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Stacked Bob Haircut: It’s A Shortcut!

A hack to stylish convenience!

Written by Rani Premkumar

On May 5, 2023 – 11 minutes read

Stacked Bob Haircut It’s a shortcut - Feature

The association of long hair with women and short hair with men has become a thing of the past. Nowadays working women opt for shorter hairstyles due to hectic schedules that do not allow them time for long-hair upkeep in the midst of juggling a hundred things. Short hair is convenient. Period. But you do not need to be branded a tom-boy for your short haircut. We are proud to be women and we want to show it off every single time. Now there are a plethora of options to cut your hair short and still look feminine enough. A stacked bob haircut is one of them.

The stacked bob hairstyle entered the fashion world in the 1960s and is still relevant today because of the paucity of time women have in the modern day for long-drawn hair styling routines. This haircut is a get-up from bed and shakes your head to style your hair to go about your day hairstyle. This is one of those upgrading acts we all want to be accused of once in a while.

Stacked Bob Haircut The Feminine Look!

This haircut gives emphasis on the back of the head where hair will be stacked. There are multiple varieties of haircuts made unique with layering, length, styling, etc. The back of the head will have short hair- layered and rounded while remaining faintly angled to the front. A stacked bob can be universally opted for by girls with any type of hair, though it can lend volume to thinner hair.

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

-“Coco Chanel“-

A stacked bob is also called a graduated bob. It is one that has layers stacked up at the back. It is very short but has layers along the sides. The length gradually becomes longer until you reach the desired length in the front.

Stacked Bob Haircut The Feminine Look

These haircuts are the way to go if you want a trendy yet feminine look. This is a short hairstyle that makes you look super girly. There are variants within the stacked bob haircuts which can help you retain some hair length if you are scared to go really short. The medium-length stacked bob haircut leaves room for longer hair. It is the back of the head that will undergo some chopping. Shoulder length stacked bob haircut is very popular, which is great when left straight, wavy, or pixie.  Curtain bangs or straight bangs also can be added to the front to make this haircut less brutal. Hair coloring methods can add dimension, subtlety, and glam to the haircut. Some opt for balayage and some go into bold coloring styles. It’s your call!

Stacked Bob Haircut And You!

The stacked bob haircuts always emphasize the stacked back side of the head and the crown. This gives an illusion of length to the neck. If you have a cat or a beauty spot you want to show off, this hairstyle is your bestie. With all the variants in place, you can get to your ideal haircut after studying what it does to each face. Rounder faces can benefit from the angles these haircuts give. Longer faces can look better from the wavy longer front hair strands which an inverted bob with this haircut can give. This haircut can add volume to the crown which can give some outline to a small face.

Most of these are high maintenance as they have to be trimmed every now and then to retain the fresh look. The coloring also would need touch-ups to keep the hairdo looking up to date and up to the mark.

30 Extremely Teased Bedhead Stacked Bob Haircut 

This is to bring a carefree attitude to your head with this extremely teased head of hair, with no emphasis on sharp angles or stylish stacking. This is modest stacking which makes the hair look voluminous.

Handpicked 30 stacked bob hairstyles to give you some inspo to rock a Gen Z look

1. Short And Balayage Stacked Bob Haircuts

Great for the thin-haired to get a fuller and rounder head of hair that looks voluminous. The feathered side swept bangs sure complement the stacked look. The balayage with the haircut does give the illusion of thickness.

Short And Balayage

2. The Sleek Stacked Bob Haircuts

The roundish stack looks sleek and chic with the angled side cut embellished by soft layers. This is the best bet for the straight-haired who wants to look professional as well. No flyaways and messiness. This hardly needs any styling later on!

 The Sleek

3. Elongated Sharp Angle With Nape-Hugging

This calls for a shortcut and a sharp angle which will make way for a high crown which is the best Stacked Bob Haircuts If you have a round face, go for this one as it will make your face look longer. Looks great with baby lights on!

Elongated Sharp Angle With Nape-Hugging

4. Two-Tier Stacked Bob Haircut 

 This is great on an already thick mane, and the two-tier stacked bob is uniform in the cuts with no elongation and drama. This haircut will go well with power dressing.

