascara? Dive into the magic of this beauty trend!

Written by Rinnie George

On Sep 7, 2023 – 8 minutes read

tubing mascara

If you’ve got oily eyelids, you know the struggle is real. No matter how promising a mascara claims to be, the dreaded panda eyes seem inevitable. This becomes particularly apparent when you need your mascara to stay flawless for an extended period. It’s during such moments that many naturally consider false eyelashes as a go-to solution. However, it’s worth noting that the adhesive used for false eyelashes can sometimes lead to eye irritation (1). In this article, we’ve got the scoop on how tubing mascara can be a game-changer for those with oily lids. Say goodbye to raccoon eyes and hello to flawless, smudge-free lashes that stay put all day!

What is a Tubing Mascara?

Tubing mascara is not your typical waterproof mascara that paints your lashes with pigment. Nope, tubing mascara forms tiny, water-resistant “tubes” around each lash.


These tubes lock in your lash color and give you a smudge-proof, flake-proof, and long-lasting look that’s resistant to smudging, running, or smearing. When you’re ready to take it off, you just need some warm water, and those tubes slide right off without the need for makeup removers or harsh rubbing. 

Top-Rated Tubing Mascara Picks

We have compiled a list of 10 top-rated tubing mascaras available in the USA, saving you the hassle of searching. 

1. Blinc Original Tubing Mascara

is tubing mascara better than regular mascara

Price: $26


Blinc Original Tubing Mascara is a pioneer in the world of tubing mascaras, known for its innovative formula that creates water-resistant tubes around your lashes.


✅It is smudge-proof and long-lasting 

✅This mascara gives an intense but natural look to the eyelashes


❌Does not provide extreme volume

❌Can be very wet upon application. It takes a few minutes to dry.

2. L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara

loreal double extend beauty tubes

Price: $12.99


L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara is a fantastic budget-friendly option that offers both length and volume. Its double-ended design includes a primer to enhance the tubing mascara’s performance.


✅Adds length and volume

✅It is one of the few Budget-friendly tubing mascaras available in the market


❌Some users find the tubes flaking

❌Not very volumizing- it gives a natural look

3. Clinique Lash Power Mascara

how do i know if a mascara is tubing

Price: $25


Clinique Lash Power Mascara is a reliable choice, especially for people with sensitive eyes. 


✅Great for sensitive eyes as the formula contains clean ingredients



❌Limited volume and drama

❌Not the most affordable option.

4. Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara

kevyn aucoin

Price: $28


Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara offers a buildable formula that provides both volume and length to your lashes. It will give you major Bambi eyes. 


✅Buildable formula, no smudging

✅Thin wand, which makes it easier to apply


❌A bit pricey

❌Product in the tube dries quickly

5. Tarte Tartelette

tarte tubing mascara

Price: $24


The Tarte Tarlette Tubing Mascara doesn’t just pass the cruelty-free test; it’s also proudly vegan. 


✅Long wear formula

✅Need very little product for lengthening the lashes


❌Takes a minute to dry

❌The tubes might feel heavy to some people

6. Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara

eyelash curling mascara

Price: $34


Adds intense volume without smudging no matter what. 


✅Dramatic lash effect

✅Last for up to 24 hours

✅Easy removal process


❌A higher price point

❌A few complain of the formula being on the drier side

7. Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

rimmel tubing mascara

Price: $24


The Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions is the best tubing mascara for people with sensitive eyes. 


✅Its gentle formula won’t cause any irritation in the eyes

✅Buildable formula without making the mascara look clumpy


❌Not the most budget-friendly

❌Not available at mass beauty retailers

8. Tower 28 MakeWaves Lengthening + Curling Clean Mascara

tubing mascara maybelline

Price: $20


Tower 28 MakeWaves Lengthening + Curling Clean Mascara’s wand is made with three different types of bands that define and lengthen each lash. 


✅It is made of non-toxic and clean ingredients

✅Perfect shape of wand


❌It has to be applied multiple times for a perfect lash look

❌Some users feel that the formula is a bit on the dry side

9. Merit Clean Lash Lengthening Mascara

tubing mascara reddit

Price: $26


It has a fluffy wand that gives your lashes better look. 


✅Contains Vitamins that condition lashes without making them look clumpy

✅Fluffy wand


❌Does not give dramatic volume

❌It is not for those occasions when you want super dramatic eyelashes

10. Essence Bye Bye Panda Eyes! Tubing Mascara

tubing mascara essence

Price: $5


If you’re in search of an affordable yet high-quality tubing mascara, look no further than Essence’s Bye Bye Panda Eyes mascara. 


✅ Long-wearing, smudge-proof formula

✅Quality at par with other pricey tubing mascaras


❌It has a wet formula which takes some time to dry

How to apply Tubing Mascara?

Applying Tubing Mascara doesn’t need any special skills or tools; it’s all about a steady hand and a little patience.

