Sharon Stone Revealed The Producer Who Asked Her To Sleep With Co-Star

Sharon Stone revealed that the Hollywood mogul Robert Evans asked her to sleep with William Baldwin to improve on-screen chemistry.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 13, 2024 – 4 minutes read


Recently, Sharon Stone revealed the producer’s identity who asked her to sleep with a co-star to improve their performance onscreen. She said that the Hollywood mogul Robert Evan, who died in 2019, suggested she have sex with the co-star Billy Baldwin in the 1993 movie “Silver” to improve the onscreen chemistry. Sharon mentioned the incident in her 2021 memoir, “The Beauty Of Living Twice” without revealing the producer’s name.

Sharon Shared The Incident On A Podcast


Sharon revealed the incident on the recent episode of Louis Theroux Podcast. Recalling the incident, Stone stated that she “should’ve been on set” when Evans called her to his office to talk about her chemistry with Baldwin on screen. She said that Evans was running around in his office with sunglasses explaining that he slept with Ava Gardner and she should sleep with Billy Baldwin so that Baldwin’s performance in the movie would be better. She also said that Evans mentioned that they needed to improve the performance of Baldwin as it was the problem they faced. 

Sharon added that Evan thought if she could sleep with Billy, then, it would help them develop onscreen chemistry and if she had sex with Baldwin it would save the movie. She also said that the real problem in the movie was her as she was so uptight and not like a real actress who could just have sex with Baldwin and get things on track.  She said the real problem was that she was such a tight a**. 

Stone became popular in the 1980s and 1990s, starring opposite Michael Douglas in successful movies like Basic Instinct, Total Recall, The Mighty, Casino, and The Last Action Hero. Stone believed that the studio bosses were to be blamed for their poor casting. She said she didn’t have to have sex with Michael to perform well in movies. She recalled that Michael would come to the shoots to rehearse, and plan what to do and that he knew how to execute things. Stone also said that she felt that she was suddenly in an “I have to f*** people” business. Further, the actress alleged that Evans insisted on casting Baldwin and didn’t listen to the list of actors she provided.

Baldwin’s Response To Sharon

Soon after Sharon’s podcast was aired, Baldwin posted on X backlashing and threatening Sharon. He threatened that he would “write a book and tell many many disturbing, kinky, and unprofessional tales about Sharon”. She also wrote that he doesn’t know why Sharon still keeps talking about him. He also doubted whether she still had a crush on him or if she was hurt because he shunned her advice years back. 

Baldwin further mentioned a conversation that happened between Sharon and her gal pal Janice Dickinson when he ran into them on a flight. He said that Sharon said she would make him fall for her so hard that it would make his head spin. He later threatened that he had so much dirt on her which would make her head spin, but he chose to keep quiet.

But Janice Dickinson has refused Baldwin’s statement, claiming that she has no recollection of the mentioned conversation. She also said that she doesn’t know why Baldwin is bringing such things. She adorned both the actors but stated that such a conversation never happened.

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The Incident Mentioned In The Memoir

Stone first talked about the incident that occurred during the 1993 Silver film shoot, which was directed by Phillip Noyce, in her memoir “The Beauty of Living Twice”, published in 2021. She revealed in the book that she was pressured by a producer to have sex with her co-star to “have onscreen chemistry,” but she insisted she never went through. In the memoir, she wrote that she felt the crew could have hired a co-star with talent, someone who could remember his lines. She also added that she felt they could have f— him themselves and left her out of it.

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