Ben Affleck’s Pop Star Dream Was Crushed By Jennifer Lopez In Super Bowl 2024 Dunkin Ad

Ben Affleck finally begins his pop star career with a performance, only to have his wife, Jennifer Lopez, crush it

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On Feb 13, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Dunkin Super Bowl 2024 Ad

Ben Affleck is ready to get loud and follow his dreams of being a pop star, only for his wife, Jennifer Lopez, to crush them. The newest Dunkin advertisement once again elaborated upon the previous lore of the Dunkin universe. 

The Dunkin Cinematic Universe

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in the newest Dunkin Ad

The newest ad picks up where the last ad, which was featured in the Grammy award ceremony ended. Jack Harlow is seen trying to discourage Affleck from following this passion, but Affleck is adamant. 

He refers to the 2023 ad in which his wife, Jenifer Lopez, came to visit him in his workplace, while he was working in a Dunkin drive-through. He needs to take revenge to show her who the boss is. 

He did as he decided to do by dragging a few of his friends with him, but it didn’t turn out the way he thought as she was working on her newest album, “This is Me… Now.”  He barges into the studio with Tom Brady and Matt Damon in bright orange and fuchsia tracksuits to give them the most impact.

Affleck declares their dynamic entry with “Here Comes the Boston Massacre, The Dunkings” and introduces Tom Brady through “Touchdown, Tommy on the Keys” and Matt Damon with “And he needs no introduction…My partner.”

To which the long-time friend of Affleck replies in a depressed tone that it was really hard to keep being your friend. Then Affleck begins the track and goes through some dance moves while singing “Don’t dunk away with my heart” and “Why you dunkin’ me, girl.”

Once the performance was over, Jeniffer Lopez was seen sitting with an embarrassed look on her face, and Fat Joe weirdly looked at them, questioning their motivations. 

This is when Damon asks them if they liked the performance by referencing the famous line in ”Good Will Hunting,” only for him to feel even more ashamed and utter a squeaky sorry.

The 51-year-old actor and filmmaker then looks at his wife and tells her that she had to see it, but being the magnificent person he is, he will forgive her and instruct her to “lay us on track.”

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Jennifer, as anyone would have expected, turned him down as quickly as she could, only for Affleck to respond with a baseball reference to showcase the unfairness of it all: “That’s cold …You’re blinded by them pinstripes! There Goes Babe Ruth.”

In a unique twist, she asks Tom Brady to stay behind, and the door closes in front of the co-writers of “Good Will Hunting.”

The filmmaker duo is seen walking away together in disappointment when Damon nudges his best friend by reminding him that when he proclaimed that he would do anything for Ben, he never expected something like it. 

 The ad ends with Ben Affleck reminding Matt Damon that this was worth doing as they finally have a drink named after them.

The modified menu, which includes the new drink, will be available in all outlets in no time. The suits and hats seen in the advertisement will also be available for purchase.

This ad was created by the production company Artists Equity, which was co-owned by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

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