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Buccal Facial Massage: What Is This Hand Inside Mouth Face Sculpting Trend? 

Facelift without burning a hole in your pocket with this ‘inner facial’! The non-invasive facelifting trend is getting more and more popular.

Written by Rani Premkumar

On Mar 26, 2023 – 12 minutes read

Is Buccal Facial Massage Natural & Cost Effective?

Chubby cheeks, dimple chin, rosy lips… 

Well, a dimpled chin and rosy lips are great. But chubby cheeks are not something beautiful girls will put up with. It is a minus one on the scale of beauty! Some have naturally chubby cheeks from childhood and some develop them during puberty and it stays with them, determining the shape of their face. 

Do you stay late nights at your job or do you party hard into the night? Do you take alcohol or high levels of sodium? Do you have work-related stress or do you have to take night shifts? Do you have problems getting properly shut eyes? Chances are that your face will be looking dull and puffy. Buccal Facial massage is the remedy. Do you have jowls that can be remedied only through fillers? Buccal facial massages can help you with that too.  

Is Buccal Facial Massage Natural & Cost Effective?

The path to beauty is through the mouth with Buccal Facial Massage. This has been around for a  very long time to treat bruxism (the grinding of teeth) and Bell’s Palsy. The practitioners of this massage do get referrals from doctors for conditions like migraines, tension headaches, and the jaw condition temporomandibular disorder. But having a stranger’s hand in the mouth?

Is Buccal Facial Massage Natural & Cost Effective?

Phew!! But if darling and hot J Lo gets one, I will want it too! Celebrities like the Duchess of Sussex, Kristen Bell, and Jennifer Lopez- all giving raving reviews about the buccal facial massage have led to its trendy comeback. The good news is that with YouTube tutorials on the same, you can put your own fingers in your mouth and get the massage done!  As long as you are not shelling money on a cosmetic facelift or Botox and fillers, you are going the natural and cost-effective way through a buccal facial massage. 

What Is Buccal Facial Massage?

Buccal face massage is a technique that involves massaging the face from the inside of the mouth,  stretching the cheeks, and accessing deeper muscles. It helps with anti-aging and relieving stress from the jaws. Lack of blood circulation to the face and not draining the lymph regularly can result in showing signs of aging. Buccal Facial massage helps drain the lymphatic fluids and improve the blood flow in your face, which leads to detoxification and proper aeration of blood,  which helps you in your overall improvement in health and appearance as well. 

During buccal facial massage, the buccinator muscles are manipulated. It is the first muscle to contract when the newborn baby suckles. It lies deep within the skin of the cheeks and is very vital because it helps us eat. It contracts to help move the food between the teeth for chewing.  We can push food back into the mouth from the sides because of them. It helps us puff our cheeks and blow a candle. Without them, you would be biting your cheek every time you closed your jaw. 

How To Perform A Buccal Facial Massage?

The word ‘ bucca’ in latin means ‘ cheeks’. Surgical interventions are supposed to make the cheeks look hollow, while Buccal face massage claims to bring shape to the face by contouring it. While this procedure is a tad awkward because of someone’s hand working inside of your mouth, the buccal facial massage claims to bring some eye-popping benefits. But if you are someone happy with regular facials, so be it. Granted that regular facials do wonders in helping us keep the skin’s appearance intact. 

No mix ups with buccal fat removal, which is a surgery that entails removing the buccal fat pads on each side of the face for permanently chiselled cheeks, buccal facials do attack the same region but the results are temporary. It deals with the muscle tissue from the outside of the face and the inside by ways of intra-oral manipulation.  

Step-by-step Process Of Buccal Facial Massage

Step one: Preparation  

When you go to the therapist, they will make you lie down and be comfortable. They will remove your sunscreen or creams applied using a cleanser. They will then use some essential oils to massage the face more like warming up before the real deal. 

Step Two

Your therapist will put on new latex gloves before entering your mouth and stretching your mouth to comical proportions to massage the area around the lips. Then they start working on each side of the face to release the tension. Once the muscles have been loosened, the thumb is inserted into the mouth while the cheek and jaw are worked upon by moving the stagnated liquids and releasing tension with emphasis around the orbicularis of the mouth and around the nose to open up the sinus and drain it. Afterwards, the therapist uses the index and middle fingers  to go deeper into the cheek to lift and sculpt it with circular motions. Different pressure points will be manipulated to bring deeper relaxation to the face. 

