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Top 10 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked – Surprising Naked Facts That You Don’t Know!!

Many of you might find it odd to sleep naked. However, science has a lot to say on sleeping naked and you may want to listen.

Written by Aashika Rajendran

On Mar 31, 2023 – 5 minutes read

Top 10 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked – Surprising Naked Facts That You Don’t Know!!

Getting the right amount and quality of sleep is an inevitable part of healthy living. But, did you know that sleeping naked has benefits too? The thought of health and sleeping naked might be quite hard for some people to relate.

If you have not come across these two as being related, this article is going to surprise you. Just like I was when I first learned the facts. The benefits of sleeping naked are actually too good to be ignored. While sleeping naked is one of the easiest things, the benefits it can have on your health will surprise you.

Top 10 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Sleep is important, nobody can deny that and it’s something no human can do without(1). Today when insomnia, anxiety, depression, pressure, etc. are all rolling around, getting a night of good and deep sleep has become more important than ever before. Though there might be medications as well as 100s of natural remedies that can help you sleep better- sleeping naked has tremendous health benefits.

sleeping naked

The study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation’s global survey and “bedroom poll” showed that one in every three adults sleep nude and they experience better sleep quality(2). Ok, am about to share some hard-hitting and shocking facts that are going to make you ditch those pajamas.

If you are still not convinced and you still feel like we are just overdoing the whole sleeping naked thing(2), you are in for a treat. Trust me, shedding those clothes and jumping into that soft and cozy bed is more than just the feeling of being free. Ok enough with the talk, let’s jump into those too good to be true “naked facts”.

#1-Deeper Sleep

Deeper sleep naked

If you are like me who cannot just fall asleep quickly when the head hits the pillow, then sleeping naked is going to surprise you. When your body free of clothes it relaxes. There is nothing to tug or pull, giving you long hours of sleep and much-needed sleep.

#2-Simply because it’s Easier

You can save up on buying as well as washing sleepwear. And as an added bonus, since you are sleeping naked that would make you change your sheets often. Cleaner sheets equal better skin and overall health.

Benefits Of Sleeping Naked: #3-Can make you More Outgoing

exhausted man sleeping

Imagine you get back from work get fresh and change into your nightwear. It’s so comfortable that you would rather choose to sit at home rather than go out. The more you stay in your activewear the more ready you are to go out and about.

#4- Happy and Free

happy and free women sleeping

Just imagine the feeling of laying in bed naked. No tight straps and bruises, just cool sheets and you. I know the feeling just brings a smile. Just like us our body and skin can get better air making the skin more healthy.

#5- Skin-on-skin Contact is the Best

happy young couple sleeping naked

If you’re married or living with your significant other, sleeping naked gives you a greater sense of attachment with the one you love. Our bodies all have different temperatures. Research has shown that the warmth of your loved one and skintoskin contact can help couples bond better.

Benefits Of Sleeping Naked: #6- Improves the Skin not just on your Face but the Whole Body

Free of clothes allows your body to breathe. tight clothesYour private parts, armpits, and feet are generally restricted to airflow constrained by (3). Going naked can help you keep the risk of skin diseases, like athlete’s foot, other fungal issues that are caused due to wet and restricted skin at bay.

Benefits Of Sleeping Naked: #7- Regulate Cortisol

Our body produces a hormone called cortisol. When left high, it can cause damage to the mind as well as the body. Sleeping naked regulates the body temperature thereby helping the body create cortisol at an adequate amount. But if you sleep all sweaty and restricted the cortisol level can remain high. This can lead to anxiety, cravings for bad food, weight gain, etc.

#8- Balance Melatonin And Growth Hormone

couple sleeping naked benefits

Sleeping environment below 70 degrees every night can help your body cortisol levels (as mentioned above) and the other part is that it helps in regulating the levels of melatonin and growth hormones. These have a huge impact on the quality of sleep (4) as well as overall health and aging.

#9- Healthy Reproductive Organs

This one is for men, when your sleeping conditions are cooler it allows your testes to remain at a cooler temperature helping to keep your sperm healthy.   For women, sleeping naked can help prevent yeast infections in those areas.

#10- Summers Are Bearable

summer sleepping

If you don’t have an airconditioned room, try taking a cold shower, and sleeping naked. Your room would feel might cooler and less stuffy. And those who have an AC, if you sleep with no clothes you might not need the AC after a while thus helping you save on your electricity bill.

Benefits Of Sleeping Naked: #11- Cancer Prevention

Sleeping naked can help women reduce the chances of getting breast cancer. Clothes that are too tight are found to be one of those reasons that provoke breast cancer.

The benefits of sleeping don’t end there. Sleeping naked has been proved to help prevent weight gain, lower risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It is also said to boost self-esteem, builds confidence. As a bonus tip, here are some tips on how you can use your sleep to enhance your beauty.

Though you might have a 10 or 15 step morning and night skincare routine you would still need a good night’s sleep to wake up looking plump and fresh.  Getting a good long night of sleep (sleeping naked does help ) can help you keep hanging eyelids, swollen eyes, darker undereye circles, paler skin, wrinkles and fine lines, droopy corners of the mouth, etc. at bay. Sleep is the first and most important part of your overall health and beauty. I hope this article on sleeping naked gave you some insight on the importance of sleeping naked. If you have never tried sleeping naked do let me know how this worked out for you in the comments section below.

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