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Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Review: Is It A Skin Saver?

I enjoy the sun. I love my skin. If you’re like me, this Beauty of Joseon Sunscreen Review will reveal if this much acclaimed sunscreen is for you!

Written by Rani Premkumar

On Feb 13, 2024 – 8 minutes read

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Review

I am an outdoorsy person when I am not working. I love beaches and nature. If you are like me, keen on protecting your skin (you should), you’ll know that even the slightest exposure to the sun is a dread. I have Asian skin. My hunt for organic sunscreen took me to the Korean brand Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun: Rice + Probiotics Sunscreen. This sunscreen is blasting the internet. So let me methodically unfurl my findings in this Beauty of Joseon sunscreen review after using it for two months.

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Review: Product Overview

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen reviews

Beauty of Joseon Sunscreen is a Korean-brand sunscreen. It is said to contain herbal ingredients that can be traced back to the Joseon Dynasty(1). Oriental medicine is known for its unique and effective herbal formulas. Rice bran water is known as a rich source of minerals and amino acids and was used as a toner during the Joseon Dynasty. It was called ‘Beauty Water’ back then.

Product Packaging And Presentation 

The beauty of Joseon creamy-type organic sunscreen comes in a cardboard package that contains the product. The sunscreen comes in a tube that can be easily squeezed out. To ensure the product is unused and non-contaminated, the tube has a silver foil seal at the nozzle that you need to peel off. 

The tube the cream comes in is quite convenient to use and carry around in your clutch. The beauty of Joseon sunscreen is also available as a roll-on stick.

Skin Type Suitability

This sunscreen has organic ingredients that make it suitable even for sensitive skin types.

As for those with an oily complexion like me, you may skip reapplication unless there is a dire need for a retouch. You may also need to use small amounts of it and skip the moisturizing before applying sunscreen, as it does leave the skin super dewy. You don’t want that on oily skin. 

On dark skin, it may leave a white cast. As it is non-greasy, it is suitable for acne-prone skin as well.

How To Use Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen?

For me, it is the last step of my skincare routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. But those who have oily skin may skip the moisturizing part as the Beauty of Joseon Sun Relief Rice+ Probiotics SPF 50+ PA++++  is moisturizing on its own. I have oily skin but I love the dewiness on my face. You can slather it generously on all areas that will be exposed to the sun.

Does Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Leave A White Cast? 

Nah! Not this one. The way it beautifully gets absorbed into the face is remarkable. If you apply it more than once, you may need to wait for a few seconds for it to get absorbed into the skin fully. Beauty of Joseon sunscreen review also points out that no white cast is a plus. But they also point out that the presence of mbbt, an organic insoluble filter may leave a white cast on darker complexions.

The Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Effectiveness

The brand affirms that Beauty of Joseon sunscreen is tested in two labs- one in Korea and the other in Spain for its effectiveness and the results are pretty solid and reassuring. Even the ease of application and the effects on your skin after the use of the product are a testament to its efficacy in pampering your skin the way you want it to be pampered.

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Price 

Beauty of Joseon Sun Relief SPF 50+ PA ++++ 50ml is available at $16.60 and $15.94 on Amazon.

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Side Effects

The side effects of Beauty of Joseon sunscreen are not talked about much as it is a pretty safe product. However, some reviews do suggest that it causes skin irritation, burning sensation, and acne. Skin purging can happen with any product, but allergies are not talked about by many users of the product. The best way to remain safe is by testing it after buying small quantities and testing it on your skin.

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Ingredients

Beauty of Joseon Sunscreen Ingredients

The beauty of Joseon Sunscreen has the goodness of rice bran water and fermented grains, which have soothing, moisturizing, and skin-brightening properties. It contains glycerine which moisturizes well. Lactobacillus ferment which is derived from milk sources is great at repairing the skin barrier and improving the skin texture along with the complexion.

It has UV filters Uvinol A(1) which blocks UVA and tinosorb S which blocks both UVA and UVB. Other ingredients like Adenosine are anti-inflammatory, and niacinamide is known for its skin brightening and anti-acne properties. It also contains tocopherol (a firm of Vitamin E), ginzing, and green tea extracts.

