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Liquid Hair: Everything You Need To Know About The Trend

When you lay your eyes on the right of the most gorgeous tresses that resemble clear, reflective water, you know you have set your sights on a woman donning liquid hair!

Written by Samantha Gregory

On Apr 3, 2023 – 13 minutes read

Liquid Hair Everything You Need To Know About The Trend- Feature

If you’re on social media applications like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, hair trends are all the rage today. Everyone wishes to have the perfect set of tresses that frames their face in the most flattering angle. While we’ve borne witness to shifting styles like curls, blow-outs, and perms, the latest liquid hair trend will leave you gasping in awe.

Have you ever seen hair so sleek and fluid that it reminds you of a flowing river? Well, it may seem like a description right out of children’s storybooks where the princess had hair that reminded everyone of a stream! However, if you think we’re kidding, look up photographs of the liquid hair trend, because you have to see it or believe it. When you lay your eyes on the right of the most gorgeous tresses that resemble clear, reflective water, you know you have set your sights on a woman donning liquid hair!

Hold on! Remember a similar trend?

The mirror-finish glass hair trend also swept red carpets and social media. In the next few minutes, we’ll discuss their differences. Let’s return to liquid hair’s beauty. When I first saw a liquid hair demonstration online, I wondered, “How did they do THAT?”

Answer: simple. A trained professional applies a series of treatments and products to give your hair a water-like finish. It’s perfect for those who’ve struggled with frizzy, dry, and dull hair their whole lives.

Good news. With patience and guidance, you can recreate the look yourself. Want to make this DIY makeover a success? Start here! Let’s discuss liquid hair and how to get frizz-free hair.

What Is Liquid Hair?

Before you skip straight to the know-how, hang on and try to understand the basics of this hairstyle. So, what is the liquid hair trend and why is the fashion industry going gaga over it?

What Is Liquid Hair?

The journey starts with celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, who was searching for better ways to treat frizzy and finer hair textures. If you don’t know why he is so famous, this is because of his stunning and almost impossible-to-achieve looks. Chris Appleton also happens to be the formulator of the glass hair trend, where your hair mimicked the rigidity and shine of glass-like texture without the brittleness. However, like every trend, this one ran its course and he was on the lookout for the next hit. After experimenting with ideas, Chris felt inspired to create a look that offered more structure and bounce to hair without the lack of movement that glass hair was known for.

Lo and behold, liquid hair was created and loved so much, that every celebrity sported it, including Kim K and Dua Lipa- How do we forget about the iconic Versache dress that went with it? 

What Is Liquid Hair Trend?

What is liquid hair trend best known for that sets it a league apart from all the other styles that have graced salons? Unlike other trends where you had to wet hair and set it with a lot of product to display the “damp look”, liquid hair does not involve water for the final finish. The process turns your hair so silky and smooth, that it reflects light just like a clear liquid would. The softness of the entire look instantly can be carried off in any style, be it romantic or aristocratic. 

Believe us, if you ever got a liquid hair treatment done, the look isn’t just an instant head-turner. This hairstyle has the tendency to be a neck-snapper because of how unbelievably hyperrealistic it appears. One could not help but crave to touch and feel its texture to make sure it’s not a dream. 

If you think the liquid hair trend could be your next crowning glory, let’s talk about how you can get it done.

How To Get Liquid Hair?

Achieving liquid hair that displays the standards of Chris Appleton’s craftsmanship takes some work and skill, which is why I would highly advise you to get it done professionally if you’re a first-timer. For starters, you may not know your hair type, which may require a different process to give you the same finished product that you see on trending videos. While it is easier for finer hair textures to achieve liquid hair, coarse and thicker strands from frizzy or curly hair may require much more care. If you happen to have brittle and wreak hair strands due to damage, a stylist would treat your hair for the problem before continuing with their liquid hair treatment. 

The only factor that may pinch you is the cost of the treatment. However, we believe that skin and hair should never be compromised, especially if you’re sensitive to chemicals. if you’re used to experimenting with your hairstyles and are an expert at DIYs, you can also get the same look at home for the fraction of the salon’s cost! To help you see both perspectives of the process, we’re diving in deep with resources to show you every step involved. Let’s get started!

Tools And Products Needed To Get Liquid Hair

Here’s something you may have not known about liquid hair as a trend. Many from our generation may think it’s an absolutely fresh innovation, but guess who did it first? Flashback to the 80s, when artists like Cher were experimenting with similar looks and had a mirror-like shine to their long tresses after the big hair trend wore off. 

Today, the latest products have made it easier for you to achieve liquid hair at a salon or your home. The main difference lies in the kind of products used, which is often a professional grade set only supplied to professional hair stylists and their outlets. However, the tools used are no secret.

