Erika Jayne Says Dancing And Hormones Are The Reasons For Her Weight Loss!

“The Alchemy” star credits her hormones for the recent weight loss.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Feb 8, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Erika Jayne Says Hormones Are causes For Weight Loss

Erika Jayne, who is famed for her appearance in the reality TV show, “The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills,”  has been making headlines for her weight loss transformation. During the Tuesday episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Jayne, 54, denied the use of Ozemoic, the well-known weight loss medication, instead said the transformation happened due to a change of hormones. 

“I was going through menopause.” the actor said. 

The “Bravo” Star Claims Menopause Led To Her Weightloss, Not Ozempic 

Erika Jayne Weight Loss

The host of the show, Andy Cohen, reached the discussion of Jayne’s weight loss saying she looks like a “whisper of herself.” The songstress, who appeared on the show to share a brief about her upcoming docuseries titled, “Bet It All on Blonde” responded to it with a wide smile on her face acknowledging the weight loss

Jayne, who has had several conversations about her weight loss journey on the reality program addressed the matter once again, but, she couldn’t resist seeking an apology beforehand to the viewers who might be battling disorder eating.

“I want to ensure that I do not trigger anyone,” she started. “We have a cast member with an eating disorder in the show,” Jayne is referring to Crystal Kung Minkoff, but she didn’t take his name. However, Minkoff herself has publicly disclosed her famous battle with bulimia. 

Acknowledging her weight loss, Jayne said that it all happened due to the hormonal changes that took place in her body due to menopause. 

“Not Ozempic- ally?” asked Cohen surprisingly. Along with Cohen, the viewers were also quite surprised by the revelation as most people thought that like many of the cast members on the show, Jayne was also taking the diabetes drug Ozemic for weight loss. The show casts have openly denied the usage, but there are still accusations that some of them are still relying on Ozempic for weight loss(1).

Not a long time before, Jayne had appeared on the show and had publicly revealed that Ozempic was “already airing” among the cast members. It is one of the major reasons, why people speculate her weight loss is the result of Ozempic usage. 

“I was going through Menopause, so it naturally took me down,’ she said. However, the fellow guest, Jackie Hoffman was not quite satisfied with the answer. 

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“Who loses weight in menopause?” she asked. She further added that instead of weight loss, generally women tend to gain weight, especially around the abdomen, which happens due to hormonal changes during menopause. Jayne, on the other hand, seemed pretty confident with her answer as she replied with a smile, “ I went to the doctor and I said get it off.”  Nevertheless, there wasn’t any further discussion made on how the doctor helped her lose weight. 

Jayne is currently excited for the release of the Bell It All on Blonde trailer, which is set to release soon. The documentary will air in two parts and the release is expected in the second quarter of 2024. The documentary will be a combination of interviews and BTS (behind the scenes) while dealing with the fallout of her marriage with her husband, Tom Girardi. The series will also feature further accusations and lawsuits against him. 

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