Go Wavy: 30 Best Wave Tattoo Ideas To Try In 2023!

If you get a wave tattoo without first exploring the variety in designs that waves can encompass, you might miss out on the full experience of sporting a wave on your body.

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Best Wave Tattoo Ideas in 2023 - Feature

If you are one of those people (like me) who cannot get enough of the sea, the serene beaches, and the calming sound of crashing waves, a wave tattoo is the best way to give expression to your love of the sea. Waves have been a timeless theme in art, be it poetry or painting. And, regardless of the pattern, these are exquisite ways to show and express your affection for the sea and the values it represents.

Wave tattoos are accessible in a variety of designs, from classic Japanese patterns to ordinary and abstract patterns. They can be small or expansive, subtle or bold- all depending on your personal preference. 

What Does A Wave Tattoo Symbolize?

A wave tattoo can symbolize a number of things. It can even be combined with other designs to create your own unique symbol. Different designs of wave tattoos can depict different aspects of a person’s life. 

For some, they are a constant reminder of the mightiness and magnificence of the sea. And for others, they stand as metaphors for the challenges in life. It is thus seen as a perfect representation of strength and courage. 

What Does A Wave Tattoo Symbolize?

They represent the natural cycle of life with its ups and downs. It can be a reminder to appreciate life’s journey and to maintain harmony in our lives. It tells us not to give up and keep going in spite of the obstacles in our path, thereby serving as a powerful symbol of both the strength of a human soul and the might of Nature. The ocean can also be a representative image of Mother Earth, and the need to value and preserve it. 

Further, they can stand as an image of resilience and spiritual strength for those who are struggling with their mental health as well.

What Does The Tiny Wave Tattoo Mean?

In recent years, small-wave tattoos have become increasingly popular. This wave tattoo represents human courage, resilience, and the power to overcome every challenge in one’s life. It carries the message that no matter what challenges life throws at you, it is important to keep going and not give up. Even just a small illustration of an ocean can teach us to acknowledge the ocean’s mightiness while also being in touch with our natural surroundings! 

What Does The Wave Tattoo Mean For Mental Health?

An ocean wave tattoo can tell the story of resilience and raises awareness for people who are struggling with mental health issues. It is a constant reminder for people who are struggling with their mental health that they can overcome any challenge. The mightiness of the ocean can represent spiritual strength and courage in the face of challenges. The waves can carry the message of the transience of the different phases and the ups and downs of life.

These designs also share the message that we should take care of the mental health of those around us and our own as well. This also suggests that anyone should ask for help when it is necessary, grow in a positive manner, and treat each other with kindness.

What Does The Kanagawa Wave Tattoo Mean?

The classic woodblock painting of The Great Wave off Kanagawa(1) by the Japanese artist Hokusai serves as the source of inspiration for the iconic tattoo pattern known as the Kanagawa wave. The ink serves as an indicator of the ocean’s beauty and the strength of nature. It serves as a frequent encouragement to maintain our modesty and to enjoy the splendor of the universe.

Due to its ability to endure the force of the ocean and continue to stand, the wave is additionally regarded as a representation of strength and resilience. The ink serves as a constant reminder to maintain concentration and never give up, regardless of how challenging the circumstances may be.

30 Wave Tattoo Ideas You Should Try

1. Minimalist

Simple and graceful, the minimalist wave tattoo may be used to symbolize the strength and beauty of the ocean. The minimalist form enables a delicate and graceful appearance that may be used to convey your affinity for the sea.


2. Small Wave Tattoo

From a basic line to a more intricate design, there are numerous ways to create this tattoo. Anywhere on one’s body, from the wrist to the ankle, may be used for putting it. It serves as an illustration of the value of protecting the environment and the magnificence of nature.

Small Wave Tattoo

3. Sound Wave Tattoo

Sound is an innovative and artistic form of self-expression. They are a kind of tattoo where the design is made using sound waves. The visual depiction of the music is then created using the sound waves, which come out as a tattoo design.

 Sound Wave Tattoo

4. Ocean Wave Tattoo

This is a representation of power, determination, and freedom that can have many diverse meanings. They might be interpreted as a journey, an expression of a memorable occasion, or a tribute to a dear one.

