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Curated List Of Best Free Hairstyle Apps

The best digital companions to virtually try on hairstyles before getting the perfect hairdo!

Written by Anshita Singh

On Feb 7, 2024 – 9 minutes read

Free Hairstyle App

The urge to get a new haircut can kick in at any time. You might suddenly want to enter the soft feminine era and get a feathered haircut only to find yourself longing for a Gothic Messy bob. You cannot switch through haircuts like outfits or make-up though, and this is where the virtual free hairstyle app comes in handy. Add AI to it, and you’ve got a perfect tool to find out what haircuts and hairstyles suit you the best by virtually trying on different looks. 

In this blog, we’ll discover the best virtual try-on apps for haircuts and hairstyles, along with the benefits of AI Hairstyles App, how to use these apps, and if they are safe enough. So, let’s click in!

What Can AI Hairstyle Apps Do?

Test Hairstyles On My Face Free

Primarily, the AI hairstyle app acts as a wizardly tool that helps you try on different hairstyles virtually and choose what hairstyles look the best on you before hopping onto the salon chair and getting a real haircut. This helps you minimize the risk of experimenting with hair colors or hairstyles that you’re not sure would look great on you. 

 Here’s a quick rundown of amazing things that a perfect hairstyle app can do for you:

  • Virtual Try-ons: Ever fancied getting a short pixie cut but felt a chill down your spine thinking “What if it ends up looking horrible on me?” Virtual try-on apps are like magic mirrors that help you try on different hairstyles in the comfort of your home, holding your phone. 
  • Style Recommendations: The best thing about AI hairstyle Apps is that AI can also help you filter the hairstyle that looks the best on you based on your preferences, face shape, features, and personality (If you go on to explain that in your prompt). 
  • Hair color: Not just haircuts and hairstyles but also figuring out whether to go brown, pink, or full-on unicorn on your hair, these free hairstyle apps got you with hues too. So, you can play around with hair colors on these apps before going full-mode Billie Eilish
  • Trends spotted: Have a FOMO on the latest hairstyles and haircuts? Don’t worry! Best AI Hairstyle apps keep you ahead of the curve by showing the hottest trends in the hair game. 

Benefits Of Using Free Hairstyle Apps

AI hairstyle apps are so much more than just swapping through a bunch of hairstyles. These virtual try-on apps have other benefits too. Let’s explore them all…

  1. Play around with hairstyles from Mohawk to beach waves with these free hairstyle apps without commitment. 
  2. Build confidence in getting a certain haircut in reality once you are convinced to try it on virtually. 
  3. Make use of AI Hairstylist Guru to filter out what hairstyles for long hair or short hair or haircut would look the best on you based on your face shape, features, hair texture, trends, etc.
  4. Have a little play-around time with a braid crown, messy bun, pixie cut, beach waves, and more!
  5. Save your money from spending it on a salon just to experiment with a new hairstyle. Try the hairstyles on virtually without spending a penny.
  6. Dodge the regret bullet by bypassing an impromptu thought of getting a trendy haircut.
  7. Share your high-quality selfies of your new virtual hairstyle on social media.  

10 Best Free Hairstyle Apps

Following is the curated list of 10 best hairstyle apps:

Perfect Hairstyle 

Perfect Hairstyle App

If you’re picky and your choosey self just won’t cut the mustard until you’ve gone through a ton of options, then you’d love to spend hours on “Perfect Hairstyle(1)”. This app has got like 450+ hairstyles in different hair lengths to try on your headshot. Additionally, if you need a thumbs-up for any hairstyle you try, this app provides scores to help you decide which hairstyle suits you the best. 

Hairstyle Try On

Hairstyle Try On App

If you’re more of a bangs or wigs person then you’d thoroughly enjoy Hairstyle Try On(2): Bangs and Wigs. Why get a haircut when you can adorn a wig and still slay!? This app places the bangs or wigs on your photo and provides a realistic preview of your potential look. The customization options enable you to change the length, color, and type of hair as per your preferences. 



You may best know this app for its age, gender, and filter transformation features. However, only a few know that FaceApp also has AI-powered hairstyle testing features. It has a range of editing tools including a try-on hairstyles feature. With this comprehensive app, not only will you explore a catalog of hairstyles but you can also amp up your selfie game with photo-enhancing features. 

Hairstyle Changer

Hairstyle Changer Free Hairstyle App

Another great option is to try on hairstyles virtually without risking getting a haircut in reality. Hairstyle Changer(3) is a dedicated app for just swapping hairstyles picking the best one that suits your preferences from chic bob, vibrant highlights, or even a daring Mohawk. However, you need a good-quality picture of yours with sufficient lighting for the app to work most accurately. 


Perfect365 Free Hairstyle App

A user-favorite multi-functional app, Perfect365 has a hairstyle tool with photo editing and make-up features too. The hairstyle feature is rather impressive with a variety of hairstyles, hair colors, and even hair accessories options. You can find your perfect haircut by experimenting with different haircuts, lengths, styles, and colors. 


