Australian Woman Diagnosed With A Rare Condition Of Growing Boobs

Gigantomastia is a medical condition that causes breast growth to alarmingly high levels and women are worried about it.

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Australian model Pamelia revealed that she had been diagnosed with a rare condition. The condition is called Gigantomastia where breasts won’t stop growing, thus increasing her bust size massively. The model was scared about the condition and was worried about the mental and physical discomfort she had to go through.

Due to the rapid increase in her bust size, she experienced extreme back, neck, and shoulder pain. She consulted a doctor and identified that her chest size rose tremendously day by day causing her most worn bra to wear out. Initially, her medical physician observed her and told her that it was due to the weighing breasts that caused her pain.

Gigantomastia: The Rare Condition

Mother of one Miss James, initially found it interesting but the current status had affected her mental health terribly. She is not able to find an outfit that fits her body or complements her shape. Pamelia found herself in oversized tees most of the time as that was the only comfortable clothing she could be at ease with. The options of clothing were very limited for oversized girls and oversized bust girls.

Gigantomastia: The Rare Condition

Also, she told the media that the public’s vile looks and murmurs had her compelled to stay at home for a peaceful mind. Most of the people insulted loudly at her face for her boobs and men including women stared at her for long hours which made her uncomfortable whenever out in public.

The condition had affected her boobs which grew from 100cm (39 inches) last January, then to 114 cm (45 inches) by July, and currently to 131cm (52 inches). In simple terms, her boob grew 17 cm larger in a year and this doesn’t stop here.

The model wished for normal-sized breasts which were healthy for her body. She doesn’t want to feel self-conscious about her body and wants to flaunt herself in tight dresses, something that she liked to see herself in.

The Guinness World Record for the owner of the biggest natural boobs is 66-year-old model Annie Turner. Annie also spoke about the struggles of gigantomastia(1) as she also suffered from it. Her breasts weighed up to 30kg each. One side of the people did things to enhance their breasts whereas the other side wished for smaller chests, that is the reality.

She also mentioned the fear of getting attacked whenever she was out in public. This rare condition which affected only a minute level of the population of the country didn’t have a particular or specific known cause. The factors which led to this diagnosis could be hormonal changes, medications, and autoimmune diseases.

Pamelia also struggled with polycystic ovary syndrome i.e a condition where hormonal levels changed drastically which resulted in irregular periods and the ovaries became enlarged. She is in the process to see whether both of the conditions are related in any way. A solution for this condition is breast reduction surgery and Pamelia I planning to undergo that surgery very soon(2).

As a model, she used her social media to create awareness among women regarding the condition and her experience with it. She also spoke about the mental struggles that came along with it and what one can do to ease their pain to do normal activities. She told the media that there was only very limited awareness regarding many conditions and gigantomastia is one among them.

Her story reveal through Tiktok recently gained popularity and a positive approach toward her life’s tragic experience.

About The Disease

Gigantomastia is a disease where the breast tissue quickly enlarges abnormally. The confirmation of the diagnosis is done when the breasts weigh more than 3% of the total body mass. One of the causes of gigantomastia is an excessive abnormality with hormones like prolactin, oestrogen, and progesterone in the body. Post some pregnancies this can be seen but usually, the size of the breast reduces to its normal after a few months of the birth of a baby.

To reduce the discomfort caused by heavy breasts can be reduced to some extent by doing breast reduction surgery. It can also improve one’s sleep quality and mental health. This condition is very dangerous for the mental health of teen girls out there. In the past 15 years, less than 110 cases had diagnosed with this condition.

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