Two-Tier Stacked Bob Haircut 

5. Extra Short Stacked Bob Haircut With Layers

What makes this one stand out is the extra short trimming at the nape and wavy layers which highlight the thickness of the hair. Ideal for those with thick hair. Highlights or lowlights will accentuate the finesse of this haircut.

 Extra Short  With Layers

6. V- Cut Nape Pixie Stacked Bob Haircut

This is great for those with a shorter neck or someone who wants to flaunt their neck, as the v-cut at the nape shows more neck. The pixie short bangs go well with the high-stacked bob, just like the characteristic pixie cut which has short sides and bangs. The stack will make the style more feminine.

 V- Cut Nape Pixie Stacked Bob Haircut

7. Sleek Feathered Stacked Bob Haircut

This is for the super straight hair that looks ultra stylish with a deep side partition in this haircut. The feathered peek-a-boo bangs frame the face. This is ideal for the square-jawed. It can be easily styled with a hair iron and you are done! This one looks a little bedhead towards the crown, but look at how the purple highlights add more dimensions to the sleek stack.

Sleek Feathered Stacked Bob Haircut

8. Messy Spikey

This is a trendy bold stacked bob haircut that looks intentionally messy with spiky layers. The peek-a-boo chin-length bangs frame the face and complement the messy chic style.

 Messy Spikey

9. Short Stacked Brunette Haircut

This is the mother of the stacked bob haircut which is short and graceful. This is a neat low maintenance haircut with a poofy crown which gives more volume to the stack. This long bob style is great for professionals who do not want the daily hairstyle maintenance ordeal! A great straight-hair haircut!

 Short Stacked Brunette Haircut

10. Short Inverted Bob Stacked Haircut

The short inverted bob with its angled slant, with more length to the front, makes for a stylish twist to the stacked bob haircut. Again a straight-hair winner, this one works for both thick and thin manes.

Short Inverted Bob Stacked Haircut

11. Sharp Angled Stacked Bob Haircut

A straight cut across the nape and an angled longer front with razor-cut layers make for a super convenient haircut. This one is another one of those no styling needed haircuts.

 Sharp Angled Stacked Bob Haircut

13. Wavy Balayage Stacked Bob Haircut

This one is a layered haircut that has been cut in such a way to enable the layers, to be ironed as messy waves. This can be done by giving enough length to the layers to enable the ironing, creating a messy wavy head of hair.

Wavy Balayage Stacked Bob Haircut

14. Pink Rose Angled

This haircut mixes the elements of color, inverted bob, bangs, and stacked bob haircut. The choice of color makes this look ultra-funky.

. Pink Rose Angled

15. Brunette Sharp Angled Stacked Bob Haircut With Bangs

It’s the bangs that bring the hot Asian looks to the already angled bob haircut. This sure frames the face and can give some sharpness to an already round face.

Brunette Sharp Angled Stacked Bob Haircut With Bangs

16. Croppy Wavy

This one is a shattered stacked bob haircut that has chopped the hair along the nape straight across with tousled waves all over. This stack also leaves some longer pieces on the front to add value to the overall wavy look.

Croppy Wavy

17. Sassy Pixie Sharpie

This one is a sassy stacked bob haircut with Sharpies tickling the neck. Shorter and lighter strands are left straightened to bring the sharp pixie energy to the game.

 Sassy Pixie Sharpie

18. Wavy Feminine

Just check out this look of an Indian author, Luna, who loves to play with different hairstyles. This is a wavy stacked bob haircut that allows the feminine(1) play of longer waves towards the front, thus framing her face and making the stack look spontaneous and natural.

Wavy Feminine stacked bob haircut

19. Voluminous Feathered Stacked Bob Haircut

This is an amazing way to give each strand of hair its life. This one is a neat haircut with the feathery light strands stacked neatly throughout the bob with no dramatic elongations or drama. 

Voluminous Feathered Stacked Bob Haircut

20. Jaw Long Razored Stacked Bob Haircut

This bob with its asymmetrical layers and feathery razored ends, creates a bulkier and more voluminous silhouette. The sharp jaw-touching haircut is great for the thin-haired ones. The wispy layers of hair prancing around are a great girly and fun look.

Jaw Long Razored Stacked Bob Haircut

21. Inverted Bob

This is an inverted bob technique at play here with the stacked bob haircut, with fine layers towards the front.  The good thing about the inverted bob inclusion is the longer length that is allowed at the front so that we can flip the hair whenever we want! It is not at all boyish!

