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How To Use Gua Sha Tools for Skin? – Tips, Types & Benefit!

“Gua Sha” in Chinese refers to scraping off petechiae from the skin.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Apr 21, 2023 – 9 minutes read

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Wondering what is behind the stones and crystals going viral in your Instagram feeds? Popping up all over spas, beauty counters, and now even on TikTok is nothing but the amazing Gua Sha tools. We initially felt like the trend would disappear as fast as it came, but the miracle people are experiencing due to its skin-boosting techniques may prove skeptics wrong.

So, is it worth the buildup, or is it just another massage tool? Let’s find out what Gua Sha tools are all about and what makes it the much-hyped tool in the beauty industry.

What Is Gua Sha Tool and How to Use Gua Sha Tool?

Gua sha is a Chinese healing method or massage therapy in the therapist uses a tool to promote the circulation of fluids under the skin. Gua Sha tools promote overall health and alleviate symptoms such as chronic pain, migraines, stress, and even viral illnesses such as hepatitis (1) (amongst others).

What Is Gua Sha Tool And How To Use Gua Sha Tool

Benefits of Gua Sha Tool?  

Gua Sha is a completely natural therapy that the Chinese used to ease joint and muscle pain. When you use Gua Sha for your face, it produces benefits distinct from receiving gua sha for the rest of the body. Gua sha is frequently referred to as a “rapid facelift” because of the fact that the skin and tissue on the face seem more “trainable” than those on other regions of the body.

The practitioner rhythmically transfers the chi energy with long, steady strokes. With the use of gua sha tools, the inflammation inside biological tissue reduces and may begin to recede, allowing the newly revitalized flesh to recover. 

1. Gua Sha Tool and Cellulite

Gua sha is concerned with the flow of all things! The flow of chi, blood, and good health flow. Regular use of Gua sha for the face has long been deemed therapeutic for those who struggle with cellulite (2).

Massage is a non-invasive technique for dissolving fat deposits in the skin and stretching the skin tissue to diminish the appearance of cellulite scars. This exercise overlooks chi, or the human body’s energy field flow.


Gua sha tools, according to proponents, are more effective than traditional massage approaches for treating cellulite. As gua sha improves the individual’s natural blood flow, activates the body’s lymphatic drainage system, drains out stagnant fluid around the cellulite and sends nourishing new blood to these places.

2. Gua Sha Tool on the Back

In many respects, the human back serves as the major nexus for energy inside the body. The back’s surface area is exposed to the world when resting on one’s stomach. The back is important for energy transmission up via the neck, but energy flows down into the womb and lower limbs.

Gua Sha Tool On The Back

People with severe cases of heatstroke have found gua sha on the back and neck to be very useful. Some think it is caused by a transient buildup of toxins that makes a person physically unwell. 

3. For Wrinkles

Acupuncturists and estheticians trained in gua sha face techniques may now treat wrinkles with this age-old technique. As previously said, acupuncturists first noticed a progressive lessening of deep lines over time with the use of gua sha tools.


As long as you have appropriate gua sha massage tool, you can also use gua sha to target wrinkles on the face and neck at least once a day.

4. Gua Sha Tool for Facelift  

Gua sha for face provides the appearance of a facelift, and with consistent repetition, you may maintain this illusion indefinitely. 

When performed properly, gua sha has the power to re-sculpt and virtually teach the facial lines to sit in more pleasing positions. During the first session, it is readily apparent when just one side of the jaw is sculpted, and the other retains its usual, puffy appearance.

face lift skin care

How Do You Use The Gua Sha Tool For skin?

Consider gua sha tools as a means of enhancing your entire well-being from the inside out. When applied correctly, gua sha will alter the body’s exterior, yet this is a distorted view of what the technique signifies.

  • Gua Sha Tool For Face

Gua sha for face slimming is less severe. The face has a finite amount of tissue, and hence you can exert a finite amount of pressure to move the lymphatic fluid.(3) This method was accidentally discovered when traditional acupuncturists started treating problems in the rest of the body using pressure points on the face.

  • For Body

As previously stated, gua sha for the face slimming is distinct from gua sha for the body in that the latter is generally inaccessible using one’s own hands. Gua sha for the body involves a third person knowledgeable about the procedures.

Gua sha massage clinics are becoming increasingly prevalent due to the tremendous interest in this topic. To find gua sha practitioners, start your search in a city with a large Chinese ex-pat population.

How Often Should I Use The Gua Sha Tool?

You’ll see the biggest effects of Gua sha tools if you do it daily, but because taking our multivitamins daily is difficult enough, experts recommend doing it two to three times each week. Additionally, the time of day you include Gua Sha into your regimen is significant. 

How Long Should I Use The Gua Sha Tool?

5-10 minutes every day, morning or night, using your skincare equipment. After each application, you should notice an immediate improvement in your skin’s appearance, as well as a progressive improvement over time.

How To Choose A Gua Sha Tool For Skin?

You will discover that specific Gua sha tools are available on the market.

