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One Skin Eye Cream Reviews Vs. My Personal Findings!

An advanced targeted solution for all your under eye problems, or just another eye cream? Read the detailed review from a personal user of One Skin Eye Cream.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Feb 19, 2024 – 8 minutes read

One Skin Eye Cream Review

Even as a beauty geek who doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to the latest beauty trends, writing this One Skin Eye Cream review wasn’t on my agenda. Save my regular face moisturizer, an eye cream was not something I considered adding to my skincare routine. 

But needs must. When dark circles and fine lines around the eyes start to show and you realize that moisturizers and skin-brightening creams alone won’t make the cut, you naturally turn to eye creams. After a few letdowns from popular brands (that’s a story for later), it was One Skin’s turn. l did a little research and liked what I found. Many One Skin Eye Cream reviews too seemed promising, and I finally got one.

Now, that was 6 weeks back. This is my experience using this cream.

What Is One Skin Eye Cream? (What The Brand Claims)

One Skin Eye Cream review

OS-01 EYE Cream is a topical supplement that comes with a number of claims that include:

  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Reducing dark circles
  • Improving elasticity
  • Brightening skin.
  • Restoring firmness
  • Reversing skin sagging with its ‘super-concentrated peptide blend.’

The proprietary mix is said to contain natural, collagen-boosting, anti-aging peptides that work on a molecular level to rejuvenate the fast-aging skin around our eyes.

The formula is easy to apply and comes in a reusable bottle. Once the cream is over, you can dispose of the inner cartridge and purchase a refill instead of buying a whole new bottle. Way to go environment-friendly!

This sums up basically what the cream is all about. Now let’s get into a few more details about its ingredients, benefits, and everything else that decides its fate in your hands.

One Skin Eye Cream Benefits

Here is a more detailed look at One Skin Eye Cream’s benefits.

  • Reduces wrinkles: For an eye moisturizer, this is a given. The collagen peptide as well as the anti-aging peptides that reduce the signs of aging work to produce more collagen in the dermis and smoothes out wrinkles to an extent. 
  • Prevents sagging: Sagging of skin happens with age. Reduced production of collagen as well as elastin, which makes the skin lose its elasticity and firmness, is the main cause behind it. When more collagen is produced, this will result in the skin regaining all these lost properties and bouncing back to its former state.
  • Brightens skin: Peptides with anti-aging and anti-pollutant properties like the Moringa Seed Extract help reduce dark circles and hyperpigmentation around the eyes, resulting in brighter skin.

The science behind the OS-01 peptide and its ingredients

The formulation of OneSkin OS-01 Peptide EYE Moisturizer is based on the science that peptides can act as messenger molecules that communicate with cells, stimulate the production of more collagen, and thus reverse wrinkles and other signs of aging. Intriguing, isn’t it?

The eyes are the first place to show the signs of aging. This is because compared to the skin on our face and the rest of the body, the skin around our eyes is much thinner. This makes it more prone to wrinkles and fine lines, and if gone too far, sagging. 

This area therefore needs better care and nourishment, and this is where a good eye moisturizer becomes a necessity. I wish I had known this sooner.

One Skin Eye Cream is formulated using ingredients that address the underlying causes of those signs, and treat them to restore elasticity, youthfulness, and the healthy appearance of your skin.  

The Moringa Oleifera Seed Extract in the Peptide cream is meant to protect the skin against external pollutants and is one of the three key ingredients. The second one of the three, Fucus Vesciculosus Algae Extract fights against aging signs by stimulating the production of collagen, reducing crow’s feet and dark circles, and brightening the skin. Unlike your usual topical collagen, Biomimetic Vegan Collagen, the final ingredient, is a collagen peptide that boosts not only collagen but also elastin, laminin, and fibronectin. Quite a list, isn’t it? 

One Skin Eye Cream Price

OneSkin OS-01 Peptide EYE Topical Supplement comes in a 20ml bottle with an inner cartridge. Regarding the purchase, they give you two options – you can either make a one-time purchase or opt for a subscription under which three options of 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days are available. 

  • OneSkin Eye Cream:
    • One-time: $109
    • Subscribe: $98 (shipped every 30, 60, or 90 days)
  • Free 20ml OS-01 Mini bottle with all purchases!

