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How To Get Rid Of Drool Rash?

Isn’t it cute to watch a baby drool? People even search the internet for pictures of a baby drooling. But this cuteness serving sight may sometimes be very uncomfortable for babies. Excess saliva dripping may be a cause for irritating rashes, and chapped dry skin. So as caregivers, we must know the basic remedies to get rid of the drool rash, and also know the methods which can help us prevent it.

Keep reading for natural remedies for drool rash and learn how to prevent them.

What Is Drool Rash?

A baby starts to drool excessively at a point in time because of various reasons. It is most common when it starts teething. When the saliva stays on the baby’s skin surfaces like, around the mouth, folds of the neck, etc, it can irritate a baby by causing red itchy rashes, chapped and bumpy skin.

What is drool rash?

There may be various reasons why drool rash happens. During the teething phase, it happens the most. It may also happen when a baby starts using the pacifier. It happens when the skin of a baby is left wet because of the saliva dripping for a little longer. A baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive. Leaving the saliva on the skin for a little longer increases the sensitivity, and gives rise to different skin irritations like contact dermatitis, eczema, rash, and so on.

Drool rash was never anything complicated. But it can be very uncomfortable, itchy, and irritating sometimes for the baby. But you don’t have to be anxious about the health of your baby, because here you will learn everything you need to know to get rid of the drool rashes, or much better, to prevent it altogether.

How To Get Rid Of Drool Rash Completely?

Drool rash, most of the time, is mild and harmless. You can treat it by following simple steps. The first step is using warm and clean water to wipe the baby. Wiping the affected surface twice a day is only sufficient most of the time.

While cleaning the baby, use gentle, mild, fragrance-free cleansers, as any harmful artificial products may contain chemicals that may trigger the symptoms. After bathing the baby with warm water, dry the affected area. Application of any barrier creams also helps. You may use healing ointments like Aquaphor or petroleum jelly (1). It soothes the skin, and also acts as a barrier between the saliva and the skin. It is also necessary to put clean clothes on the baby.

If the excessive drooling starts right when it is teething, then you can give the baby teething toys or teething rings after refrigerating it for some time to chew on. This will reduce the amount of saliva dripping from the baby’s mouth.

These steps are enough to make the baby feel better and to get rid of the symptoms caused by the drool rash. But if the symptoms persist for more than a week, it is better to consult a pediatrician.

Natural Remedies for Drool Rash

Babies start to drool, mostly when they turn 5 months old, or when it starts teething. This continues up until the baby turns just about 18 months. Simple, natural home remedies can help to get rid of the red, dry rashes, without worrying about the side effects. 

Many natural solutions are readily available at the home that will help you with skin rash.

Natural Remedies For Drool Rash

Aloe vera gel

Natural aloe vera gel is one of them. Clean the baby with warm water or a clean sanitized washcloth. Extract the natural gel and apply it to your baby’s affected areas. Do this twice a day for fast relief.

Coconut oil

It can also be used either directly or mixed with other essential oils to get rid of drool rashes. These act as a barrier and reduce the friction when the affected area gets rubbed against the pillow or any clothes the baby is wearing.

Natural cocoa butter

It can also be used instead, as it also works as well as coconut oil and natural aloe vera gel.

We recommend that you don’t put on any clothes on the baby till the rash dries out or is treated, as it may worsen the symptoms. You can also give the baby chewy vegetables or toys to reduce the amount of saliva dripping out of the mouth. Some mothers follow the practice of applying breastmilk on the affected area. This is because breastmilk has moisturizing and hydrating properties,(2) which may help prevent further spread of the rashes.

Is Drool Rash Another Yeast Infection?

Drool rash is a very common type of yeast infection. Yeasts are a type of fungus that co-exist with bacteria and all the other living cells in our body. Yeasts are present in all of our bodies and often cause different kinds of infections. But adult bodies contain anti-bodies in the form of good bacteria that help us in fighting the infection causing fungus. But the immune system in an infant’s body will not be fully developed. This will allow the yeasts to cause oral rash, drool rash, diaper rash, etc. on the baby’s skin. 

baby tongue yeast infection

Yeasts always find wet and moist areas in our body to dwell and start the infection. That is how drool rash happens, as the skin around the mouth or on the folds of the neck will always be moist, because of the presence of saliva. 

Drool rash because of yeast infection in a baby may resemble red rashes, raised patchy chapped skin, tiny bumps around the mouth and on the neck.

You can treat yeast infections using anti-fungal ointments or any natural remedy mentioned earlier. These are mild most of the time and don’t require consulting a doctor.

How Long Does a Drool Rash Last?

Drool rash starts in a baby for different reasons like teething, when a baby starts to use a pacifier (3), and so on. Drool rash is never infectious and usually doesn’t cause any serious complications. But it is our responsibility to take care of our baby and prevent the yeast infection causing drool rash.

soother baby teether

You can choose any natural treatments that are available for the cause, and get rid of the baby rash. Most of the time, you won’t even have to consult a doctor. There are also ways, which if you follow closely, will help you prevent the drool rash completely. As it is very common, your baby might get it too. Using an emollient, barrier cream or healing ointment can give fast relief. Natural remedies like coconut oil, cocoa butter, etc. can also help. If you use any of the remedies, you can see the symptoms of drool rash going away in a week. But if the symptoms persist, it is wise to consult a pediatrician.

The drooling may continue for a while. But when the baby reaches the age of 18-20 months, the excess saliva dripping will stop. And since there will not be excess drooling, it won’t become a reason for any yeast infection.


Does breastmilk help drool rash?

Breastmilk contains moisturizing properties and mothers swear by the use of it for all kinds of baby rashes. So there is nothing wrong with trying breastmilk for treating the rashes. But if the rash stays for more than a week, consult a doctor.

Does Aquaphor help drool rash?

Aquaphor is known as the healing cream which is very helpful for treating all kinds of skin allergies in babies. Therefore you can use aquaphor to get rid of drool rash.

Is Vaseline good for drool?

You may use Vaseline as a barrier cream to help reduce the friction between the baby’s skin and any surface. Therefore, it can reverse the symptoms of drool rash.

Is baby drool rash itchy?

Yes, like any other infection, drool rash is itchy too. Even in adults, yeast infections can be very itchy. Similarly, drool rash can be itchy as well.

Does drool rash spread?

Drool rash can spread on the baby’s skin, but it can never be infectious. It can spread from the mouth area to the folds of the neck.

Final Verdict

No baby has to go through the pain and discomfort caused by drool rashes. It can be very itchy, painful, and give a burning sensation. You should always be alert and not allow the baby’s skin around the mouth or the neck, usually where it will be moist most of the time because of drooling, to be wet for a long time. Always wipe the baby’s body with a clean washcloth or sanitized baby wipes. If your baby gets infected by yeast, look out for any symptoms, and get rid of the rashes as soon as possible.

Natural remedies and moisturizers help the baby in many ways. You can even use some of them regularly, as it helps in reducing the tension between the baby’s sensitive skin and any other surface that rubs against the baby’s body. It can also help in preventing the symptoms of drool rash. If the rashes continue to stay and spread on the skin, you must speak to your baby’s pediatrician as soon as possible.

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