Here’s what you need to get liquid hair:

Clarifying Shampoo

If you know the base of any hair treatments, it starts with a clean and blank canvas. Your hair may have dust, dirt, and oils that could sabotage the final look, which is why investing in a good clarifying shampoo is necessary. It will keep your scalp clean and healthy, especially if you need to undergo a keratin treatment for frizzy and damaged hair.

Keratin Treatment Kit

This product is highly advised for those with curly, frizzy, or damaged tresses. Keratin is a protein that fortifies our hair and follicles to give you a well-managed look. However, keratin treatment kits are available at salons and are recommended to be performed by trained professionals. 

Tools And Products Needed to Get Liquid Hair

Blow Dryer

The major essence of liquid hair depends on the perfect blow dryer. Get a professional-grade machine that can work on both hot and cold settings to avoid hair damage and loss of moisture. 

Flat Iron

Looking for the secret sauce behind liquid hair? Well, the flat iron is the magic maker behind that famous shine and texture. Make sure to use a renowned brand that can lock in moisture and retain shine without burning your hair stands.

Deep Conditioner (keratin Based For Liquid Hair)

Liquid hair may not involve any dampness or gels, but moisture plays a deep role in achieving the finished look. Deep conditioning is extremely essential if you have been neglecting hair care, especially with colored or treated hair.

Moisture-Locking Serum

Before your hair is blow-dried and ironed, a moisture-locking serum is applied to keep frizz at bay. This product will lock the hair strands with hydration and keep environmental humidity away to prevent frizz.

Smoothening Serum Or Spray

Once the treatment is finished, a smoothening serum or spray is all you need to refresh the shine for the next 12 weeks.

Sulphate-Free Shampoo And Conditioner  (For Aftercare)

Since some of the products involved may contain formaldehyde, the aftercare routine requires delicate handling. Use a sulphate-free shampoo(1) and conditioner to maintain liquid hair for a long time.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Styling Liquid Hair

Once you know about the products involved, make sure to speak to a professional before you start any treatments. If you’re allergic to any of the ingredients in these products, they ma be able to suggest alternatives. Before you start, you should always test a small piece of hair to make sure you won’t damage all of it.

An expert tip from the creator of this look is to color your hair before your liquid hair treatment if you plan to change your hair color. Once you get liquid hair, any other treatment like bleaching and lifting may damage its appearance.

How To Achieve Liquid Hair At The Salon?

At the salon, the liquid hair trend is in high demand. However, the process to giving clients these dreamy locks is very methodical and requires at least 3-5 hours, based on your hair type. Here’s what your salon appointment would look like:

Hair Assessment

Your attending hair treatment expert would take a detailed assessment of your scalp health, hair quality, texture, strand type, porosity or density, and any signs of damage. . When they ask you about previous treatments, experiments, failed do-it-yourself projects, products you’ve used, and any underlying conditions, you should tell them everything. This will help them decide if your hair is ready for the treatment or if it needs something else first, like a keratin application or smoothing.

Hair Prep And Cleansing

The second step is to prepare your hair for the treatment process, which would involve cleansing or any previous treatments as suggested by the expert. A clarifying shampoo would be used to remove any excess oils, grime, and dust. Next, your locks may receive a trim if you have split ends or damaged tips. An Anti-frizz shampoo and serum may be applied to ensure maximum results.

How To Achieve Liquid Hair At The Salon?

Keratin Treatment

This process may be used only for hair that has high-density frizz or could and needs to be smoothened to a certain degree before it touches the flat iron. This involves applying a keratin mask to all the strands and saturating your locks completely with the product. After the product sets in, your hair is rinsed and dried with a smoothening serum.

Humidity-Lock And Heat Protection Serum Or Spray

Once your hair is prepped, a serum to prevent humidity from entering your strands is applied. This coat of product will ensure keep your hair smooth and silky, no matter what the weather conditions look like. The heat protection serum will prevent hair damage from the hot blow dry and flat iron.

Blow Dry

Once your hair is ready to be liquified (pun intended), The stylist will blow dry it with a blast dryer. Using a brush, they will smoothen the texture a bit more so that your hair appears straight and bouncy. 

Flat Ironing

At the salon, the stylists use premium and professional-grade flat irons or a silk press that have ceramic plates to provide maximum shine without heat damage. Your hair will be sectioned into small parts first. Next, each section would be run through the flat iron at least 7-9 times to ensure that the hair remains smooth and straight. The keratin treatment would have already relaxed your hair texture, so you don’t have to worry about curls or frizz at this point if you follow the after-care well.

Finishing Up

A final sheen and gloss spray is applied to let the entire look set in. And there you have your beautiful liquid hair.

