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Curtain Bangs For Curly Hair: Wear The Bang-On Trendy Look!

If you thought curtain bangs are meant for just straight hair, boy, were you wrong! Here are some awesome ideas to open the curtains to this trendy bang style for curly hair!

Written by Rani Premkumar

On Apr 7, 2023 – 10 minutes read

Curtain Bangs for Curly Hair- Wear The Bang-On Trendy Look - Feature

And she goes to any extent to have that head-turning hairstyle that her girlfriends will secretly envy. We want to look different, but we do not want to go dramatic with a shorter hairdo. That is when curtain bangs came in when I was desperate for a different look post-breakup while in college. Since I was looking for something suitable for curly hair that’s when I saw the curtain bangs for the curly hair trend. I cut it myself and provided material for personal life discussions. Every girl has a go-bold moment! I looked girlier. That’s exactly what I needed at that time I had hit rock bottom. The best way to give yourself a makeover is through your hair. Period.

With the E- Girl hairstyles trending on TikTok, the curtain bangs for curly hair made a stately comeback. Curtain bangs that have taken Instagram by storm are a fringe style that draws inspiration from the 1970s. A middle parting with bangs that swoop outwards to both sides creates the look of curtains on your forehead and, hence, the name. The bangs are usually shorter at the center and longer towards the ends, unlike the other popular bang style, which is almost straight with no parting on the center or sides.

Curtain Bangs For Curly Hair: Why Curtain Bangs?

Curtain bangs crept into the fashion arena quite fast due to their low maintenance factor alongside their knack for camouflage breakage and thinning hair. It can blend baby hair nicely and finely. But all of this was thought to be the prerogative of the straight-haired ones. So get this- curtain curls are all friendly to the curly mane as well. It helps to frame your face and accentuate your features.

Why Curtain Bangs?Curtain Bangs For Curly Hair!

If you are a K-pop(1) fan who wants to get bangs, but the stylist warns you against it because you have a round face, (as straight bangs will emphasize width), here is when curtain bangs come in as a savior. You can sweep the bangs to the side without making your face look moonier. Curtain bangs are great in any shape of a face.

How To Cut Curtain Bangs For Curly Hair?

The safest bet will be to go to a stylist who has experience in cutting them. But if you are anyone like me who does not like to quell adventurous impulses, you can cut bangs at your home. All you would need is a pair of nice shears, a comb, and a mirror. As with any haircut, it is best to get your hair shampooed before the haircut. At the salon, they do it anyway! 

As the hair is curly, it is better to blow dry your hair before cutting it, or it may result in micro bangs- the bangs shorter than that you had in mind, as the curls will revert to their shrunken length once dry. These are the few tips to follow before cutting Curtain bangs for curly hair.

The stylist alias you will part the hair in such a way as to make a triangle that begins at the curve of your crown and ends past the eyebrows. If unsure, always go for longer bangs to be on the safer side, as you can always trim them later on. But a short bang that does not go well with your looks will take some time to grow back. You will be on pins and needles till then. Trust me!

Curtain Bangs For Curly Hair & Different Face Shapes

Your face shape is also to be considered while cutting the bangs and also when deciding how long is too long. 

Curtain Bangs For Curly Hair With A Long Face

If you have a long face, you can anyway go for short bangs with volume. 

Curtain Bangs For Curly Hair With A Round Face

If your face is chubby and round, long curtain bangs with lesser volume towards the ends will shape your face better. Curly hair round face curtain bangs could even be side bangs. 

Curtain Bangs For Curly Hair With A Diamond-Shaped Face

Now, if you have a diamond-shaped face, it is better to have longer curls that prance around. For shorter hair, brow-length curtain bangs will go great provided you keep it light and wispy. These bangs can actually create an illusion of the shape of face you want, so do consult with a stylist if you want your experience to be risk-free.

The general pulse about curtain bangs is that the safest of them all is the 70’s- style bangs where it is brow-length in the middle and longer towards the temples with longer hair. This could be parted to the side or from the center. It will give you the option to be versatile in the styles you want to try on. Shorter bangs with curly hair are a risk you are going to take, as it is harder to style.

You should also consider the humidity of the place you are living in, as humidity will make your curls pop up and swollen. This should be factored in while giving a trim.

Hairstyles That Can Make Your Curtain Bangs For Curly Hair An Eye-Popping One

Hair styling is an art and there are those artistic ones on Instagram who will help us with providing a wide variety of hairstyles for styling curtain bangs for curly hair. Here are some:

Wand Curls 

If you are not reluctant to use a heating iron, then you can go for wand curls that will show some volume and a stylish look. Long layers with Curtain Bangs curly hair.

Wand Curls 

Curtain bangs when parted to the side in long hair look great and you could even choose a few curls to keep prancing on your forehead! following the best curly hair routine such as shampooing, conditioning, and blow dry your long layers with curtain bangs and curly hair for extra volume.

Straight Bang On Curly Hair

A straight bang on curly hair gives a lot of personality and style.

Straight Bang On Curly Hair

Wavy Curly Curtain Bangs 

Curtain bangs for curly hair is the same as wavy hair, This is the curtain bang that is parted to both sides on an ideal curly-haired one.

