Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Out Musical Collab in Retro Denim

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton announced their latest duet in retro denim Look via a joint Instagram post on Feb.5.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Feb 7, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton in denim for duet reveal

Couple music stars Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton hugged their favorite denim fashion for an Instagram promotional post to announce their latest musical collaboration, “Purple Irises”. In the photos, the couple was seen complementing each other in Canadian tuxedos while Stefani relaxing on a 1970s-style striped couch. She was wearing a denim jumpsuit and Shelton clothed in a denim shirt and jeans as he was playing guitar. The post seems to generate great excitement for the new duet which is planned to be released on the 9th of February. 

The song title and release date were officially announced on Monday night through an Instagram post where the duo showed off dressed in retro-inspired hip denim. Over the past week, Stefani had been posting to tease the track including bouquet shots of purple irises with romantic notes from Shelton, that signaled at the sentimental lyrics centered on their love. Earlier Stefani had shared a short audio clip of the 70’s style ballad on her TikTok and fans were thrilled to listen to the old-school country pop sound.

Lyrics Forecast Love And Commitment

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton announce new duet

Stefani and Shelton reflect unwavering commitment in the lines. The lyrics ran saying if someone comes along and tries to love you like I love you he doesn’t know what will he do and doesn’t want to lose her. The song proceeds to reiterate their bond when he says he never knew a love like this and they are picking purple irises. 

The highly fanciful verses promise that it will be one of the best personal duets of the couple even though their earlier collaborations such as “Nobody But You” and “Happy Anywhere” also explored their passionate affection for each other through the songs.

Denim Duo Style Symbolizes Playful Aspect

The pair’s denim-on-denim style was spotlighted in other photos, jeering at the notorious fashion slip. Shelton’s Canadian tux his retro side in jeans along with leather-accented denim whereas Stefani exuded 70’s glamour in her denim jumpsuit and bra combo.

The thoughtful teaming in double denim signals that “Purple Irises” may impart a more lighthearted vibe compared to some of their sweeter ballads. However, It is sure that their signature styles will stand apart. Fans are on their heels to see if the full track satisfies their thirst for personal lyrics and throwback country sound. 

The tasteful take on matching double denim hints that “Purple Irises” may have a more lighthearted vibe than some of their sweeter ballads. Whatever the mood, their signature styles will surely shine through. Fans are eager to see if the full track delivers on the promises of personal lyrics and throwback country sound.

The Duo Is Prepping For Busy Years On 

The announcement happened just ahead of the busy schedule for the musical couple. While Stefani is heading to reunite with her band, 90s alt-rock group, No Doubt at April’s Coachella Festival Shelton booted up to launch his Back to the Honky Tonk North American tour with Emily Ann and Dustin Lynch. She was looking to release this long-waited collaboration before joining her band. 

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“Purple Irises” offers a glance into their established loving partnership and brings forth the magic created by working together. It implies that their inspiration from each other shows no sign of receding as their first duet release is set to be this year.

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