Diwali Makeup Hacks For Wheatish Skin – For A Perfect Diwali Look!

Wheatish skin tone is a work of art and women who naturally have it really won in life. But who is to say others can’t get the same? With the festival of lights around the corner, it’s time for you to make use of some clever hacks and get that glowing wheatish skin!

Written by Aashika Rajendran

On Nov 10, 2020 – 5 minutes read

Diwali Makeup Hacks For Wheatish Skin – For A Perfect Diwali Look

Diwali is the time when the Indians get into the mood of celebrations. Ladies out there eagerly waiting for this special occasion to get all dressed up in traditional clothes. It is sure that you might get confused while choosing the right kind of makeup. Wearing makeup that suits your skin tone is as important as choosing the right ensemble.

Diwali makeup for wheatish skin tone can be tricky. Wheatish skin lies between fair and dusky – falling usually under yellow/orange undertones. Following the makeup tricks of either your fair or dusky skin friends can turn disastrous for you. Products that go well on their skin can end up looking ashy on you. Festive looks like the “Diwali all glam glitter” look needs to be dealt with more carefully. 

Diwali Makeup Hacks For Wheatish Skin – For A Perfect Diwali Look!

Makeup is all about skin tones more than products. If you are on the wheatish side and you want to rock the festive look this season, here are some Diwali makeup hacks that might help you. Before getting into the makeup tricks, here are some tips that could help you while choosing the right products for your skin tone:

Diwali makeup for hacks wheatish skin

Three Tips To Follow While Choosing Makeup For Wheatish Skin

  • Try using water-based foundations or cc creams, they tend to oxidize less. Also, try micing a dark shade and a light shade foundation to get your perfect match.
  • Try using eyeshadow and highlighters that complement and blend well with your skin color, we recommend warm-colored highlighters or eyeshadows bronze, gold as well as other deeply pigmented colors that will complement your skin tone well.
  • If you having found a lipstick that flatters your skin tone, next time you go lipstick shopping try varients of plum, burgundy, deep red, rustic, maroon, and mauve.

Wheatish complexion girls need to stay away from, anything that has silver in it- silver highlighters, eyeshadows, bright and popping colors. But then again if you are really a makeup pro, you can blend these colors to carry them off well. But here technique is very important and achieving the right blend is not an easy task.

Now that’s out of the way. Here are some Indian Diwali makeup hacks for wheatish skin:

Indian Diwali Makeup Hacks For Wheatish Skin

Don’t go overboard with foundation and concealer

Less is always more for wheatish-skinned beauties. One of the most basic mistakes people make is choosing the wrong color foundation. Going a shade lighter can be forgiven for lighter skin tones, but for your guys, it’s an absolute if you don’t want to end up looking like the joker. Choose a foundation shade that is an exact or the closest match to your skin tone. If you cannot find your shade they try mixing two shades most celebrities mix shades to get their exact match(2)

Don’t go overboard with foundation and concealer

How to mix foundations to get the perfect shade? This is one of the most common questions I hear people ask. To get the perfect foundation shade, get a lighter shade and a shade that is close to your skin tone, mix both the shades in small quantities and apply it on the skin if the shade isn’t perfect then adjust the colors accordingly. Once you get the perfect match the next time you will know how much of which shade to use to get your exact shade then the process becomes easier.

Blending is the key and to get the best natural finish, I recommend using a makeup blender. Go on top with a good concealer and blend that too. Nobody wants harsh lines on the face. Also, guys color correct using a peach or orange correct only if you have any harsh scars or discolors on your face, for minor scars a good concealer will do the job. 

Compact to the rescue!

Compact to the rescue

To set everything in place and get an even look, sealing your makeup in with a compact is a great idea. For wheatish skinned beauties, a compact powder with a beige undertone would work perfectly. 

Focus the powder mainly on the areas that are prone to oiliness, I always powder down my T-zone as I have combination skin. I use skin translucent powders simply because they make my face look ashy.

Just because you are wheatish you don’t have to say away from pink/ blush shades

Rock that blushed look!

Rock that blushed look

Add some blush to your face makes it brighter immediately. But make sure you choose a nice subtle pink and not a harsh one on your face kind of pink. Take some on your blush brush, tap of the excess, and gently go over your cheekbones. Blend that out just about the contour. Now take another fluffy brush and blend the whole cheek so that once you cannot say where your blush ends and your contour starts. 

No festive look is complete without eyeliner….

Smoldering kohled eyes!

Smouldering kohled eyes

I always prefer black liners as they make the eyes pop, but you can also go for other colors such as green, brown, or blue(3). You are safe as long as you avoid those neon colors. A nice golden eyeshadow with a black smoked outlook will make sure that heads then to you this Diwali.

Nailing the no-makeup makeup look!

Nailing the no-makeup makeup look

Getting the no make-up look is very tricky for all kinds of skin tone(1). But to start off with if you have scars and pigmentation on your skin, start with a primer and then a corrector (peach or orange, depending on the kind of pigmentation that you have).  Skip the foundation and apply a bit on the area that you have previously color corrected. Once that is all blended and set well, dab on some neutral lipstick that’s a shade that closest to your natural lip color. But since it’s Diwali and even the no-makeup look(4) could use some shimmer, choose neutral earthy colors that are close to your skin tone and use them for your eyelids and your cheeks. To make things a bit festive apply kohl to the eye. There you go the perfect no-makeup Diwali look.

These are some of the basic tricks that work well for wheatish skin tones. Try them and let us know if you love the look. We are open to queries, comment below for any questions, we are happy to help!

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