Wavy Curly Curtain Bangs 

Curtain Bangs With Side Part

Great for bringing attention to the eyes, curtain bangs for curly hair with a round face would match this style. A great way to frame your face. You can go for an airy voluminous look with a little frizz to top it all.

Curtain Bangs With Side Part

Curly Bob

Longer curly hair and bangs are all that curly bob will show out. Very much in and manageable hair do this one! Shorter bobs with curtain bangs can be left just like that. Hair can be embellished with hair accessories or scarves to showcase your bangs. It is your call. Really!

Balayage Curtain Bangs

The colored mane is a turn on and the balayage is awesome. This hand-painted hair will add versatility to your curtain bangs along with some volume. One of the best curtain bangs for curly hair.

Balayage Curtain Bangs

Wavy Bangs On Longer Hair

Short curly bangs on longer hair will bring a softer look to the face.

Wavy Bangs On Longer Hair

Super Curly Bangs

Curls always stay together. You could use some hair oil to separate it or let it stay as it is in the super curly bangs that are really tight and really curly.

Super Curly Bangs

Full Bang On Short Curls

When the sides and back are cut shorter, you will have a handful of curly bangs that you can style the way you want.

Full Bang On Short Curls

Curly Curtain Bang Updo

Pin up your hair in a bun and let go of a few bangs to be finger curled and you will look great in this messy yet chic hair updo. Your curtain bangs will help the curly hair go light around the face.

Curly Curtain Bang Updo

Baby Curtain Bangs

Flip your head over and shake out your hair to part it in the middle. Wet looks and a little frizz will make this look classy.

Baby Curtain Bangs

Low Ponytail 

You could go for a low ponytail leaving your curtain bangs alone.

Low Ponytail 

Wash And Go Look

You can opt not to style it anyway special. Let it stay as it was meant to be, and this gives a natural flair to your curtain bangs for curly hair.

Wash And Go Look

Curtain Bangs For Curly Hair: Loose curls And Straight Bangs

This is a bit of labor as the hair is curly and the bangs have to be straightened out with an iron or blow-dried. You should add a small drop of serum to add some luster and softness to the straightened bangs to make the bangs look straight in stark contrast to the curly rest of the hair

Loose curls And Straight Bangs

Thick Curtain Bangs 

Throwback and retro styles are the in thing. Having these thick curtain bangs will give off the 70s vibe and make you look hip.

Thick Curtain Bangs 

Pin Up The Bangs

Pinning up the bangs will take your bangs off your face and add volume to the crown of your head like a pouf. It will be fun!

Pin Up The Bangs

You can play around with accessories like hair bands and thin scarves to style your curtain bangs further. You can use some floral prints on scarves or bands and, and wrap them around your head, thus bringing more focus to your curtain bangs for curly hair. Real fun and keeps hair in place. What do you say?

Hair Products For Styling Curtain Bangs For Curly Hair

Curtain bangs for curly hair do need products that help the hair stay elongated in order to have the bangs in full glory. If there is shrinkage, then there is no fun in having curtain bangs for curly hair. Cleansing and conditioning products and processes are a must to get rid of product build-ups and soften the hair strands. 


It could be Olaplex ( especially if you have colored or damaged hair) or any other sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that will not strip your hair of its natural oils. You could use hair mascara or hair wax to add that pop of color as and when you want, as they will not damage the texture and condition of the hair. You may want a detangler to detangle and tame the frizz for well-defined curls. 

Loreal’s Curl Expression Leave-In Cream

You could try this to keep the curls properly hydrated the whole day. 

Kerastase Discipline Mousse Curl Ideal With Kerastase Nutritive Serum Oleo

This will help the curls be obedient and not crispy dry.


How often to trim the curtain bangs on curly hair?

If you are particular about having your bangs a particular length, you may have to trim it as and when it outgrows your expected length. Otherwise, you may have to trim your bangs every six to nine weeks depending on how fast your locks grow.

How to keep your curtain bangs looking fresh between haircuts?

You can keep changing the way you wear your bangs. And yes, go for great hair color, like going blond with curly hair will be phenomenal.

Is the curtain bang good on curly hair?

No doubts. You can have a natural twist to your curly hair with bangs. You can have side or middle-parted curtain bangs that are easily manageable and trendy.

What bangs are best for curly hair?

Curly curtain bangs are great for longer hair. Curtain bangs add sophistication to shorter hair. Mid- or side-parted curtain bangs are trendy for curly hair with layers. Super curly, balayage, wispy curls—all settle curly hair. Curtain bangs and curly ponytails are trendy too.

Will curtain bangs work on wavy hair?

If curtain bangs can work perfectly well on curly hair, then why won’t it work on wavy hair? The curtain bangs will be easier to cut when you have wavy hair as there is no question of shrinkage of hair, thus enabling us to calculate the length of the bangs precisely.

How do you style curtain bangs for curly hair?

If the stylist is good, you can wear it. Depending on your face shape, pin it to the sides or make it a side part. You can braid or bun the rest.


Rihanna, Dakota Johnson, and an array of beauties are all die-hard fans of bangs. A great way to amp up your looks and define them, curtain bangs are a safe bet which will help you stay very much in style. Curtain bangs enhance natural curls. Why not join the curtain bangs for curly hair trend? Curly hair can rock curtain bangs.

After all, beauty is in retaining what you were born with, like the skin and now the hair. Stay awesome the curly way with curtain bangs!

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