Ariana Grande Reflects on Split with Ex-Husband In the Wake of New ‘Emotional’ Music 

It’s the first time the singer is opening up about her split with ex-husband Dalton Gomez.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Feb 28, 2024 – 3 minutes read

ariana grande eternal sunshine

Ariana Grande finally opens up about what happened between her and her ex-husband Dalton Gomez, who had a sudden split last year. 

After the quiet split with her husband, Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande kept things as low as possible to not make things complicated. Sometimes, singers shout about the hidden reality via their songs, and Grande is no different. She finally seems to be ready to reveal why the pair split last October. 

Ariana Grande Talks About ‘Most Heartbroken’ Moments

The 30-year-old singer admitted she was in tears most of the time while making her upcoming track, ‘Eternal Sunshine’ which is all about the breakdown of the whirlwind romance. According to the Yes, And singer, who penned the album, the record which is set to release next Friday will feature some of the “hardest moments of loss and grief.”

Ari explained that she had been very emotional when she wrote some of the breakup songs. She added that there were bops that were more fun, but she even cried while writing some of them. The music mogul further added that during that particular period of her life, there had been so much kindness, honesty, love, transparency, and respect.

She then went on to give a real picture of the breakup songs saying even at the hardest moments of life portrayed in some of the albums, there would be a significant presence of love and transparency.

“It was never like ‘F**k you’ at all. Even in ‘Bye,’ I have tried to be kind and credit the goodness there was,’ Ari continued.

She said that she had some sessions while she was writing more emotionally and reactively. She mentioned that it was a tricky balance for her, but she also emphasized that it was a very human experience, so she didn’t feel the need to erase all of that.

Ariana added that Eternal Sunshine is intentionally both “very specific and very vague” at the same time. She said she found the time for the writing process by taking short breaks from the shooting. According to the Grammy winner, she had “no intention for the world to hear it.” But when she completed writing the song “I remembered that people would hear it,” and some of them might even “relate to certain things.” 

Initially, Grande did not have any plans to return to the studio this soon, but reportedly, the breakup has pushed her to speed up her return to the studio. Ari remarked that If she had to hint about my next album in the next interview, she would have said 2027, on ‘The Zach Sang Show’ in the US. 

However, her fans will still have to wait a bit more to see their favorite performing the new record, as Grande is expected to be occupied until 2025 for the promotion of her forthcoming movie ‘Wicked.’ 

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She stated that she had a really hard time on her last tour, attributing it to where she was at emotionally. She mentioned having a very busy year ahead but also expressed having the itch to perform.

In 2019, she managed to have the #1, #2, and #3 songs in America. It has been more than 5 years since the ‘7 Rings’ singer performed live in the UK. Yet, her popularity and demand remain the same. The songstress is currently gearing up for the release of her much-awaited seventh album, which will be her first album since the split with Dalton. 

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