Step-by-step Process Of Buccal Facial Massage.

Buccal Facial massage works simultaneously on the outside and inside of the face. This allows access to deeper layers of the muscle tissues and ligaments. It helps in the relaxation of tension in deeper areas, which helps to regain natural facial posture. Specific massage techniques will help give the facelift and better muscle elasticity.If there is a lot of jaw tension, this process might hurt a bit(1). 

Step Three: Aftercare  

After the buccal facial massage is completed, hydro jelly mask is applied and set to place by using a  jade roller. Some do acupressure massage on the forehead. Once the mask is removed, the session is completed with the application of organic facial products. 

Variations Of Buccal Facial Massage

Therapists recommended doing gua- sha, which is a facial massage done with a gua- sha tool, to improve circulation and drain the lymphatic fluid. It is not an intra- oral massage but done on the skin, as the buccal facial massage needs training to perform on yourself or others.

How Much Does It Cost? 

In the U.S., buccal facial massage or facial can cost you anywhere between $ 150 to $ 400 for each session. 

How Many Sessions Of Buccal Facial Massage Will I Need? 

You will need a session a week initially, which can go up to seven sessions, after which you need to do it once a month to retain the results. 

How Long Does It Last? 

Buccal facial lasts for about 60-90 minutes as it focuses on the muscles both outside the face and  inside the mouth  

What Happens During Buccal Facial Massage? 

During the buccal facial massage, the beautician inserts her fingers into the buccal cavity, which is the space between your teeth and the inside of the cheek to massage the face. They get their hands on muscles that cannot be otherwise accessed from the outside through regular facials. 

Pressure is applied to stretch and massage the muscles. You may experience greater salivation because of the fingers in the mouth which may require spitting out frequently. 

This method of using the hands is said to be the highlight of this procedure, as hands can detect stress more than anything else. While inserting the fingers into the mouth, you get a grasp of where the stress accumulates so that you can massage it off gradually. 

What Should I Do After A Buccal Facial Massage? 

Immediately after the buccal facial massage, you may feel a little sore in the muscles of the face.  You could apply a warm compress to soothe the sore muscles. 

You should make sure to stay hydrated to aid in the flushing out of the toxins after the buccal facial massage. You can take the day off for the rest of the day, though there is no hindrance in  carrying on with your regular activities. 

You need not do anything in particular after the massage though some do recommend that you do DIY buccal massage following online tutorials. But some warn against infections, inflammations, and overstimulation of muscles while doing this yourself. 

How Often Should You Get Buccal Facial Massage? 

Experts suggest that you do one buccal face massage in two weeks and then go for a once-in-a-month massage for maintenance. 

When Will I Start Seeing The Results Of Buccal Facial Massage

Most of the reviews suggest that there is a visible difference as immediately as after the session.  But it depends on each one’s lifestyle though. Many claims to have got a sculpted jawline instantly with more defined cheekbones. 

Benefits Of Getting Buccal Facial Massage? 


  • This Massage technique targets areas of the lymphatic system as it will encourage fluid drainage and in turn reduce puffiness and even decrease dark under-eye circles. Lymphatic drainage helps in the detoxification of the skin by triggering the metabolic process in the skin and tissues associated with it, aiding the excretion of toxins from the body. 
  • Experts claim that this buccal massage can sculpt the muscles of your face, tone your jawline and contour your cheeks while some others point out that it can lift your facial muscles, thereby decreasing your skin’s tendency to sag. The results will be temporary and if you want long-lasting results, you may have to opt for surgery or Botox. But frequent massage is said to be beneficial in relaxing and shrinking the muscles over time. 
  • The face will look a lot more symmetrical with a buccal facial massage  
  • Those with jaw tension have enlargement of the muscles (hypertrophy) owing to clenching and repetitive movements. This massage can help with jaw tension. Those with TMJ and headaches are said to benefit from this buccal massage. It prevents wrinkles around the jaws. 
  • It also helps with a better definition of the face, stimulation of collagen and elastin, and gets you smooth, supple skin. 
  • The therapeutic benefit of buccal facial massage is that it helps with conditions like rhinitis and sinusitis. 
  • It is also said to realign the throat and third eye chakra. 
  • The skin is rejuvenated without having to inject anything toxic into it. 
  • Deeper relaxation of the facial muscles is accomplished, as masticatory and facial muscles of the face are relaxed. 
  • The cleansing and the improvement of the quality of the skin are achieved through the massage. It helps to tone the skin, make wrinkles less visible, and thus make the signs of aging go away. 
  • Buccal facial massage has an osteopathic effect by virtue of its impact on the points of attachment of muscles to the bone, which leads to the removal of intraosseous(IO) tensions. 
Benefits Of Getting Buccal Facial Massage? 