Ocean Wave Tattoo

5. Golden Wave Tattoo

Among the popular tattoo designs that have gained popularity in the past few decades is the golden one. It is a lovely and distinctive design that represents the might of the sea and the graceful motion of the waves. It is a lovely and significant design that you can customize to meet your personal preferences and personality.

Golden Wave Tattoo

6. Sun And Wave Tattoo

The tattoo of the sun and wave represents the strength of the sun, the intensity of the waves, and their interconnectedness. The waves stand for the ever-changing aspect of existence and the might of the ocean, while the sun is a sign of life, energy, and power. The force of nature and the beauty of existence may both be symbolized by this concept.

Sun And Wave Tattoo

7. Great Wave Tattoo

Among the well-known tattoo designs that have been around for generations is the Great Design. It is a classic Japanese tattoo that is frequently seen as a sign of bravery and power. A gigantic wave crashing on a mountain or seashore is typically shown, which is typically a bold, dramatic design.

Great Wave Tattoo

8. New Wave Tattoo

One of the modern tattooing styles that has grown in popularity recently. It is distinguished by its strong, vivid colors and distinctive patterns, which frequently use abstract forms and shapes. The surroundings, music, and other facets of pop culture frequently serve as inspiration for the style.

New Wave Tattoo

9. Next Wave Tattoo

The next wave of tattoos is also among people’s choices. You can get this tattoo to express your consciousness of nature.

 Next Wave Tattoo

10. Line Tattoo

line wave tattoo symbolizing the ups and downs of life, the wave line tattoo is frequently viewed as a depiction of the cycle of life. Strength, bravery, and resiliency are just a few of the things that the wave line tattoo may stand for.

Line tattoo

11. Mountain

For people who want to demonstrate their affinity for nature this wave tattoo is great. The tattoo of a wave and a mountain represents the strength and beauty of nature.


12. Moon & Wave Tattoo Meaning

Together, the wave and moon tattoo can stand for the harmony between the two, as well as the concepts of accepting change and having faith in your instincts. The wave and moon tattoo can serve as an encouragement to listen to your intuition and be in touch with your true self.

Moon & Wave Tattoo Meaning

13. Kanagawa Wave Tattoo

If you’re searching for a tattoo design that is both important and attractive, consider getting the Wave of Kanagawa tattoo. It takes its inspiration from the well-known Japanese artist Hokusai’s woodblock print, which shows a big wave smashing into three boats. No matter what challenges life presents, it is frequently viewed as a reminder to maintain your strength and never give up.

Kanagawa Wave Tattoo

14. Wave Japanese Tattoo

The wave represents power and endurance, and water has long been a part of Japanese culture. The Japanese wave tattoo is frequently seen as a symbol of both the individual’s strength and the resilience of the ocean.

 Wave Japanese Tattoo

15. Beach Wave Tattoo

Wave beach tattoos frequently show the sun setting in the background and waves breaking on the coast. They may also contain other components like shells, starfish, and other marine life.

Beach Wave Tattoo

16. Geometric Wave Tattoo

An innovative and creative way to express oneself is with this idea. It is a contemporary interpretation of conventional tattoo designs that combines wave-like movement with geometric patterns and forms. From abstract to realistic patterns, geometric forms may be utilized to produce a wide range of artwork.

Geometric Wave Tattoo

17. Blue Wave Tattoo Idea

The ocean’s strength and power, as well as the grace of its waves, are symbolized by this idea. It may serve as an expression of the strength of nature and the value of honoring and preserving it.

Blue Wave Tattoo Idea

18. Mini Wave Tattoo

A distinctive and imaginative way to express oneself is with a mini ink. They are tiny, delicate patterns that frequently draw inspiration from the outdoors and the sea. They may be as basic or as complicated as you wish, and they can be worn everywhere on the body, from the wrist to the ankle.

Mini Wave Tattoo

19. Collarbone Wave Tattoo

A well-liked tattoo style that has gained popularity recently is the collarbone. The pattern often consists of a single, curving wave that passes around the collarbone. It frequently has additional components like stars, shells, and other sea-related motifs.

Collarbone Wave Tattoo

20. Cool Wave Tattoo

This is a fantastic method for helping you express yourself and showcase your individual flair. They are a well-liked option for anyone seeking a strong and striking style. These are guaranteed to stand out, whether you want a subtle pattern or something more noticeable.

