Moving Tribute Speech By Jamie Lee Curtis: “Bestie”, Jodie Foster Watches With Teary Eyes

Jodie Foster became teary-eyed as she listened to Jamie Lee Curtis’ tribute speech at the Oscars 2024.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 11, 2024 – 3 minutes read


At the 2024 Oscars, Jodie Foster and Jamie Lee Curtis had a tender moment. Curtis, 65, who took home the Best Supporting Actress trophy from last year’s Everything Everywhere All at Once, praised her friend Foster’s illustrious career and performance in Netflix’s Nyad as she took the stage to help present this year’s Best Supporting Actress honor.

The Besties Who Has Each Other’s Back


The former Oscar winner Curtis took the stage yesterday to announce the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Curtis along with four other former award winners presented a tribute speech for all the nominees. Jamie took a moment to honor the award nominee and her best friend, Jodie Foster. She began the speech by introducing the first nominee of the category as her bestie. 

Curtis said that she was so thrilled to be back on the stage to announce this year’s Best Supporting Actress Oscar. While turning in the direction of her close friend Curtis also said that she was beyond proud to talk about one of her besties. She further discussed the character Bonnie Stoll played by Foster in the movie “Nyad”. She said that Foster brought a physical intensity coupled with deep concern and care as she played Bonnie Stoll, the fierce best friend, motivator, and serious a** -kicker of Diana Nyad. then, Jamie added her personal experience as well. She stated that all the qualities mentioned in Bonnie Stoll’s character were really about Jodie as well. Jamie concluded by mentioning that no one would have their back rather than the multi-talented Jodie. 

Jodie Foster’s eyes teared up and was emotional as she listened to her friend’s speech while sitting among the audience. She blew a kiss as she mouthed “Thank you, love you” to her bestie Jamie.  Following her wins in 1977 and 1992 for her roles in Taxi Driver and Silence of the Lambs, respectively, Foster received her fifth career nomination from the Academy for Best Picture on Sunday.

Years Of Strong Friendship

Despite never having starred in a production together, Jodie and Jamie have remained friends over the years. The two did, however, make notable appearances in several versions of the film Freaky Friday. While Foster collaborated with Barbara Harris in 1977, Curtis acted in the picture with Lindsay Lohan in 2003. 

Reports revealed that when Curtis met with an accident in 2013 in Venice Beach, California, Jodie rushed to the spot and took care of her. In an interview, earlier this year, Jamie talked about her friendship with Jodie. She said, “Just so you know, she is one of my best friends”. She said they are a group of six, including her husband, Jodie’s wife, and their other friend. She mentioned that they call them ‘Besties’ and are included in a text chain together. Jamie also shared the memories of the Golden Globes, during the Covid time, two years ago. She shared that she was excited as she presented the Golden Globe to Jodie.

In another interview that happened the following day, Jodie had sweet words for her close friend. She addressed Jamie as her bestie and mentioned that they are a group of six, who do everything together

The Other Nominees

Da’Vine Joy Randolph, who won the award for her performance in The Holdovers, America Ferrera, Emily Blunt, and Danielle Brooks were among the other candidates for Best Supporting Actress. 

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Appreciating Da’Vine Joy’s role as Mary Lamb in “The Holdovers,” Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o noted that viewers can sense the “unspoken grief simmering under the surface” of her character. She addressed Da’Vine and said that her performance was a tribute to those who helped others to heal despite their pain. She also said that it was a tribute to Da’Vine’s grandmother as well, as she wore her glasses in the film. Nyong’o said, “What an honor to see the world through her eyes and yours”.

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