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Pros And Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Non-sticky
  • Non-oily
  • No fear of burning eyes even when applied near your eyes.
  • Easily absorbed into the skin in seconds
  • No white cast 
  • Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin types
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  • Easy reapplication
  • Makeup slides smoothly over it eliminating the chance for a primer
  • Blocks UVA and UVB
  • Stable filters
  • No fragrance


  • It is expensive
  • The beauty of the Joseon sunscreen stick needs smoothening out as it leaves some flakes.
  • It makes the skin look shinier in sultry weather. 
  • Other low-cost products may give the same results.
  • It is a chemical sunscreen although it has organic products.
  • If you are dark-skinned, it may leave a white cast.

⚠️There are fake ones available and they can pass off as original. One needs to exercise due caution to cross-check if they got the original one.

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Reviews

The beauty of Joseon lightweight SPF 50+ sunscreen is reviewed by almost every beauty blogger and vlogger. It has become so viral that even dermatologists have given their Beauty of Joseon sunscreen review online.

The Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Review -Oily Skin

I do have oily skin. In hot climes when you tend to sweat a lot it may look a little shiny or more dewy than it’s necessary. There are many reviews out there that suggest that you cut short the quantity that you apply so that the skin does not look overly shiny. You can also skip the moisturizing before applying the Beauty of Joseon sunscreen.

The Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Review- Dark Skin

The beauty of Joseon does not get the hype it deserves from those who have darker skin shades. The reviews point out that it leaves a white cast on dark, caramel, or brown skin. They say it is difficult to blend it around the hairline as well.

Beauty Of Joseon Dermatologist Reviews

Dr. Rachael Ho in her blog suggests that the product is lightweight and easily absorbed. She claims that it is good only on oily skin and not great on normal and dry skin regarding the moisturizing part.

According to Dr. Renu Singh Solanki, the product is great and it helps in skin streaming– ie. it multitasks as niacinamide serum, moisturizer, primer, and sunscreen.

There are many dermatologists who vouch for this product, though some do suggest additional test results regarding the SPF efficacy 

Is Beauty Of Joseon Good For Sensitive Skin Or Acne-Prone Skin?

As this is a non-greasy and non-oily formula, it does not clog the skin and cause acne, which is what reviews unanimously suggest. In rare instances, there is a case of breakouts. It is safe to be slathered on sensitive skin as well.

Where To Buy Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Cream?

It is available on all online platforms like Amazon, Walmart, etc., and on the company’s website. If you buy it from their website your chances of ending up with the spurious product will be less.


1. Is Beauty of Joseon an effective sunscreen?

Beauty of Joseon Sunscreen reviews are conclusive of the fact that it is an effective sunscreen.

2. Does Beauty of Joseon sunscreen leave a white cast?

It usually does not leave a white cast, but the presence of mbbt, an insoluble organic filter may show up as a white cast on really dark skin tones.

3. Is Beauty of Joseon SPF good for oily skin?

Beauty of Joseon SPF 50+ can be used on all skin types including oily skin as it gets fully absorbed into the skin.

4. Is the beauty of Joseon sunscreen pore clogging?

No. Beauty of Joseon sunscreen reviews by dermatologists suggest that it has a gel-like consistency which gets absorbed into the skin easily as it is lightweight.

5. Does the Beauty of Joseon lighten skin tone?

It has some pretty potent ingredients that can nurture your skin and nourish it making your skin smooth.

6. What age group is Beauty of Joseon for?

Anybody, of any age can use the product as it is gentle on the skin. 

7. Is Beauty of Joseon SPF 50?

Yes, it is SPF 50+.

8. Can I use the beauty of Joseon sunscreen without moisturizer?

If you have super oily skin, you may skip the use of moisturizer as Beauty of Joseon reviews suggest that it is pretty moisturizing on its own.

9. Is it safe for acne-prone or hyper-sensitive skin?

As the Beauty of Joseon sunscreen has a gel-like consistency and has organic filters with the goodness of natural ingredients like rice water, it is safe on acne-prone skin, according to Beauty of Joseon sunscreen Reviews for oily skin.

10. Is the Beauty of Joseon sunscreen good for all skin types?

Yes. The Beauty of Joseon sunscreen reviews suggest that it is good for all skin types.

11. Is Beauty of Joseon a physical or chemical sunscreen?

It is a chemical sunscreen with organic components.

Signing off…

Though Beauty of Joseon sunscreen reviews are pretty raving, having this one at hand is not an excuse to indulge in non-sun-smart practices like being in the hot sun the whole day. This one sure may help you save your skin while saying ‘hello’ to the sun. This one can be a companion for beach babes, cliff jumpers, trekking enthusiasts, and all the other sun-kissed ones. Girls!! Explore the wild in you in an unbridled way!

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