Step 1

Before diving into mascara, ensure your lashes are clean and free from any previous makeup or residue.

Step 2

Unscrew the tubing mascara tube, but be sure not to pump the wand in and out. This can introduce air into the tube and dry out your mascara faster.

Step 3

Hold the mascara wand horizontally and start at the base of your lashes. Slowly wiggle it back and forth to ensure every lash gets coated.

Step 4

Continue wiggling the wand as you move it upward toward the tips of your lashes. This motion helps separate and define your lashes.

Step 5

If you want more volume or length, wait a few seconds for the first coat to dry slightly, then apply additional coats. But remember, don’t overdo it, as tubing mascara can become clumpy if applied excessively.

Step 6

Don’t worry if you accidentally make any mistakes with your mascara. If it gets on your eyelids or under your eyes, wait for it to dry, then use a cotton swab soaked in warm water to gently remove it.

Step 7

Some tubing mascaras take more than a minute to dry. Wait for it to completely dry. 

Step 8

Once your mascara is dry, try to avoid rubbing your eyes, as it can cause the tubes to flake off prematurely.

How to remove tubing mascara?

Removing tubing mascara is gentle on your lashes and doesn’t involve any harsh rubbing or tugging. So, enjoy those long-lasting, smudge-free lashes and know that taking them off is just as easy as putting them on! 

Let us walk you through it step by step. 

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You don’t need a lot of things to remove tubing mascara. Some cotton pads or rounds, and a bit of warm water- that’s it. 

Step 2: Wet Your Cotton Pad

Moisten a cotton pad with warm water. It doesn’t need to be soaking wet, just damp enough to get things started.

Step 3: Gently Press and Circulate

Hold the dampened cotton pad against your closed eye, right on top of your lashes. Gently press and circulate the cotton swab for about 30 seconds. This allows the tubing mascara to loosen and start sliding off.

Step 4: Wipe It Away

After 30 seconds, gently wipe the cotton pad downward, following the direction of your lashes. You’ll notice that the mascara starts coming off in tiny, tube-like clumps. Don’t worry; that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do!

Step 5: Repeat if Needed

Depending on how many coats of mascara you applied, you might need to repeat steps 2 to 4 to ensure you’ve removed all the mascara.

Step 6: Rinse with Water

Once you’re satisfied that you’ve removed all the tubing mascara, splash your face with some warm water to rinse away any remaining mascara residue. 

Step 7: Cleanse Your Face

If you like, you can follow up with your regular facial cleanser to ensure all traces of makeup are gone. 

Step 8: Pat Dry

Finally, gently pat your face dry with a clean towel, and you’re good to go!

Final Word

By now, you’ve probably got a solid grasp of what tubing mascaras are and which one might tickle your fancy. But let’s talk about the age-old question: tubing or traditional mascara? The answer, my friend, hinges on your unique skin type and preferences.

Tubing mascaras? Well, they’re the champions of staying power. They don’t mingle with the natural oils on your eyelids, keeping smudging at bay. But here’s the kicker – the tubing mascara options are not that wide. 

On the other hand, regular mascara offers a wide variety of formulas, including volumizing, lengthening, and waterproof options. If you seek bold, dramatic lashes and don’t mind using makeup remover to remove it, traditional mascara might be your preferred choice. Ultimately, the “better” mascara depends on your desired look and your personal preferences regarding wear time and removal. Some people even choose to have both tubing and regular mascara in their makeup collection to suit different occasions and needs.


How do I know if a mascara is tubing?

The main way to identify whether a mascara is tubing or not is to look at the ingredients. If it contains “polymer” as one of its ingredients then it is most likely a tubing mascara. 

What brands make tubing mascara?

Several popular brands offer tubing mascaras, catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets. Some well-known brands that produce tubing mascara include Blinc, L’Oreal, Clinique, Kevyn Aucoin, Tarte, Thrive Causemetics, Essence, Lancôme, and more.

Is tubing mascara real?

Yes, tubing mascara is indeed real! If you’re looking for a simple and dependable way to make your lashes look their best, tubing mascara is a great option. It’s made with advanced technology that forms small, waterproof “tubes” around each lash.

Does tubing mascara damage lashes?

One of the advantages of tubing mascara is that it tends to be gentler on lashes compared to traditional waterproof mascaras. Since tubing mascara is designed to form tubes around your lashes, it doesn’t require the same level of rubbing or tugging during removal. However, as with any makeup product, it’s essential to remove your mascara at the end of the day. 

Is tubing or regular mascara better?

The choice between tubing and regular mascara ultimately depends on your preferences and needs. If you’re looking for a mascara that won’t smudge or wear off easily, tubing mascara is an excellent choice. Additionally, it’s super easy to remove when you’re ready to take it off. This type of mascara is perfect for people with sensitive eyes or those who want a low-maintenance option.

  1. Nardeosingh, Siddarth, and Annie See Wah Tung. "Thermal injury and false eyelashes."


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