Lesser Known Health Benefits Of ABC Juice – Miracle Detox Drink!

Just as it is important to keep your house neat, your body needs cleaning too. Not just the external bath but internal cleansing whose benefits are insane. The miracle potion, ABC juice takes a simpler approach to detoxification than the traditional diet.

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How often do you detox your body? Once a week? Once a month? Or worse, never gave it a thought? Well, you thought wrong. It is essential that you detox your body every day. Yes, every day! Detoxing your body literally means to eliminate toxins and unwanted substances from your body. Sounds really important, right? 

Lesser-Known Health Benefits of ABC Juice

Detoxing and cleansing the body are often regarded as scammy and unnecessary. Time to reconsider that. Here’s the veiled fact. Our liver is supposed to do the detoxing brilliantly.

benefits of abc juice

But with all the chemicals and toxins we surround ourselves with, like the polluted air we breathe, the food we eat, products we use, our organs find it pretty hard to do the job. By detoxing the body effectively, we can help our organs be healthy in what they do and support the brainpower and energy pathways. 

Bad News for Anyone Who Thought Detoxing was a Scam!

There are many ways through which you can detox your body. Almost everyone is aware that the universal law of a healthy body is an increased intake of fruits and vegetables. How about a juice with a mixture of it? Instead of taking the time to slice and have them, you can simply gulp down the cleanser in one swift way for detoxifying easily. A juice that is easy to make and requires not much effort.

benefits of abc juice for skin

The ABC juice, otherwise known as the “miracle drink” is a healthy combination of apple, beetroot, and carrots. This miraculous drink is proven to do miracles to the body. Detoxing your body with a glass of ABC juice a day is the next best thing you should try, if not already. Originated as a natural treatment in traditional Chinese medicine for lung cancer, it is now widely used against any disease there is. 

Today’s health enthusiasts have added the ABC juice to their nutritious diet. Because besides giving an energetic body, it is refreshing and prevents infection with the involvement of life-saving antioxidants. It gives multiple health benefits to both the body and the mind alike, which is the ultimate detoxing solution anyone can dream of! With the age-old reputation that goes way back, ABC juice is a whole new level of vitamin added to your everyday diet. 

Miracle Drink – When And How?

The most frequently asked question about ABC juice is, “When should I drink it?” 

It is proven to work its magic on an empty stomach. So, make a glass of earthly purple juice, first thing in the morning, and drink it on an empty stomach. You can have your breakfast after one hour of waiting. Do not have your breakfast right after you drink the juice. It is prescribed to drink twice a day for more effective detoxing. You can consume it first thing after you get up from the bed and one glass of it before 5 P.M in the afternoon but on an empty stomach. A classic detoxing, if drank on a daily basis, is done in the right way!

benefits of abc juice during pregnancy

Making your miracle juice is a piece of cake. Even the lazy ones can ace. Any amount of organic fruits and vegetables to great for the body. For this drink, take a large juicy apple, a small beetroot, and two medium-sized carrots to wash them clean without missing any dirt. Slice them into small pieces without peeling.

After adding them into a blender or juicer, blend them into a pulpy purple mixture. Try pouring some chilled water to ease the blending. Then, serve the juice in a glass after straining the mixture. If you want, you can add lime juice or ginger to enhance the taste. Make sure that you don’t add sugar. And it is wise not to store the drink. 

ABC Juice – A Killer Cleansing Detoxer 

With the combined effects of the three magical ABC wonder-workers, you can earn health points in no time. Be on the right track of health care by drinking the juice that is known for the many benefits it flushes the body with. Scroll down to know the lesser-known health benefits of ABC juice.

Eases Menstrual Cycle

Excessive blood loss during periods practically drains you. You feel every bit of energy leaving your body along with the blood, which is neither easy nor good. To fight fatigue your periods bring, a glass of ABC is more than enough. 

Can I drink ABC juice everyday?

As you know beetroots are rich in iron and improve blood count and blood flow, ABC juice can generate more hemoglobin. The antioxidants present in it will help to promote oxygenated blood even to your uterus which in turn helps you with painful cramps. This vitamin-rich juice can solve problems with a lack of vitamins that your body needs in times of weakness. It will nourish the reproductive system and keeps the cells healthy while giving you the strength you need. 

Detox Vital Organs Of The Body

ABC juice is the instant answer to your constant sluggish fatigue! The liver stores the energy and processes the protein(1). Thus, the liver needs to be detoxed to get the energy you lack. The kidney cleanses the entire system of the body.

Guess what needs detoxing too? Come to think of it. Your entire body needs detoxification. That basically means the organs of your body – liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, lungs, intestine, and skin. ABC juice can do just that! 

benefits of abc juice for weight loss

The carotene production will detoxify the liver and other organs with no chances of liver disease or kidney failure. It will also purify the blood and increase the production of red blood cells, hence increase hemoglobin. By strengthening internal organs you get to keep your body active and fit and wave goodbye to fatigue! 

Save Your Heart From An Attack

As you have guessed, the ABC juice is heart-friendly. The drink contains lutein, alpha, and beta carotene which maintains the heart to be healthy(2). They will protect the heart from various diseases and keep the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream in check.


The ABC juice is a wonderful source of potassium and nitrates which will manage your blood pressure levels. Beetroot helps in converting nitrate to nitric oxide which is an essential vasodilator to increase the flow of blood circulation. A glass of ABC juice every day will help you keep your heart young and healthy. 

