Millie Bobby Brown: The Princess In Shining Armour Of ‘Damsel’

Millie Bobby Brown of The Stranger Things and Enola Holmes fame is back with another action-packed role in Netflix’s fantasy movie Damsel.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Feb 15, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Millie Bobby Brown in Netflix's Damsel

The upcoming Netflix fantasy movie Damsel will hit the screens on 8 March 2024. The movie stars Millie Bobby Brown as a never-seen-before character, Elodie. Brown portrays the princess in shining armor who fights for her survival.

The Fantasy That Awaits Us

Millie Bobby Brown Stars in Damsel

As the title suggests, the movie portrays a series of events happening in the life of Elodie, the damsel. The action, drama depicts the struggles and survival of Elodie, a young bride-to-be princess. 

The trailer released a few days back gives a glimpse of the events happening in Elodie’s life. Damsel depicts Brown as a polite, young, dutiful damsel who agrees to marry a young and handsome prince, only to discover the trap that awaited her.  Her in-laws and husband use her as a sacrificial lamb to repay their debts, a custom that has been followed for generations. Elodie is later thrown into a cave where a fire-breathing dragon awaits her. The trailer then gives a glimpse of her struggles where she fights for herself as well as other innocent girls who are being used for such evil practices. The trailer shifts from a medieval arranged marriage mode to a drastically different adventurous mode.

In an interview for Netflix Brown addresses Elodie as a who doesn’t need to be saved by others. Brown admires her character for not waiting for a savior prince but for standing up for herself. 

The trailer sets up the mood for the movie featuring giant caves, fire dragons, big rocks, heavy swords, and battles.

Brown: The Star On Social Media

Brown has been sensational owing to her adorable looks and her Millie Brown bikini pics on social media. Her posts often go viral as the fans celebrate her looks and attitude. Brown holds a verified Instagram account with 62.9M followers where she posts frequently. 

Brown’s vacation post wearing a cherry print bikini has driven fans crazy. She has also posted a bikini image last December. The fans have celebrated the post as it crossed 47K likes. The young actress outshined while posing in a multi-color floral bikini on a beachside. She chose a no-makeup look for the outfit which elevated the whole style.

The actor’s chic. appearance in a denim mini skirt and crop top was also viral on social media. She posted it last November with the caption ‘fun nights in denim’. In the picture, she wore a leather jacket paired with a black crop top and mini denim skirt. The post radiated her confidence, grabbing the fans’ attention towards her. She opted for bold eye makeup and nude-tinted lips with the outfit. Her dark locks parted in the middle letting it loose to fall down her shoulders. 

Remarkably, it was not the first time she appeared in the same outfit. Brown once posted in the same outfit sharing her partnership with Essentia Water, urging her fans to check out the brand.

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Brown And Jake

Brown announced her engagement with her long-term boyfriend Jake Bongiovi through a romantic picture of the couple last April. Ever since then, her PDA has been a favorite thing for her fans. Brown also never fails to post cute pictures with her boyfriend. Her fans always celebrated them, pouring an abundance of love for the two.

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