Bri Bagwell with Pet Dog Whiskey Dedicates Song for Rescue Dog Owners

Bri Bagwell is back with another hit, a tribute to all rescue dogs and their owners, drawing inspiration from her dog, Whiskey

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On Feb 14, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Bri Bagwell and her rescue dog Whiskey

Whiskey, a Chihuahuan breed of dog, could not have imagined in its wildest dreams that it would be rescued from the streets of misery by Bri Bagwell, who is known to be the Texas female country artist of the decade.

The Rescue Mission

Bri Bagwell with her dog, Whiskey

The 36-year-old singer found the dog while she was on her way to a show. She found her when the headlight reflected the sad eyes of the dog. She found the dog in February 2019 in a devastating manner, as the dog was feeling cold and could have died. 

Even with the care from Bagwell, the dog was not getting better easily as it was malnourished for a long time, which made his body weak along with its fearful nature, as it spent a long time in the streets, making it stay away from humans.

Within time, Whiskey, the rescued dog, finally regained his peak health and started trusting his new owner. Prompting Bagwell to express her great pleasure to see Whiskey happy and healthy, whose age was later found to be about seven years old. 

“The Rescue” Song

In her newest single, Bri Bagwell expressed her love for Whiskey and created a masterpiece that touches the hearts of all dog lovers with a nuanced emotional interaction intended for the owners of rescue dogs.

She expressed that she didn’t initially plan to write a song but later changed her mind and couldn’t write one, as every time she tried to write a song, she broke down in tears due to the enormous feeling they shared. Yet, once she started to get the lines out, they kept on flowing. 

In the end, the singer-songwriter believes the song came pretty easily when compared to her other songs, which is also the case for its musical video, as she featured over 200 of her fans, who are all proud owners of rescue dogs, saving them from the crutches of death.

She expressed her happiness at seeing such precious lives being saved; although she admits that she doesn’t know all of the dogs individually, she could feel the love oozing from the screen, making her cry while wondering the reason for her tears.

The music video ends with Bagwell holding Whiskey, all the while later explaining that it was Whiskey who saved her in many ways, and there was never a moment when it occurred to her to question who was the savior among them as both of them had saved each other countless times.

She reminisced about how Whiskey had saved her from a toxic relationship with his care, taking care of her emotional need for a connection and inspiring her to find a new focus.

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Furthermore, she expressed her stance of considering Whiskey as her best friend merely by existing and her finding solace in Whiskey’s presence. 

It was not all sunshine and rainbows in their overall relationship, as Whiskey had huge commitment issues, which she expressed by tearing curtains when Bagwell left her home for a while. its previous history of trauma was revealed when Whiskey started shaking when a man raised his voice.  

Bri Bagwell is gratified to inform her fans that those days of trouble are over, as Whiskey is finally over her past life filled with tragedy and has healed enough to live a carefree life with his human.

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