Gives Skin That Slows Aging

All you need is for the time to stop running with your age that takes its toll on your skin. Well, the ABC detox juice is boasted for its ability to give you spotless skin free from the ties of dark spots, blemishes, acne, pimples, blackheads, and reduce pigmentation.

ABC Juice for skin

Vitamin A in the vegetables halts the aging with its anti-aging properties along with vitamin C, E, K, and B-complex for age spots. The beta-carotene present in carrots is an antioxidant that slows the aging of cells. Consume the juice daily for healthily glowing, and young-looking skin with a pink radiant blush. 

Eye Soother and Hair Grower 

We all spend too much time in front of the screen causing our eyes to get dry and tired. Some eyes might even turn red with the constant screen glare and strain. Worry not, ABC juice is soothing and relaxing for the eyes! It can eliminate dryness, redness, and tiredness of the eyes by strengthening eye muscles. Vitamin A will reduce the dryness of the eyes and give strength to ciliary muscles that are responsible for adjusting the focal length of the eye lens(3). It will enhance and sharpen your vision. 

abc juice for eyes

The carotenoids present in it are useful for hair growth too! That will allow better blood circulation in the scalp and nourishes the hair follicles from within. Moreover, beets are known to prevent hair loss!

Pregnancy Helper

ABC juice is the miracle you need during your pregnancy. It cures almost every problem you deal with while carrying a child inside. Digestive problems? Gulp it down. High blood pressure? Gulp it down. Sleep disorder? Gulp it down! 

abc juice during pregnancy

Consume it regularly in the purest form to help you in many different ways. It can boost iron which is necessary for the baby’s growth. ABC juice prevents iron deficiency and anemia and strengthens the immune system(4). Digestive problems, constipation, and sleeping disorders are common during pregnancy. They tend to get worse in the later stages. This juice can work its miracle for you there. 

You are most likely to get sad over your skin changes. But this juice can reduce scarring, hydrate the skin, and even out skin tone. It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce the risk of premature delivery, and many other complications during pregnancy. Another benefit of ABC juice is that it is good for teeth and nails as well. 

Help Lose That Fat You Workout For

The juice is everything you need for weight management. As it contains high dietary fiber content, calories will be less while the energy quotient will remain high. It gives you maximum energy with a minimal intake of calories. Need I say anything more?

what are the benefits of abc juice

The amino acid called leucine will help decrease the levels of body fat by increasing protein availability(5). Besides, beetroots and carrots are rich in vitamins, iron, and minerals which are required for a healthy and balanced diet for healthy weight management. It is a refreshing beverage after an exhausting and vigorous workout to kill muscle aches.

Aids In The Digestion Of Food 

The wonder juice helps the body in breaking down the toxins in the system easily and effectively. That will regulate the digestion process faster and smoother.

ABC Juice For digestion

It will improve bowel movements. Both the vegetables’ digestive effects are strong which will help in relieving chronic constipation. The benefit of ABC juice is that it protects your stomach from the formation of ulcers. It will also remove bad breath that often happens due to indigestion. 

Keep The Body Hale and Hearty

With the number of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals squashed together into it, the ABC juice is the powerhouse of growth. Instead of simply having apple juice, beetroot juice, or carrot juice, put them together to own power-packed nutrients to your everyday diet. 

is abc juice good for health

The list of vitamins- A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, and K, with minerals- iron, calcium, zinc, folate, copper, sodium, manganese, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and niacin(6), all together in just one juice is the level of healthiness you need in 2020! This will improve basic bodily functions and rejuvenate vital organs. The ABC juice is quite an all-rounder. 

Slow Down The Cancer Cells

The drink was invented for a lung cancer patient in China who surprisingly got cured within the span of three months. This is not just for lung cancer, but all kinds of cancer. As astonishing as that sounds, ABC juice, if not kill, can slow down the proliferation of cancer cells. The important ingredient is beetroot which has been used for cancer treatment for years.

Fight Against Cancer

The flavonoid betacyanin in beets inhibits the growth of tumors(7). It protects the levels of Vitamin C [nutrient that fights cancer] by increasing the intake of oxygen within the cells. When the oxygen is increased, it will improve cellular respiration that will destroy cancer cells. The juice is rich in iron which will help in the regeneration of red blood corpuscles that give more oxygen to cancer cells. 

Fights Against Free Radicals

The bugs and common diseases like the flu, anemia, asthma can be annoying to no end. ABC juice is especially for those who want to boost their immune system to protect the body from those bugs. It’s easy to fight them off with strong immunity with good white blood cell count and a boost in hemoglobin. 


With a daily-based intake of the miracle drink, you can improve the production of white blood cells and hemoglobin in your body. It will protect your body from various allergies and infections, body odor, throat infection, and strengthen your lungs.

Enhances Brain Functioning

With the enhancing of nerve connections, the drink is capable of giving you the ability to respond faster. It improves your memory and concentration levels resulting in improved cognition and recall ability. The best juice you can supplement your brain with to further improve your attention span so that you will think faster to work better in any activity you indulge in. ABC juice is said to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 


That’s pretty much it. This anti-inflammatory juice is recognized as a liver stimulant and rejuvenator that chips in to lighten the weight of body purification. It has long-term beneficial effects on your body’s health. So make an informed decision on your drink choices now that you know the lesser-known health benefits of ABC juice. In any case, what goes inside, reflects outside. 

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