Pinkpantheress: Channeling Beyoncé’s Early 2000s Flair In Her Makeup Style

The star has a lot of credit to give when it comes to achieving the perfect makeup glow like Queen Bey.

Written by Samantha Gregory

On Nov 29, 2023 – 4 minutes read

Pinkpantheress's Beyoncé Inspired Makeup

Meet PinkPantheress, a trailblazer in both music and makeup, who’s redefining beauty norms with a touch of experimentation and a dash of inspiration. In her world, makeup is more than just cosmetic—it’s a tribute to icons who’ve paved the way. Topping her list of beauty inspirations is none other than Beyoncé, whose early 2000s elegance has deeply influenced PinkPantheress’s aesthetic choices.

So how have legends like Beyonce and Naomi Campbell shaped the makeup narrative for PinkPantheress? The Angel singer tells all, while the BeyHive is abuzz with excitement over the artist’s nod to Hollywood’s greatest.

The Sacred Forehead And Brows à la Beyoncé 

Pinkpantheress Channeling Beyoncé's Early 2000s Flair

For PinkPantheress, makeup is an art where each step is crucial. Before she starts her makeup routine, she nourishes her face with a solid skincare routine. She starts with a trusted La Roche-Posay cleanser, a staple in her beauty regimen. “A few drops” of Laneige’s creamy toner follow, setting the tone for a hydrated canvas. But it doesn’t stop there; PinkPantheress also incorporates Sunday Riley’s Good Genes serum, meticulously patting it onto her face, but steering clear of her forehead. This careful preparation of her skin ensures that her makeup looks good and is built on a healthy, glowing base.

Next,  the process begins with a layer of MAC foundation, setting the stage for the rest. It’s more than just coverage; it’s about creating the perfect backdrop for her signature looks. For PinkPantheress, the forehead is sacred territory when it comes to makeup. “I view my forehead as a very complicated and sacred thing, and therefore I won’t touch it,” she states, articulating her unique approach to makeup application. 

A fascinating piece of beauty lore partly inspires this reverence for her forehead: Naomi Campbell’s rumored practice of avoiding foundation on her forehead. She shares a quirky beauty anecdote: “Someone told me Naomi Campbell doesn’t put foundation on her forehead,” a tip that’s shaped her own makeup routine. “That might be wrong, but ever since I heard it I won’t let it go,” PinkPantheress admits, embracing this approach with a touch of humor. 

However, her eyebrows are a canvas for homage to Beyoncé. She draws inspiration from Beyoncé’s minimalist early 2000s makeup, particularly the thin brow trend. “Those early 2000s look that she was serving with the very minimal makeup, the nice strong eyebrows(1). She had a thin brow too, and I loved it,” PinkPantheress shares. The gap just below the brow is where she finds her creative spark, a feature she admires in Beyoncé’s look, describing it as “always looking delish.” This admiration extends beyond the aesthetics, as she finds a connection between her makeup choices and her desire to mirror her mother’s appearance. “I feel like I look more like my mom when I have [my brows] a little smaller,” PinkPantheress explains, showcasing how personal and influential these beauty decisions are for her.

Achieving A Sculpted Contour And Lips: Her Signature Touch

PinkPantheress brings a playful twist to her makeup routine, especially when it comes to her cheeks. Breaking conventions, she opts for NYX Powder Puff lip cream, not as a lip color, but as a blush. “I’ve recently transitioned to a very pink blush. It’s ridiculous,” she says with a flair of spontaneity, dotting the vibrant hue onto her cheeks. This innovative use lends a fresh, doll-like charm to her look. For her lips, the ritual is a blend of precision and shine. She contours with a MAC lip pencil, creating a perfect frame before adding a splash of glossiness with Hard Candy lip oil. This combination of products reflects her knack for merging the functional with the playful, crafting a look that’s uniquely hers.

The final flourish in PinkPantheress’s makeup routine embodies her distinctive style. She adds warmth and definition to her face with Max Factor’s Facefinity bronzing powder, applied with a well-loved, fluffy brush. Her comment, “This was probably used as a chimney sweep in the Victorian times,” adds a humorous touch to her beauty narrative. But it’s her signature bangs that truly complete her look. “I feel like it wouldn’t really be me without a bang,” she remarks, as her wispy fringe falls effortlessly into place. This final act showcases her unique approach to beauty – a mix of meticulous technique and playful spontaneity, making each makeup session a reflection of her vibrant personality and artistic sensibility.

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