Small Tattoos For Women: Is It Popular Among Women? 

Small tattoos for women can make a statement.

Written by Shagun Sharma

On Nov 21, 2023 – 10 minutes read

50 Small Tattoo Ideas for Women in 2023 - Feature

Small tattoos for women are getting more and more popular!

There may be designs that you admired on celebrities or even on that spunky tattoo girl across the street. Simple butterfly tattoos or deep semicolon tattoos, a delicate wrist tattoo or a covert ankle tattoo -the choices are endless.

But big or small, a tattoo is a permanent decision, and you don’t want your ink to be anything less than perfect. To help you choose the right design for you, here we have a vast gallery of small tattoos for women. Take a look!

Why Small Tattoos For Women?

Do you think tattoos serve merely aesthetic purposes?

No doubt, it surely is the main reason why women love to get tattoos. But, there’s more to it than beautifying the body.

small Tattoo Ideas For Women

Tattoos are a way to share a special story that you usually don’t talk about but is close to you in a certain way. 

The process even comes with an unexpected list of benefits that will surprise you.

Tattoos can boost your self-confidence. Studies show that getting inked can improve immunity, bring down cortisol levels in your body, and elevate your mood.

5O Small Tattoo Ideas For Women 

The best thing about small tattoos? Personally, I love small tattoos as they are easy to be covered by the outfits you wear, in case you need to.

Nature Tattoos 

palm tree tattoo

1. Palm Tree

Get a tiny palm tree inked on any of your fingers and trust me you won’t feel too far from the beach.

snowflakes tattoo

2. Snowflakes

It’s a sign of purity and innocence. 

feather tattoo

3. Feather

Make you feel free like a bird who is always flying high. 

Birds in flight tattoo

4. Birds In Flight

Three birds flying in a row gives serene vibes and positivity.

Branches Intertwined tattoo

5. Branches Intertwined

Represents that you are a nature lover and love to spend most of your time in nature. 

Flowers tattoo

6. Flowers

Represents deep love between two people. 

Small Mountain tattoo

7. Small Mountain

Signifies that you came out successfully from some hurdles in life and gives you hope to shine more. 

wave small tattoo

8. Wave

Riding the wave of life and hustling hard to get to the place where you want to be. 

Small Sunflower tattoo

9. Small Sunflower

Represents longevity and adoration and also highlights your sunny personality if you have it.

Small Lotus Flower tattoo

10. Small Lotus Flower

Represents purity, beauty, and divinity. 

Zodiac Signs & Constellations

zodiac sign tattoo

11. Zodiac Signs

You can get a tattoo that represents your zodiac sign and it looks cool.

constellation small tattoo

12. Constellation

You can still stargaze even when it’s a day outside. 

sun and moon small tattoo

13. Sun And Moon

Gives empowering vibes and strength.

fire symbol

14. Fire Symbol

One who belongs to the fire zodiac sign can get this inked. It shows their boldness.

constellation and arrow tattoo

15. Constellation and Arrow

This represents that you can go stargazing at any time, no matter what the time is. 

Animal Tattoos

elephant tattoo

16. Elephant

Represents luck and prosperity and also it’s a sign of strength. 

cute kitten small tattoo

17. Cute kitten

This represents that you are resilient. Always ready to bounce back no matter what. 

dragonfly tattoo

18. Dragonfly

Reminds you of being determined, and strong in life. This significantly increases your luck in life too. 

Small Butterfly tattoo

19. Small Butterfly  

Represents transformation, nature, and freedom. You can read about the Small Butterfly tattoo in detail. 

small-lion tattoo

20. Small Lion  

Represents boldness and enhances your self-confidence. 

small-owl tattoo

21. Small Owl

Represents that you always love to learn new things and gain more knowledge to become wise like an owl. 

Inspirational Quotes Or Words

Signature tattoo

22. Signature

To honor someone who created a great impact in your life, you can have something in their handwriting inked on you.

Eye small tattoo

23. Eye

Always check up on yourself, and keep a close eye on yourself. 

heartbeat small tattoo

24. Heartbeat

It tells you that you are still alive and will pass these hardest days, no matter what. It gives you strength

bicycle small tattoo

25. Bicycle Tattoos For Women

Reminds you of your beautiful and carefree childhood.

fingers-crossed small tattoo

26. Fingers Crossed

Permits you to break the promises you make to yourself or someone else. 

le Small Tattoo

27. Small Tattoos For Women: LE

Getting a random tattoo that is written in cursive letters gives good and classy vibes.

 Fine lines small tattoo designs

28. Fine lines

The simplicity in these line tattoos wins hearts. This tattoo represents simplicity should be celebrated and is attractive.

diamonds small tattoo

29. Diamonds

This represents that love between the couple is as strong and unbreakable as a diamond. 

glass small tattoo

30. Glass

Reminds you to always be grateful for the things you have in your life at this moment. 

ghostsmall tattoo

31. Ghost

Get this inked if you certainly like to celebrate Halloween Day. 

circle small tattoo

32. Circle

Reminds you to consciously look for the things you surround yourself. 

paper-airplane small tattoo

33. Paper Airplane

Represents your carefree nature. 

music note small tattoo

34. Music Note

Represents your love for music. 

heart small tattoo

35. Heart

Helps you to express love or desire or even simple deep friendship and passion. 

create small tattoo design for woman

36. Create

A small letter but will always remind you to keep creating.

kissing-heart small tattoo design

37. Kissing Heart

Reminds you to keep love in your mind all day long. 

small tattoo designs for woman

38. Rock On

It reminds you to keep going and keep rocking in life no matter what. 

anchors-away small tattoo

39. Anchors Away

Reminds you to always remain humble and down to earth. 

camera small tattoo

40. Camera

This signifies that you are a fan of capturing some special moments to keep them fresh in your memories.