Here are some things to consider while buying Gua Sha Tools:

Material Consideration

Stainless steel, stone, jade, and plastic are often utilized materials in the manufacture of Gua Sha tools. These materials have specific qualities that impact the instrument’s weight, comfort, and resonance frequency.

Gua Sha Tool Material Consideration

How about the Length?

The incorrect size will cause your fingers and hands to tense from gripping the item. It is because the instrument would be slippery after applying Gua Sha Balm. As a consequence, holding on to it will be more challenging.

Shape To Be Considered

It is preferable to use Gua Sha Tools with several edges to offer maximum comfort and safety in form. For example, a tool with a single edge that is not too sharp but not too dull can aid in working on the legs and back.

Gua Sha Tool Shape To Be Considered

Resonation And Ultrasonic Pulses

Any substance used in the body creates friction. When this occurs, ultrasonic pulses(4) are generated. It will also occur while utilizing the Gua Sha tools. The kind of material used in this treatment will also influence the intensity of the pulses generated.


Another factor to consider is weight. When scraping the required area, you will need to apply pressure to the skin. Some individuals like to scrape using a heavier instrument since it requires less pressure.


As you can see, the tool’s resilience ensures that it will survive for multiple usages. The material used will dictate the level of durability you may anticipate. Due to the tool’s role in assisting with anything from stress to hair loss, durability is a critical factor to consider.

Scraping Lotion or Oil

Gua Sha Therapy should be performed only after using a carrier oil or cream. Only then will it be more convenient to maneuver the instrument about your body.

skincare tools and serums

Coldwater, vegetable oils such as olive, peanut, soybean, rapeseed, tea seed, and sesame oil are all frequent transporters for this function. Rheumatic, bruising, and safflower oils are utilized as medical oils.(5)

Oiling the instrument is critical to preventing it from scratching the skin. Additionally, it will assist in moisturizing the skin, opening the pores of the skin, and energizing the blood.

Know The Purpose

Some individuals consider adopting this therapy to address certain chronic pain and migraines. On the other hand, some individuals consider depending on this treatment to enhance their skin’s health. Therefore, before selecting one of the Gua Sha Tools, you should consider the therapeutic goal for you.

Different Types of Gua Sha Tools for Skin

There are several different varieties of Gua Sha tools, and selecting the correct type for which you use it is critical to obtaining the results you desire.

1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the first kind of Gua Sha tool on the list. It is one of the most often used gua sha stones. Rose Quartz is innately relaxing and ideal for usage on delicate skin, making it the ideal gua sha stone for individuals who suffer from skin issues or have reactive skin. Therefore, if you suffer from rosacea or acne, it is highly recommended that you add a Rose Quartz gua sha to your cart.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool.

2. Jade Gua Sha Tool

Jade is the next kind of Gua Sha tool on the list. It may be the gua sha with which you are most acquainted, and it is also a very popular option for novices performing Gua Sha. Because jade has a naturally cooling impact on the skin, it’s good for maintaining an optimal skin temperature while working those muscles. 

Jade Gua Sha Tool

3. Green Aventurine

Though less prevalent in the gua sha realm than Jade, Green Aventurine effectively eliminates wrinkles and increases skin turnover. If you’re concerned about premature aging or those pesky frown lines, this is a fantastic stone among gua sha tools to consider.

Green Aventurine Gua Sha Tool

4. Amethyst Gua Sha Tool

While you may be more acquainted with Amethyst in jewelry, it is also incredibly popular in the realm of cosmetics! According to reports, it has a wonderful cooling effect on the skin, which aids in relaxing tense muscles and preventing wrinkles. It’s the ideal anti-inflammatory little wonder to have in your medicine cabinet for those extra-stressful days.

Amethyst Gua Sha Tool

5. Bian Stone

This is the last kind of Gua Sha tool on the list. Bian stone is distinct from its counterparts in that people often refer to as the ‘original’ gua sha. Additionally, the Bian stone produces very fast electrical pulses, ideal for deeper muscle training.

Bian Stone Gua Sha Tool

Frequently Asked Questions About Gua Sha Tools

How to Clean and Store Your Gua Sha?

Allow drying after washing the Gua sha in warm water with a mild dishwashing liquid. You can spray colloidal silver or isopropyl alcohol on the Gua Sha. Allow drying completely before returning to the silk-lined box. Spray with colloidal silver or isopropyl alcohol again before use and let dry. It is critical to handle your Gua Sha with utmost caution. Additionally, you can keep it in your refrigerator (or a make-up refrigerator) to provide additional chilling.

Should I Wash My Face After Using Gua Sha?

Gua sha is ideally performed after cleaning the face and applying a moisturizer or facial oil since the gua massage exercises the skin and aids in the absorption of product nutrients.

Final Verdict

If you are a starter, this article will surely clear most of your confusion related to Gua Sha tools. We can say that using Gua Sha tools looks promising if used correctly. Investing in a good Gua Sha tool might give you healthy and glowing skin

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