  • It can bring numerous psychological benefits as well. Facelifts, better definition, less visibility of wrinkles, etc. do scream youth and it is a great boost to your personality. During the buccal facial massage, stagnation in the facial muscles is eliminated, and the face becomes free, which will enable them to show their emotions easily. In botox, there is a  limitation in the freedom of facial expressions that makes movie stars think twice before opting for one injection. In this massage, there are no side effects thus. 
  • Changing facial expressions can change your mood as well. Thus, a buccal facial massage can contribute to a better mood. 
  • It also guarantees to eliminate psycho-emotional blocks that help to deal with stress in a better way.  
  • Some reviews about the buccal facial massage reveal that many clients had a good cry after the massage, as their tensions which were held up for a long time got released with the massage. 

Buccal Facial Massage Precautions  

It is imperative that you go to a masseuse who has a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, as a  quack can play havoc with your facial muscles. Experts suggest waiting for at least three weeks post-Botox or fillers to prevent moving them around. You may have to wait three months post-thread lifting to go for a buccal facial massage. Those with acne-prone skin should proceed with caution as stimulating the muscles may bring about stimulation of the sebaceous glands as well,  which will lead to more acne. As the therapist inserts the hand into the mouth, the sanitary standards of the institution must be top- notch to ensure excellent hand hygiene.  

Buccal Facial Massage And Skin Care 

It does not use many skin care products other than essential oils or other medicated oils that help in lubricating the facial skin as the gloved fingers move over them. 

Complimentary Benefits With Skincare Products: 

You can always do the follow up at home after a buccal facial massage by using the cleanser toner moisturizer regimen. You can also use a hydrating mask or sheet to retain the plumped-up skin. Using hyaluronic acid or vitamin c serum is also recommended. 

Side Effects Of Buccal Facial Massage 

Getting a buccal facial from a certified therapist can eliminate the side effects. Excessive massaging can lead to micro tears and skin irritation. It can irritate the muscles and cause inflammation. 

You also should make sure that the therapist wears medical-grade gloves that are sanitized and have not been used before. You may risk infections in the mouth if the gloves are not germ-free and sanitized. 

Some do experience cold-like symptoms with slight headaches and body aches lasting a few hours after the treatment, which is a sign of natural healing and detoxification process of the body. 


Does buccal facial massage really work? 

Yes, it helps in contouring the face by giving it a facelift. As it can access the areas normally inaccessible with regular facials, it can increase blood circulation and detoxification in those areas, thereby helping to sculpt the face by manipulating the angles and pressure points with the massage.

Is buccal facial massage safe?

Other than the hygiene conditions of the gloves and hands employed in the massage, there are no safety concerns in the air.

How often should you get buccal facial massage? 

You can get one once every two weeks until you get the desired results. Then you can go for a  maintenance massage monthly once to keep up the results. 

How long does it take to recover from buccal facial massage? 

Just a day or two. It depends on the tension your jaw has held, which will make the process a tad painful.

Buccal facial massage, touted as the inner facial, originated in France but is gaining popularity the world over as a trustworthy alternative to surgical face lifts. It can be done by oneself, but it is always advisable to go to a certified therapist as the manipulation of facial muscles if done in a wrong way could boomerang the bad way. It is true that you can control the pressure and duration of the massage and stop in between if it hurts and if you are doing it yourself. But it is best to go to a certified therapist who is acquainted with facial anatomy.  They have better knowledge of the angles and pressure points than untrained folks. 

This Buccal Facial massage is definitely worth a try if you want to sculpt your face. As long as it is not involving knives and needles, I am in!! How about you? Stay gorgeous girls!  

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