The Best Way To Increase Breast Milk Supply – Solutions To All Super Moms Who Deal with Low Breast Milk Supply!

Do you think your baby is not getting enough milk? No worries! Learn the natural practices to increase breast milk supply!

Written by Rachel Davis

On Apr 7, 2023 – 7 minutes read

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There are so many women out there who cannot feed their babies breast milk for a long time, and it is because they are not able to produce sufficient milk. How to increase breast milk supply when it is too low? That’s the hot topic for our blog today! The quantity of milk produced is not the same for every woman. Some women are capable of producing more milk but some are not able to produce as much.

Being unable to produce sufficient milk might pose a challenge when it comes to feeding your infant. We know how you feel if you are also suffering from the same problem! But trust us, you are not alone. So continue reading until the end to find out the best ways to increase breast milk supply naturally!

Learn The Best Way To Increase Breast Milk Supply!

Nothing happens overnight, not even increasing breast milk supply. You need to take actionable steps that will bring results gradually in a few days or so. Yes, you might see a slight increase in milk production in two or three days but nothing major.

Best way to Increase Breast Milk Supply

The production level increases to a decent level only if you follow the tips properly for at least a few weeks. So if you are wondering about the best way to increase my breast milk supply, keep reading until the end!

How To Know If Your Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk?

Some women think they are not producing enough milk, which is not true. It is just an assumption and based on that, they start following the tips to increase breast milk supply. You should know that producing too much milk is as serious an issue as producing too little.

Hence, you need to make sure whether or not you are producing enough milk. The best way to do so is by observing your child’s growth. If your baby is healthy, peeing and pooping regularly, and sleeping well, you need to rest assured that you are feeding them enough.

Other signs that you need to look for to make sure that your baby is getting enough milk are:

Observe the pattern of how your baby sucks on your breast. In most cases, they will start with a few quick sucks and then take longer, and it gets more rhythmic. They will sometimes stop and swallow the milk and then continue feeding. If this happens, then know that your baby is satisfied with the quantity of breast milk.

If your baby’s cheeks are not getting hollowed when they suck on your breast, then you are producing enough milk. Hollowed cheeks show that they are applying a lot of pressure to suck the milk out of your breasts. This is a sign that you are not producing enough milk.

If your baby is calm while feeding, it means they are getting enough milk supply. Also, once they are full, they will stop sucking on their own, and their mouth will be moist. If the baby seems satisfied after feeding, it means that your baby has had enough milk.

Observe your breasts after feeding the child. If your breasts feel softer than before, it means your baby has sucked out an adequate amount of milk. Also, see if your nipple is looking different than before. In healthy feeding, the nipples are pretty much the same before and after feeding.

Mothers who feed the baby adequately often feel relaxed or sleepy. This sign shows that you have fed enough milk to the child.

A mother can best understand whether or not the baby is getting enough milk. If you did not notice any of these signs, there could be chances that your baby is not feeding adequately. But there is no need to worry because we will help you learn how to instantly increase breast milk supply in just a few days!

What Foods Help Produce Breast Milk Supply?

If you are thinking about how to get my milk supply to increase, you would be surprised to know that some foods can help. Below mentioned are a few food items that you can add to your diet plan to feed your baby adequately:

  • Barley

Barley, one of the most important beer ingredients, can increase your breast milk supply. Scientific studies show that alcohol in small quantities can enhance the milk supply. (1)

It contains chemicals that can stimulate prolactin production in the body, which in turn can help inadequate milk production. You can easily consume barley with milk, bread, salad, stew, and soups.

  • Fennel And Fenugreek Seeds

Phytoestrogen (2) is an important compound that effectively increases milk production in the body. This chemical is present in fennel and fenugreek, known as the best foods for breastfeeding mothers.

Fennel and fenugreek seeds

However, make sure you ask your doctor before consuming these as they are not often healthy for moms suffering from allergies, diabetes, etc. If it’s a yes from your doctor, you can easily consume fennel and fenugreek with simple olive oil, or you can consume them with fish or roasted chicken.  

  • Oats

Like barley, oats also contain beta-glucan in high quantities, which aids in milk production. Oats are one of the healthiest foods to add to your diet and increase breast milk supply.

It also contains a lot of other nutrients that are healthy for a new mom. You can easily add oats to your diet plan for breakfast or dinner. Do not forget to add some healthy food items.

  • Papaya

Besides whole grains, you can also add papaya to your diet, both in raw and cooked forms. Even though there is not enough scientific evidence backing the use of papaya in increasing milk production, new moms have been using it for decades. You can add it to your salad, soup, rice, or noodles to increase breast milk supply.

Potential Causes For Low Breast Milk Supply

Before finding out how to get my milk supply to increase, you need to determine the causes of low milk supply. Some of the potential causes for low milk supply are:

Potential Causes for Low Milk Supply
  • One major issue of low milk production is the absence of adequate milk-making ducts or glandular tissue.
  • Women suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), diabetes, high blood pressure, or high thyroid can also have less milk supply.
  • If you have had any breast surgery before, milk production can get affected negatively.
  • Using birth control pills also causes insufficient milk supply.
  • Scheduling your baby’s feeding times can be a problem too. Instead, try feeding the baby as and when they feel hungry.
  • If you do not feed your baby at night, the milk production level drops significantly. Hence, try to feed your baby or pump the milk at night.

Tips To Boost Your Breast Milk Supply

How to increase breast milk supply again? We have shared some tips below. Take a look:

  • You should try to breastfeed your baby at least 10 to 12 times every day. The more you breastfeed, the better will be the milk production mechanism in your body.
  • If your baby hasn’t been fed for long, you can pump your breast milk so that the body continues making milk irrespective of the break.
  • Do not let your baby feed on just one breast. Feeding on both breasts will ensure that both breasts make milk in equal quantities.
  • You must include lactation foods or cookies in your diet. They contain chemicals that stimulate lactose production in the body.

How To Increase Breast Milk Supply Naturally At Home?

Some incredible ways of increasing milk production naturally are:

  • Do not force the baby to stop feeding while sucking on your nipples.
  • Include fennel (3), barley, oats, and other lactogenic food items in your diet.
  • Pump your breasts often to increase the milk production capacity of the glands.
  • Try to feed your baby every two hours.


Why does my baby need breast milk?

Breast milk contains the right amount of nutrients a baby requires to develop healthily. It also contains antibiotic properties to boost the immune system of the infant. Breast milk contains good bacteria that make the baby’s gut healthy. Breast milk is easier to digest for infants compared to other supplements.

How Long Should a Mother Breast Feed the Baby?

It is recommended that you feed your baby only breast milk until six months. After that, you can feed them other foods and supplements besides breast milk until two years of age.

How Often Do You Have to Breast Feed the Baby?

Experts recommend breastfeeding at least 8 to 12 times a day. But the exact number depends on how often your baby gets hungry.

Final Verdict

We hope now you know how to increase your milk supply. However, if you see that the natural ways of increasing your milk supply are not working, talk to your doctor about the problem. Breastfeeding a baby brings the mother tremendous joy and keeps the baby healthy.

However, if you cannot find a way to produce enough milk at all, there are supplements in the market that have more or less the same benefits as mother’s milk. Hence, do not be disheartened. All that matters is your love for the baby!

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