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Jellyfish Haircut- Something New To Try!

Play with different styles and colors to create your own jelly fish haircut look. There is so much you can do with this versatile haircut.

Written by Samara S

On Dec 5, 2023 – 5 minutes read

Jellyfish Haircut

The jellyfish haircut is just the newest example of the experimental beauty trend that is currently very popular. On TikTok, the audaciously layered cut is becoming popular. It makes a statement and is funky and fresh. So go ahead and jellyfish away if that describes you. This cut is popular because it’s a neutral look that suits creative and daring people as well as those who aren’t ready to chop off their length but still want a different look.

What Is Jellyfish Haircut?

Jellyfish Hairstyle

It is an eclectic fusion of styles, combining elements from the traditional Japanese hime cut, blunt bob, and a hint of mullet influence. It draws inspiration from the elegance of the hime cut, the front sections are straight and cheek-length, exuding sophistication. The blunt bob adds a contemporary touch with clean lines and a uniform length, creating a sleek overall look.

To introduce a subtle edge, the back incorporates a gentle mullet influence with slightly longer and textured layers. The term “jellyfish” is metaphorically used to capture the free-flowing and fluid movement of the longer layers, reminiscent of the graceful tentacles of a jellyfish. This imaginative and avant-garde hairstyle blends cultural influences and modern trends.

How To Ask Your Stylist For A Jellyfish Haircut

Ask your stylist for a playful and eclectic haircut by blending a traditional Japanese hime cut with a blunt bob. Request clean lines in the front, maintaining cheek-length elegance, while incorporating subtle mullet-inspired layers at the back for an edgy yet sophisticated look with a touch of free-flowing fluidity.

What Face Shape Suits Jellyfish Haircut?

It is a versatile style that can complement various face shapes. However, certain face shapes may particularly suit this eclectic hairstyle.

Oval Face Shape: The jellyfish haircut is well-suited for those who have an oval face, as this face shape is often considered the most balanced. The flowing layers and dynamic elements of the haircut enhance the natural symmetry, providing an elegant and harmonious look.

Round Face Shape: This haircut can add a touch of elongation to a round face. The layers and movement draw attention away from the roundness, creating an illusion of length and contributing to a more sculpted appearance.

Heart Face Shape: With its blend of a traditional hime cut and mullet influences, the jellyfish haircut complements if you have a heart-shaped face by framing the forehead delicately and introducing layers that soften the overall look. The playful and eclectic nature of the style adds interest without overwhelming the natural contours.

Square Face Shape: The combination of structured elements like the blunt bob and the free-flowing layers in the back can soften the angles of a square face. The juxtaposition of these elements creates a visually engaging and balanced aesthetic.

How To Style A Jellyfish Haircut?

Let’s find out how you can style this haircut.

Jellyfish Hair with Bubble Braids

Jellyfish Hair with Bubble Braids

You can incorporate a whimsical touch by adding bubble braids to your jellyfish haircut. Begin with the straight, cheek-length sections inspired by the traditional Japanese hime cut(1). Then, create small, round “bubbles” by tying sections of hair with colorful elastic bands down the length. This adds texture and movement, resembling the effervescent quality of a jellyfish.

Jellyfish Haircut with Pastel Colors

Jellyfish Haircut with Pastel Colors

You can elevate the ethereal vibe of this haircut by introducing pastel colors. Choose hues like lavender, mint, or coral to mimic the translucent and iridescent appearance of jellyfish.

Jellyfish Haircut with Butterfly Clips

You can infuse a touch of enchantment by accessorizing your jellyfish cut with butterfly clips. Use these clips to pin back sections of hair or to add a subtle adornment along the length. This will evoke a delicate and fluttering nature of butterflies in contrast to the flowing layers.

Braided Jellyfish Hairstyle

Braided Jellyfish Hairstyle

You can integrate it into your haircut for a textured and intricate look. Incorporate small braids along the length of the flowing layers, creating a fusion of structured elegance and free-flowing movement. This adds depth and detail to the hairstyle, showcasing a balance between classic elements and modern braided trends.

Reversed Jellyfish Haircut

Reversed Jellyfish Haircut

Ditch the traditional jellyfish hairstyle by emphasizing the mullet-inspired layers at the front instead of the back. This reversed version brings a bold and edgy twist to the style, creating a dynamic and attention-grabbing look that showcases the versatility of the jellyfish concept.

You can experiment with these options and personalize your haircut. This makes it a true reflection of your personality and taste. You can also feel free to combine different elements to create a look that is uniquely yours.

What’s The Difference Between A Jellyfish Haircut And Octopus Haircut?

Difference Between A Jellyfish Haircut And Octopus Haircut

The octopus haircut combines mullet and shag elements. The outlines of the octopus’s tentacles are created by cutting layers of material into various lengths. The jellyfish has a mullet hairstyle, which is a combination of short and long hair.

Why Is The Jellyfish Haircut So Popular?

It has become popular on TikTok, it could be due to its visually striking and imaginative nature. TikTok is known for propelling unconventional and creative trends, and hairstyles are no exception. Instagram reels also make it easy for influencers to showcase unique styles and share tutorials, contributing to the trend’s visibility and adoption.


1. Can I get a jellyfish haircut with curly hair?

Yes, adapt for curls; focus on layers for fluidity.

2. Is jellyfish haircut good?

Subjective; trendy and creative for a unique look.

3. Is a jellyfish haircut good for thick hair?

Yes, layers manage thickness, enhancing movement and texture.

4. Is this haircut good for a round face?

Yes, it adds a length illusion with dynamic layers.


To conclude, the jellyfish haircut is adaptable for various hair types, and it offers a creative and trendy aesthetic. Curly hair can embrace the style with a focus on fluid layers. It proves versatile for those with thick hair, managing texture through well-crafted layers. It’s important to communicate openly with your stylist about your preferences, ensuring they tailor the haircut to your unique features and personal style. Ultimately, it embraces individuality and creativity, making it adaptable and appealing across a range of face shapes.

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