Cool Wave Tattoo

21. Wave Tattoo Arm

Trying this on the arm is a fantastic way to represent yourself and flaunt your individual flair. It is a well-liked option for people who desire their body art to have a powerful message to convey.

Wave Tattoo Arm

22. Wave Tattoo Sleeve

Sleeves may be made in many different ways, from abstract patterns to lifelike representations of waves smashing across the coast. They are available in a wide range of hues, from vivid blues and greens to more subdued tones of grey and black.

Wave Tattoo Sleeve

23. Wave Tattoo Forearm

These look incredible on the forearm since it is clearly visible and observable from a distance. With a selection of colors and sizes, the pattern may be altered to meet the person’s personal taste.

Wave Tattoo Forearm

24. Wave Tattoo Finger

Displaying your appreciation for the tenacity of the waves and the raw power of the ocean via the art of a wave tattoo on your finger is a terrific method to express your admiration. In addition to this, doing so is a great way to show others the creativity and inventiveness you possess, which is a distinct advantage.

Wave Tattoo Finger

25. Wave Tattoo On Leg

If you want to make an impressive statement, getting these on your leg is an excellent decision. It may be positioned wherever you choose on the leg, from the ankle to the thigh, and it is available in any size you like.

Wave Tattoo On Leg

26. Back Wave

The ocean, a voyage, or a spiritual connection are just a few examples of this, on the back might stand for. This is a fantastic way to express yourself and stand out.

Back wave

27. Double Waves Tattoo

Double Wave tattoos include two waves that are interlaced and frequently have a tribal or abstract style. They are typically inked in a symmetrical pattern.

Double Waves

28. Plunging Wave

The Plunging Wave tattoo design often depicts a wave crashing on the coast, with the peak and trough of the wave signifying the highest and lowest points of life. The design’s colors often represent maritime elements like water’s blue, foam’s white, and seaweed’s green.

Plunging Wave

29. Sunrise

A stunning and significant tattoo design, the Sunrise Wave represents the strength of the sun and the beauty of the ocean. A sunburst that frequently precedes the light wave contributes to the overall design’s impact. The Sunrise Wave tattoo is a wonderful expression of your admiration for the beauty of nature and the strength of the sun.


30. Triangle Border DotWork

For people who desire their tattoos to look more creative, the Triangle Border DotWork Wave design is ideal. It is a fantastic means of self-expression and creative display. It mixes a contemporary wave style with the classic dotwork tattoo design. The wave design provides a feeling of movement and energy, while the triangular border produces a strong and striking appearance. The fusion of the two components results in a stunning and distinctive design that will stand out.

Triangle Border DotWork

Where To Place This Tattoo?

It’s crucial to take the tattoo’s dimensions, form, and pattern into consideration when determining where to place it. Several parts of the body might prove more appropriate than others, considering the dimension and form of the tattoo. In contrast, smaller tattoos may appear better across the wrist, ankle, or shoulder. For instance, larger tattoos might appear better on the back, chest, or arms.

For instance, a tattoo that covers a greater section of one’s body and features a lot of intricacies may look better than one that covers a smaller portion of the body and features a pattern that is less sophisticated. In the end, an individual’s personal preference and level of comfort should be taken into consideration while selecting the site for a tattoo.

Ankle: You can place it on your ankle; it is the most common choice for people. Since ankle tattoos are frequently tiny and delicate, they are a perfect option for anyone looking for a covert tattoo.

On the wrist: You can get your wave tattoo on your wrist as well if you want to showcase your tattoo wherever you go out!

On-finger: A wave tattoo on the finger is not a common choice to put your tattoo on. But if you want, you can do it; it will look more stylish! In accordance with the style and placement, finger tattoos could appear stunning.


The Wave imagery is a classic imagery that has stood the test of time. It has been the center of many literary and artworks and is now in vogue among tattoo lovers. Getting this is a wonderful way to express your love of the ocean and to carry it with you wherever you go. It can represent varied images and concepts for each individual. A wave tattoo is an outstanding choice whether you wish to immortalize a personal memory in relation to the ocean or you’re out to make a bold declaration of your zestful love for the seas. A wave tattoo is certain to spark attention and serve as a source of pride for years for you with its distinctive style and adaptability.

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