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UV Hair Extensions – The Ultimate Solution to Your Hair Concerns!

UV hair extensions are the newest and most exciting development in the hair extension industry. They are a revolution, and hair stylists across the globe love this technological innovation.

Written by Gayatri Sarin

On Feb 12, 2024 – 6 minutes read

UV Hair Extensions

UV hair extensions are an ideal solution for people desiring to address hair loss concerns. They are a true win for clients seeking a fuller head of hair. While there are many other types of hair extensions for thin hair, UV light extensions offer dramatic length, volume, and coverage. Moreover, since they are made of human hair, they offer the versatility to achieve different looks and styles. 

Introducing UV Hair Extensions

UV Hair Extensions Kit

It relies on a revolutionary adhesive technology, which allows for seamless blending with natural hair. They are available in a variety of lengths, colors, and textures to fulfill the demands of people with various hair types and look preferences. Stylists attach these single strands of hair to the hairline, crown, or top of the head to create the desired length, volume, and coverage. 

How Do UV Hair Extensions Work?

They are lightweight. They are the ideal hair extensions for thin hair, bald patches, or those desiring longer and fuller hair. A UV hair extensions kit comprises the hair piece, resin glue, and UV light machine. Stylists attach the hair piece with resin glue and cure it with a UV light machine to ensure that the hair strand is fixed on the head firmly. 

What Are The Popular Styles And Colors?

There are no limits when it comes to styling with these hair extensions. You can use them to have longer hair, hide bald patches, or fill sparse areas to achieve a fuller look. Once applied, you can style them the way you want to – straightening, blow-drying, curling, bleaching, dyeing, etc. They are the best solution to fill in thinning areas and add volume to your hair. 

There are over 60 colors of dye in UV hair extensions for you to choose from. You can pick the color of your hair for natural blending or opt for a different color to highlight the strand and stylize. 

Application And Maintenance Of UV Hair Extensions

The process of applying these hair extensions is quite intricate. Stylists need to use real human hair and specialized tape hair. You cannot apply UV hair extensions yourself, so you need to visit a salon where a skilled stylist carefully places the extensions before applying. Some blending techniques ensure that the extensions look natural and undetectable.

The step-by-step process to apply UV hair extensions is as follows:

  1. Apply UV hair extension glue on the hair strand. 
  2. Place the hair strand under the natural hair. 
  3. Press the hair into the glue. 
  4. Cure the glue part with a UV light.
  5. Remove thread gluing. 
  6. Blend the hair extensions.

The UV hair extension glue is solidified to ensure there isn’t any excess and the hair doesn’t become greasy like with tape hair. The hair strand needs to be cured under UV light for five to seven seconds only. 


It is essential to care for these extensions to maintain their longevity and natural appearance. Here are some tips to help you protect your hair extensions and keep them in top condition for extended periods. 

  • Do not overexpose to heat-styling tools. 
  • Avoid alcohol-based products(1) as they can dry out the extensions and cause hair loss. 
  • Brush gently near the scalp area to avoid breakage due to unnecessary stress.
  • Minimize exposure to saltwater, chlorine, and harsh chemicals. 
  • Use a sulfate-free, gentle shampoo to wash your hair regularly. 
  • Pat dry with a towel instead of rubbing excessively. 
  • Use a wide-tooth comb or hair extension brush for detangling, starting from the ends and moving toward the top of the head. 

How Much Do UV Hair Extensions Cost? 

UV hair extensions price depends on factors like volume, length, and customization required for the desired results. Generally, the price starts at $250, which includes the cost of the UV hair extension kit.  

UV Hair Extensions vs. Traditional Hair Extensions

UV hair extensions are made of natural hair, while traditional hair extensions use synthetic hair. This difference is the source of quite a dilemma for many women. The other differences between UV hair extensions and traditional hair extensions are covered below. 

UV Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
  1. Styling – UV hair extension is heat resistant. Therefore, you can style them as you please. Traditional extensions are not heat resistant and may get damaged if you try blow-drying, straightening, or curling. 
  2. Durability – UV hair extensions are more durable and damage-resistant compared to traditional hair extensions. The former lasts for around three to four months, while the latter can break, discolor, darken, and even fall off at the attachment site. 
  3. Appearance and Maintenance – These extensions blend with your hair, appearing natural. You can maintain their beauty, texture, and shine with moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Traditional hair extensions, on the other hand, have an intense shine, making them look unnaturally glossy and plastic-like to the touch. They may frizz and tangle often. 
  4. Price – The price is higher than traditional hair extensions. Moreover, while you can attach clip-in or tape-in hair extensions on your own, you require professional assistance for applying these extensions. 

UV Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Many women want to get hair extensions but are iffy because of the product’s bad reputation. We’ve highlighted the pros and cons of these hair extensions to help you make an educated decision. 

  • These extensions add volume and fullness to your hair. Unlike backcombing, which becomes flat within a few hours, hair extensions give you a fullness that lasts. 
  • You can tailor hair extensions to your individual preferences and create unique and versatile styles. 
  • Stylists can install four strands of these extensions simultaneously, which makes the process much faster and more convenient than tape hair. 
  • These extensions create a smooth, undetectable blend with natural hair.
  • Since they are made using real human hair, they give a flawless and natural appearance. 
  • They are available in a variety of colors to match your hair and ensure seamless integration. 
  • Its glue has an unpleasant odor. 
  • The glue can damage hair if not used appropriately. 
  • When your natural hair grows, the extensions can start to fall lower, appearing unkempt. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do UV light hair extensions last?

These extensions last long, around three months, depending on how you maintain them. The UV hair extension glue used for application coats the entire section of hair, preventing their easy shedding. 

2. Can I dye or bleach the UV hair extension?

Yes. These hair extensions are 100% human hair, which means you can treat and style them as your hair. But it is a good idea to exercise some precautions like doing a patch test and requesting a professional and experienced hair dryer for assistance. 

3. Do UV hair extensions damage hair?

No. Generally, these extensions don’t damage natural hair when applied and maintained properly. But, if you don’t attach and maintain the extensions properly, the chances of damage may arise. 

4. Can I blow dry the hair after using this extension?

Yes. You can blow-dry the extensions but on a low setting. Moreover, you should do it sparingly. The best way to maintain the texture and shine is to allow them to dry naturally after washing.  

5. Can UV-light hair extensions be straightened or curled?

Yes. You can straighten, curl, and style these hair extensions. They are 100% human hair, so you can do anything you can do to your hair. 


Individuals suffering from hair loss problems view hair extensions as a method to regain confidence and enhance their appearance. UV hair extensions have unique advantages, particularly for people with hair loss concerns. You can consult a stylist at a professional salon to identify the most suitable hair extension for short hair or long hair. These extensions can address individual style preferences and also solve specific hair loss concerns. 

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