It also comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee within which period you can claim a refund if you are not impressed with the formula. That sounds reassuring, right?

One Skin Eye Cream – How To Use?

One Skin Eye Cream provides better results when made part of a proper skincare routine. If you already don’t have one, you can create a simple skincare regimen for both day and night using some of the popular and effective options this brand provides. 

Whether it’s in the morning, or the evening, whether you have makeup on or not, start with prepping your skin with a cleanser. You can either use a cleanser of your choice or the OneSkin PREP cleanser from the same brand. Now before applying the moisturizer and SPF, take a small amount of OS-01 EYE and apply it in a semi-circle starting from under-eye to the eyelid and then to the brow bone. 

Then you can follow it up with a serum or treatment, if necessary, and a hydrating moisturizer over it. Make sure to use an SPF in the morning to ensure the best results and protect the skin from any further damage.

One Skin Eye Cream Before and After (Review)

One thing I know for sure is that the majority of you have searched for One Skin Eye Cream before and after pictures on the internet before you started researching more about this formula. So, here’s mine.

One Skin Eye Cream Before and After

I have been counting my crow’s feet since I hit thirty. That’s when I considered investing in a good eye cream and happened to read a few One Skin reviews on a skincare review site. 

I’m a little impatient with skincare products, and when I didn’t feel much of a difference in the first week, I got anxious. After a few more days, the first change I noticed was in my dark circles. The area was brightened, and the circles weren’t that wide anymore. I still have crow’s feet, but less noticeable than before. Fortunately, my skin didn’t start sagging, so I am not sure about that part. Overall, I feel like the cream gives essential care needed for such a sensitive part of the skin. The One Skin Eye Cream reviews seem genuine now that I can back their claims from personal experience. 

One Skin Eye Cream Pros and Cons

The one thing we often overlook, yet it’s too crucial to ignore, is assessing the quality of a product. When I mention quality, I’m not just referring to the key ingredients, potential benefits, or the brand name. What truly matters is whether there’s a risk of any adverse side effects that could impact your health. Let’s examine the safety of this peptide cream, along with One Skin Eye Cream reviews, to ensure it meets the necessary standards.


  • Fragrance-free
  • Paraben and sulfate-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Contains no preservatives
  • No heavy metals or mineral oils
  • Science-backed 


  • Results may vary depending on the individual
  • Only available on select online platforms


1. Is One Skin a good brand?

Yes, One Skin is a trusted brand. As far as I know, they create their formulas based on clinical studies using the highest quality ingredients, and under strict industry standards.

2. Is this effective for dark circles?

From my personal experience, yes. The peptide cream supports the production of more collagen, which in turn reduces the dark circles.

3. Is it OK to use this eye cream every day?

It absolutely is. In fact, you are supposed to apply the cream twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, for the best results.

4. Does this eye cream permanently work?

One Skin Eye Cream is capable of providing long-term results. Still, maintaining your skin health is always important no matter what. So, it is better if you make it a part of your skincare regimen rather than discontinuing its use all of a sudden. 

5. Can I use it with other skincare products?

One Skin Eye Cream works better as a part of a good skincare routine. To begin with, invest in a good moisturizer and an SPF that builds the most basic routine.

6. Is it suitable for all skin types?

The eye cream doesn’t cause any breakouts or clog pores, which makes it perfect for every skin type.

7. Is it safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

As far as my research goes, yes. Having said that, make sure to check with your physician before start using any kind of skincare product, and ensure it is safe for you to use in your condition.

8. Does it have any potential downsides?

Based on the ingredients as well as the pros and cons lists, no, it doesn’t. However, take into consideration that every individual’s body reacts differently to the same ingredients, and seek immediate help if you feel any discomfort after use. 


I hope I have covered everything you need to know about One Skin Eye Cream to make a purchase decision. Since the formula addresses the signs of aging by targeting the root cause, it ensures proper care and nourishment for the delicate area of your skin. It reduces wrinkles and dark circles, tightens under-eye skin, and firms sagging skin.

If you are like me and have been searching for an affordable yet effective option in collagen-boosting eye creams, I would suggest you give this dermatologist-approved peptide cream, a try. What if your search was meant to end here?

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