Sydney Sweeney Hilariously Addresses Rumors in SNL’s epic monologue

Sydney Sweeney humorously tackles baseless rumors about affair between her and her co-star Powell.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 4, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Sydney Sweeney addresses affair rumors on SNL

Celebrated actress Sydney Sweeney started her debut hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL) on Saturday, March 4th. By delivering an opening monologue, she made fun of herself and at some of the crazy rumors spread about her personal life and career. The White Lotus star could not shy away from roasting her recent appearance in Madame Web along with Dakota Johnson and Emma Roberts. She navigated the show between subtle satire and social commentary to entertain the audience hilariously.

Sweeney’s Take On Her Madame Web Role

Sydney Sweeney debunks co-star affair rumors

Sweeney single-handedly started by cracking a joke about her role in the recent box-office failure Madame Web. Dandified in a white noodle-strapped dress, she roasted her role in Madame Web saying wittily that fans have spotted her crying and being emotional in shows like Euphoria, but definitely did not see her in Madame Web. 

Then the actress moved on to describe how she grew up in a small town on the Washington-Idaho border. She even dared to take a dig at the MAGA hat controversy at last. She joked about the controversy over her mother’s 60th birthday party in 2022 in Idaho, where some guests appeared wearing hats that resembled Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats. Sweeney jokingly commented that when people ask her if she attended any Trump-themed party, she says “Idaho.”

Humorous Tackling Of The Relationship Rumors

Next, Sweeney ventured to address the rumors about her relationship with Anyone But You co-star, Glen Powell while filming. She was firm while denying the affair rumors with the words, “That’s obviously not true.” Sweeney went on to say that her fiance Jonathan co-produced the movie with her and he was with her throughout the filming. In August, while giving an interview to Variety magazine, Sweeney had cleared that the flirty interactions between her and Powell were only part of their job.

Reasserting the point, then Sweeney asked the camera to move to someone special(her fiancé) in the audience supporting her. When the camera panned to the spot, Glen Powell was spotted sitting there instead. Sweeney immediately clarified that her real fiancé was backstage and that Powell’s cameo role was just planned as part of the joke. 

By handling the craziest rumors with humor, Sweeney hilariously amused the SNL audience. She cleverly dismissed the affair rumors and scope of speculation instantly. She confirmed that she and her fiancé are “stronger than ever” in their bond. Though the rumors were falsified, Sweeney’s chemistry with Powell contributed to making their recent rom-com movie Anyone But You a box office smash, amassing more than $200 million worldwide. Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell have denied past rumors about their relationship, reaffirming that people know that they’re just friends.

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In short, Sweeney’s SNL monologue, winning the crown by poking fun at herself, rendered to be a great success. She manipulated the dram in her favor with her signature wit and wisdom instead of running away from it. She proved this breakout SNL hosting debut to be comfortable for her to confront rumors and head on further. 

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