 Inverted Bob

22. Pretty Rounded Stacked Bob Haircut 

This is a cropped, stacked haircut with a dramatic angle which gives additional height and body for the crown. These elongated strands balance out a rounder face. A good quality blowout and a good old hair spray will enhance the effect and make it last.

Pretty Rounded Stacked Bob Haircut 

23. One-length Stacked Bob Haircut 

This one is for the luxurious thick hair which is stacked at the nape. This one has a uniform length and is great for flaunting the thickness of your mane.

 One-length Stacked Bob Haircut 

24. The Swoopy Stacked Bob Haircut 

This A-line bob is characterized by multiple stacked layers swept toward the nape. This look is classy with a rounded shape and perfect for thick-haired ones. The layers swooping to the nape are a chic look that you can achieve with this stacked bob haircut. Not to mention the subtle highlights that make the hair achieve more character.

The Swoopy Stacked Bob Haircut 

25. Inverted Bob With Crown Layers

What is unique is the layers at the crown which add more volume and height there. This is medium-length straight hair, parted on the side which barely touches the shoulders, creating an alluring hairstyle that is both hot and trendy.

. Inverted Bob With Crown Layers

26. Angled Bob With Wispy Layers Stacked Bob Haircut 

This high-stacked A-line stacked bob hairstyle is all a game if you want to sport a glam look with the wispy layers, bringing depth to the angle and sharpness to the look.

Angled Bob With Wispy Layers Stacked Bob Haircut

27. Voluminous Long Stacked Bob Haircut 

This hairstyle relies on added volume up top and on the sides, instead of just the common stacked-in-back look of most bobs in these pictures. The hair can be styled in waves towards the lower regions of the hair. Extremely feminine stacked bob haircut for those who love longer manes but want to go adventurous.

 Voluminous Long Stacked Bob Haircut 

28. Short Elegant Stacked Bob Haircut 

Women do have a tendency to have thinner hair towards the frontal part of the head. This hairstyle is great for bringing a visually thicker head of hair illusion but stacking the hair thicker towards the back and leaving longer hair strands to dance around the face make the look uber feminine.

 Short Elegant Stacked Bob Haircut 

29. Inverted Bob Undercut Stacked Bob Haircut 

There is no denying that the undercut brings the daredevil out of the hairstyle. This is an inverted bob with longer layers to the front. But the stack is accentuated by this punk undercut! Tease a bit and go paint the town red!

Inverted Bob Undercut Stacked Bob Haircut 

30. Fiery Stacked Bob Haircut 

This is a play with colors which brings the stacked bob haircut the fire element styling. There is no subtle way of going about this look. You will be on fire big time!

Fiery Stacked Bob Haircut 


What is the difference between a stacked bob and a layered bob?

A stacked bob has layers. This brings in an angled dimension to the hair-do, while the layered bob has short, choppy, or long layers.

What is a stacked bob haircut?

Stacked Bob has layers stacked up at the back. It allows the hair to be longer to the front in an angled way. This style is versatile in such a way that it can be mixed with long layers, pixies, and bangs.

Is a stacked bob in style?

Yup! A stacked bob is very much in style. There have been upgrades every now and then, to incorporate the latest developments in hairstyling, which makes it an all-time hit. Scarlet Johanson, Paris Hilton, and J. Lo all have rocked this style.

Are stacked bobs high maintenance?

You may have to face the shears every four weeks if you want to maintain a deliberate hair-do with the stacked bob. The coloring also needs touch-ups for fresher vibes. And about the daily maintenance, some varieties of this trend require teasing and curling into waves.

What shape of the face is great for the Stacked bob haircuts?

This is suitable for all shapes of the face as this haircut places its emphasis on the back of the head. But the angled cut reaches the front which can have long, short, or banged hairstyles, according to the shape of the face and individual choice. Long, heart, oval, and round face shapes can find variations of this which can flatter the shape of the face.

Final Thoughts

The stacked bob haircut has made its comeback in 2023 with new variations that can flatter any face. Those who are not afraid to shed some length from the locks can get a super chic look- the boho, punk, anime, or celebrity style. Let the hair do the introductions for you!! Cheers!

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