Umbrella small tattoo

41. Umbrella

It’s the symbol of shade. Kinda gives you strength. 

quote-unquote tattoo

42. Quote, Unquote

This represents that life is unscripted. 

airplane small tattoo

43. Airplane

Shows that you love to travel and are always ready to backpack. 

book small tattoo

44. Book

Represents your nerdy side and how much you love spending most of your time with books.

ampersand small tattoo

24. Ampersand

It’s a sign that gives you hope in the most hopeless situations too. 

OM small tattoo

45. Small Tattoos For Women: OM

This represents that you are a spiritual person and believe in God. 

small-cross small tattoo

47. Small Cross

This represents that you belong to Christianity and have faith in Jesus Christ. 

small-angel-wings small tattoo

48. Small Angel Wings

Represents the angelic side of a woman and this looks aesthetic and elegant. 

Small Compass

49. Small Compass

A compass tattoo is one of the small tattoos for women that reminds you to stay true to yourself and always follow the right path in life. 

Small Skull small tattoo

50. Small Skull

Reminds you to live your day to the fullest and enjoy every moment. 

These are some meaningful small tattoos for women and I hope this list gives you some clarity behind their meanings. 

Placements Where The Best Small Tattoos For Women Are Inked

Do you think that placement is an important aspect to keep in mind while thinking of going to get a tattoo? Frankly speaking, it does matter because the life of your tattoo directly depends upon the area you have got it inked. 

The body’s shape can change with time, so you must be careful about the design because once the tattoo’s geometry gets distorted, it won’t look good and classy. Ladies, if you are thinking of where to get a small tattoo then keep on reading because I am gonna reveal the best placements where the best small tattoos for women are inked and what that tattoo represents in those placements. 

  • Ankle: Having a tattoo on your ankle is a symbol that you are actively working to improve your life and are making progress in some way. It also indicates that the tattoo was placed there intentionally.
  • Wrist: Getting a tattoo on your wrist signifies that you are showing off your beauty. 
  • Back shoulder: Getting a tattoo on your back or shoulder signifies that you got the particular tattoo as a reminder to yourself. However, there is a variety of small tattoos for women than inked on the back shoulder.
  • Hips: Getting a tattoo on your hips signifies that you are showing your feminine side. 
  • Toes: Getting a tattoo on your toes signifies that the tattoo you got inked is to give you direction and guidance in life. 

Being cautious of the spot where you get a tattoo is important. Taking the guidance of the tattoo artist on this would be a good idea because he would be able to predict better if the tattoo will stay in shape for long or not. 

Small Tattoos For Women: Tips & Tricks 

Here are some tips that might help you to prepare yourself before getting a tattoo: 

Choose A Tattoo Studio Carefully 

It’s important to research well about the tattoo parlor you are thinking to get your first tattoo from. Just because it’s near to your house doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. Visit the parlor and make inquiries before asking them to start the tattooing process. 

Check the artist reviews from Google, trust me it will give you a better idea. Don’t make assumptions on your own, go and check out yourself. It’s important to find a parlor where good quality tattoo ink is used, that’s the basic thing. 

Be Prepared For The Tattoo Pain Beforehand

No matter if it’s your first time getting a tattoo inked or you are adding a new collection to the previous ones, the pain to get a tattoo is high and sometimes it’s a bit unbearable too. Preparing yourself mentally and physically for that is the key. 

  • Get a good sound sleep so that you wake up fresh for the new experience of getting a tattoo. Stay relaxed and don’t worry. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated because drinking lots of water helps you to get prepared for the tattooing process as hydrated skin is much easier to tattoo than dehydrated skin. 
  • Take breaks in between when you feel a bit uncomfortable while getting a tattoo. Ask your tattoo artist to take frequent pauses in between. 
  • Take painkillers if you are not able to bear the pain. But, make sure to take advice from the doctor before taking any painkillers as lots of painkillers make the blood thin(1)

Age Matters 

I know, it’s not you casting a vote that you have to be 18 years old to get your first tattoo inked but trust me age matters. Because with age you can tolerate pain easily. 

So, make sure you are almost 18 years old if you want to get a tattoo. 

These tips might look simple but it’s important to keep them in mind before going to a tattoo studio to get your tattoo done. 

Visibility Of Tattoos

Tattoos are accepted in the workplace only if they are not offensive, don’t harass anyone, or if it’s not distracting. 

But, you should be very careful before getting inked with small delicate female tattoos as it shouldn’t go against the vision of an organization you work for. 


1. Where do women put small tattoos?

A small tattoo can go well anywhere on your body. But, make sure you should choose a spot that will show that tattoo properly. The wrist and ankles are the best spots for women.

2. Where do small tattoos look good?

Small tattoos look good on wrists and ankles but you can go with other spots as well which include your fingers, ribs, and along your collarbone, the wrist and ankles are the best locations to get a tattoo inked.

3. How do I choose a small tattoo?

Research well before you are going to get a tattoo. Make sure you get a meaningful tattoo on your body. Look through tattoo portfolios and figure out which tattoo best describes you. 

4. How long will a 2-inch tattoo take?

If you’re talking about a 2-inch tattoo, then it takes 30 minutes to 4 hours and it depends upon the tattoo design and how many breaks a tattoo artist takes in between the tattooing process.


Tattoos are an awesome way to express your story and your personality easily. It can also be a great reminder to yourself from time to time which gives you strength, hope, and constant motivation to keep moving ahead in life. Having a meaningful tattoo on your body adds that extra element that enhances you. 

So, are you ready to get your tattoo? Hoping that the list mentioned above would help you choose meaningful small tattoos for women. 

Happy Tattooing, Ladies!! 

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