Modiface Free Hairstyle App

Possibly the hairstyle makeover app with more than 600 hairstyles for everyone. Modiface makes the best use of augmented reality to provide an easy preview of a plethora of hairstyles in your picture. The virtual try-on experience also enables you to try on make-up including lip, eye, cheek, face, and brow products. 

Hairstyle Magic Mirror 

Hairstyle Magic Mirror Free Hairstyle App

Hairstyle Magic Mirror is a hairstyle try-on app that allows you to preview some edgy and bold hairstyles other than the usual ones. It works the same way as any other virtual try-on app. You just need to insert your image and it shows previews of different hairstyles. 


PhotoDirector hairstyle App

PhotoDirector is an all-in-one photo editing app, empowered with AI. This app enhances your selfies and provides you with 50 different personalized hairstyles as per your facial features and needs. Its AI Avatar feature uses your photos to create a virtual replica of you. It’s like having your own version of virtual Barbie on whom you can try different hairstyles. 

Vivid AI  

Vivid AI Free Hairstyle App

Android | Apple 

If you’re looking for an app that generates high-quality reference images and hairstyles that look natural and fit your facial features, then this is the hairstyle app for you. Vivid AI uses advanced AI technology to generate a plethora of images with different unique hairstyles. These images are so crisp that you would wanna share them on social media.

Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus App

One of the widely known make-over and filter apps, Beauty Plus also has some really good hairstyles to try on virtually. With a rating of 4.5 on Google Play and 1 million plus downloads, this app is trusted by many for makeovers. 

How To Test Virtual Hairstyles With An AI Hairstyle App?

The user interface of different hairstyle apps may differ. However, it is very easy to test any AI hairstyle app. Let’s break down the basic steps to test virtual hairstyles with an AI Hairstyle App:

  1. Download your favorite free hairstyle app for Android or iOS from Google Play or Apple Store. 
  2. Create your profile by filling in your personal information such as name and email address. 
  3. Take a clear selfie front and center with hair visible. This picture will act as a canvas for the different hairstyles available on the app.
  4. From the variety of hairstyles available on your app, tap on one that appeals to you the most.
  5. Hit the virtual try-on button or other option on your app that would transform your picture with your chosen hairstyle.
  6. Make some adjustments here and there and tweak details such as hair color, length, and accessories. 
  7. Go through a bunch of appealing hairstyles. Compare and decide which hairstyle makes you feel the best!
  8. Once you find a winning hairstyle, save the image in your gallery. If you feel like sharing the picture on social media, go ahead!

Privacy And Security Concerns Associated With AI Hairstyle App

It’s wise to have a look at the not-so-glamorous side of virtual hair makeovers. Let’s look at the privacy and security concerns associated with the AI Hairstyle app:

  • Image storage: Free hairstyle app stores your selfies on their servers. Go through the privacy policy of the app to check how long it keeps your images and whether they are following its security policy. 
  • Data sharing: Some apps might use your selfies and images as data to share it with third parties for research and marketing purposes. Make sure that you’re comfortable with the app’s data-sharing policies. 
  • Permissions: Some apps might need access permission to the entirety of your phone kingdom. Share with these apps only the necessary permissions. 
  • Identity theft risks: Though the identity theft risks are mostly unlikely, there’s a slight chance of identity theft. Make sure your app is reputable with solid security measures. 
  • AI Learning: Some apps might have AI systems to learn and adapt according to user interaction. Ensure that the app is transparent about its AI learning policies. 


1. How can I change my hairstyle in a picture online for free?

Try a free virtual hairstyle try-on app to change your hairstyles online for free. 

2. How would AI style my hair?

AI analyzes your features and suggests hairstyles based on your face shape, preferences, and the latest trends.

3. Is there an AI tool to check hairstyles?

PhotoDirector, VividAI, and PerfectHairstyle are some AI tools that will help you check hairstyles. 

4. How do you know if long hair will suit me?

You can try on long-length hair virtually on a free hairstyle app to check if long hair would suit you. 

5. How Does Virtual Hairstyle Technology Work?

Virtual hairstyle technology uses AI to analyze facial features, allowing users to try on various hairstyles in real-time through their selfies. It’s like a digital dressing room for your hair!

The Bottom Line 

The world of virtual hairstyle technology has made it easy to try on hairstyles of any type and color before committing. Free hairstyle app not only lets you try on different hairstyles virtually but also provides you with personalized recommendations, style exploration, and even trendspotting. However, it’s crucial to be aware of privacy policies, reputation, and security attached to these apps. Also, check their reviews and customer feedback online. 

So, whether you’re targetting a chic bob, playful beach waves, or a bold Mohawk, these AI Hairstyle Apps are your digital companions in the quest for the perfect ‘do.

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