Note: Since treated hair is extremely sensitive, steer clear of heat, chemicals and other treatments. You may need to deep condition your hair to maintain its health and prevent moisture loss. In the 12 weeks after this treatment, there’s no need to touch a flat iron. If you think your stylist missed out on something, visit them immediately to get it fixed.

Steps To Get Liquid Hair At Home

While professionally achieved liquid hair may take hours and last for a long time, you can still get the same look in the comfort of your home without shelling out a chunk of your salary. We’ll show you how to get liquid hair in the simplest of ways in this section. Take note of the products mentioned above and ensure you invest in good brands that provide high-quality and cruelty-free ingredients.


As always, the base to prepping your hair is cleansing it with a clarifying shampoo. If you think your hair needs some moisture to reduce the frizz, use a deep conditioning treatment to get the job done. There are several professional serums and ampoules you can buy to prep hair for liquid hair treatments, as it fills the pores and gaps in your hair strands to strengthen and fortify, giving a sheen to your tresses.


Add an anti-frizz product to damp hair like a serum or spray to ensure that the humidity does not ruin your look for the day.

Heat Protector

The cardinal rule to follow while using any heat or specialized treatments on your hair is to apply a generous coat of heat-protecting creams to prevent hair damage. The liquid hair trend is no exception.

Steps To Get Liquid Hair At Home

Smoothening Serum

To ensure your hair remains silky and smooth for at least a couple of days after the DIY, apply a good-quality hair smoothening serum.

Blow Dry

Start by using the flat nozzle to build maximum pressure for the blow dry. Now, point the dryer downwards while brushing your hair from top to bottom with the nozzle following the round-straightening brush. Do this in sections to avoid missing out on denser hair.

Flat Iron

Once your hair is relatively straight and smooth, all you need to perfect the liquid hair appearance is to use a flat iron on small sections. Make sure to be careful of the heat and not burn yourself or your hair.

Gloss Spray

Lastly, finish off with a glossy setting spray that leaves your hair mobile and flowy without affecting its shine. This may take you a while, but makes the perfect look for a date night or event you need to attend. A few hours and seven steps can turn your luscious hair into the talk of the town overnight!

Who Can Rock The Liquid Hair Look?

Liquid hair can be rocked by everyone but may flatter certain face types more than others. For starters, if you have a slim, oval or heart-shaped facial bone structure, long liquid hair would look amazing on you. It would also give an ethereal quality to those with high cheekbones. However, round and angular face shapes would look stunning in a shorter liquid hairdo.

For hair types that go best with liquid hair treatments, we asked professional stylists for their opinion. As per the experts, liquid hair suits every hair type. Although, the look would be easier to achieve for finer textures with already relatively relaxed strands.

Pros And Cons Of Liquid Hair

This article would not be an unbiased piece if we didn’t address the advantages and unfavourable factors involved in following the liquid hair trend. Here’s our take on it, based on extensive research from expert stylists.

Benefits Of Liquid Hair

  1. Smooth and manageable
  2. Mirror-like liquid shine
  3. Healthy, bouncy, and frizz-free tresses
  4. Anti-fuss hairstyle that suits every outfit
  5. Easy DIY with the right products for a temporary look
  6. Long-lasting results when treated by salon artists

Potential Drawbacks

  1. The use of harsh chemicals in smoothening products
  2. New growth with natural texture or curls may ruin the look
  3. The need for intense aftercare and maintenance
  4. Can’t add much dimension to straight and sleek hair 
  5. Formaldehyde used in keratin treatment products is a potential carcinogenic.


What is a liquid hair treatment?

Liquid hair treatment can turn frizzy and unmanageable hair into silky locks that personify water. It looks wet and fluid, but locks humidity out of the hair strands.

What is the difference between glass hair and liquid hair?

While glass hair was all about structure and holding form, liquid hair is more fluid in texture and has more of a bounce to it. Liquid hair possess the qualities of water or syrup- it is reflective and shiny, but flows with direction.

What is glass-like hair?

Glass hair has the effect and look of a shiny, sleek and rigid glass pane. The final look is carried with long hair and is known for its immovable structure, which stays in place (like a sheet of glass).


Together, we’ve been through the journey of the devastingly gorgeous liquid hair trend. From its inception to how you can achieve the look, you’re now armed with all the information needed to go try it out on your own. Out only parting advice would be to speak with a professional before trying a DIY if you’re unsure about the results as this may save you from dealing with hair damage or half-results. 

As to the future of liquid hair, the trend seems to be catching up globally with a future as shiny as the look itself. We’re excited to see variations of the trend, which is not too far away if we can speak from the glass to liquid hairstyle transition!

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