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Benefits Of Body Exfoliation – Give Your Skin A Healthy Revival By Doing It The Right Way!

The skin on your body is just as important as the skin on your face, it needs more than just cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen.

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Benefits of Bod Exfoliation

It is very important to know the benefits of body exfoliation.

The skin on your body is just as important as the skin on your face, it needs more than just cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen. Exfoliation is another important step in a skincare routine not to be avoided. Many are confused about what are the benefits of body exfoliation. First, let’s understand the basics.

What Is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is one of the most ancient methods, invented by Egyptians to maintain softness and encourage skin rejuvenation by getting rid of dead skin and promoting blood flow. There are different ways to do exfoliation. It can either be done on the surface level or from the deeper levels of the skin. 

Benefits Of Body Exfoliation

Why Is Exfoliation Important For The Body?

To understand the importance of exfoliation it is first important to understand how our skin works

The key benefits of body exfoliation are to get rid of dead skin cells and dirt from the skin. As we age the cell regeneration process of the skin slows down, this is a natural phenomenon. When the skin cells don’t get renewed as they used to, the skin starts to look dull, dry, and rough.

Build up of dead skin cells can lead to clogged pores, and dirt accumulation causing acne breakouts and blemishes. A good exfoliation method that suits your skin can help in removing that unwanted extra layer of dead skin resulting in smoother, softer, and brighter-looking skin.

Exfoliation also helps your skin it getting the best out of all your skincare, without the dead cells blocking the way the skin care treatments can be absorbed into the skin more efficiently.

The natural process of shedding skin is known as Desquamation and its common in all living beings. How well our skin sheds will depend on person-to-person, skin type, age, and climate conditions we live in. Exfoliation is that extra step to ensure that the skin is being shed properly.

3 Benefits Of Body Exfoliation?

Here are some of the key benefits of body exfoliation:

  • Better absorption of skin care products. With the build-up of dead skin cells gone, any skin care treatment or moisturizer applied will be absorbed better by the skin.
  • Helps in preventing ingrown hair. If you are someone who shaves your body, exfoliating before and after shaving can really help with the appearance of bumps and redness that occurs post-shaving.
  • Makes the overall appearance of the skin smooth and supple. With regular exfoliation, you can gradually notice a drastic change in the overall appearance of the skin.

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Body?

The frequency of exfoliation will depend from person to person. Everybody has a different skin type. If you have normal skin with no concerns and your skin can tolerate exfoliation, then we recommend exfoliating twice a week. 

Is It Okay To Exfoliate Your Body Every Day?

Absolutely no, exfoliation is a strong process and the skin needs time to recover. Exfoliating every day can not only damage the skin and its barrier but also cause breakouts, dryness, and itchiness and make skin extremely sensitive. 

What Is The Best Way To Exfoliate To Get The Maximum Benefits Of Body Exfoliation?

There are two ways to exfoliate your skin, physical exfoliation, and chemical exfoliation. Choosing the best type of exfoliation for you will depend on your skin type and skin concerns. It is very important to understand your skin and be careful before starting an exfoliation method. 

Physical exfoliation methods include manual devices and granular creams or scrubs. Chemical exfoliation includes the use of various acids, like AHA’s to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin and exfoliate it from within. The choice of chemical exfoliants depends on the skin condition and the age of the person.

Here are the different types of exfoliation and how you can benefit from them:

Physical Exfoliating Devices

Physical exfoliation involves using a device or abrasive cloth or pad to gently rub the skin. 

Some of the most commonly used tools for physical exfoliation are:

Dry Brush

There are different kinds of brushes available in the market to scrub the body. If you are trying dry brushing for the first time then we recommend starting with a brush with very soft bristles and a firm hold.

Even though dry brushing is not meant for those with very sensitive skin and dermatologists generally don’t recommend it, if you feel your skin can tolerate dry brushing then it will help in not just getting rid of dead skin cells but also in reducing the appearance of cellulite and aid in lymphatic drainage. Dry brushing works best when done on the skin prior to the showering routine. Always move the brush gently and in a circular motion. 

Before starting out with dry brushing for the whole body, try dry brushing a single area and wait for a few days before continuing, this could avoid any potential side effects.


Loofah is the most commonly used physical exfoliator, most people have one at home. Loofas are very satisfying to use, they lather up the soap as well as effectively remove dead skin cells. One of the most common mistakes people make with loofas is that they don’t clean them well.

Bacteria can easily build up in the nooks which can lead to skin infection and rashes. Make sure you clean and dry your loofah after every use.

What Is The Best Way To Exfoliate To Get The Maximum Benefits Of Body Exfoliation?


Washcloths are the most gentle form of physical exfoliator and the best choice for people with sensitive skin. Just like the dry brush, it is recommended to use the cloth in a circular motion. Microfiber or bamboo fiber washcloth is the most popular and effective choice in the market.

Do not use a dirty washcloth for exfoliation. Always make sure that the cloth is clean and dry before using.

Silicon Body Scrubber

Silicon body scrubbers are the best and our favorite physical body exfoliating tool. They are very gentle on the skin, easy to clean, does not absorb water and gunk.

Silicon scrubbers are cheap, long-lasting, and easy maintenance.

Granular Exfoliation

Scrubbing Cream

Scrubbing creams are normal creams that come with tiny granules or microbeads. They are very effective for body scrubbing and instantly give you soft and supple skin. It is recommended to use these scrubs twice a week and not more, as scrubbing can cause severe dryness and damage to the skin.

Since this type of scrub is cream based it also gives the skin added moisturization and improves elasticity. We recommended using a moisturizer no matter what type of scrub you use. Moisture is the key to skin regeneration.

Granular Exfoliation


There are lots of exfoliating soap and body wash options in the market. They are like regular soap but with tiny granules. They are also a very easy and effective form of body exfoliation. Soap exfoliators are a 2-in-1 option when it comes to body exfoliation as it not just cleans the skin but also scrub away dead skin cells.

Never over-exfoliate and keep the scrubbing very gentle. The results from exfoliating can be very satisfying which is why most people tend to overdo things and damage their skin

Chemical exfoliation

Body Wash With AHAS & BHAS

The most common chemical body exfoliators(1) are salicylic acid(2) and glycolic acid. Using them in your shower routine, not just tackles dead skin cells but helps with ingrown hair, razor bumps, pigmentation, dark spots, and dullness. 

Chemical exfoliants are an excellent choice for people suffering from body acne and sun damage. They penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin and do not just clean the outside.

Chemical body exfoliation can be either done at home using over-the-counter products or you can visit a dermatologist who will pick the right form of chemical exfoliant depending on your skin type, condition, and concern. Over-the-counter chemical exfoliators are generally low in concentration and safe to use. Dermatologists use highly concentrated chemicals and should not be used without supervision.

Some of the most commonly used clinical methods of exfoliation are microdermabrasion or chemical peel. Your doctor will tell you which method would fit you the best after analyzing your skin. 

Hope you found this article helpful, enjoy the baby soft skin!

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