Breakthrough Discovery In Skin Aging Technology By Timeline Skincare Brand

A novel and revolutionary scientific approach in skin aging technology found by Timeline aid complete cellular renewal, in a way you won’t believe.

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On Jan 18, 2023 – 3 minutes read

skin aging technology

The most engaging Swiss-based cellular health brand Timeline announced the launch of its new range of skincare products. Timeline had invested in its Research and Development for more than a decade in curating a patented ingredient Mitopure. Mitopure is a very pure form of the organic compound Urolithin A, which is an anti-aging compound.

The company has the vision to focus on Mitopure products to expand its benefits to the largest organ in the body, the skin. This is the very foundation of the brand Timeline i.e skin aging technology(1). People are waiting for a product to reverse their skin texture as they grow old. There are already brands in the market in the process of developing anti-aging skin ointments for improving skin texture in old age.

Timeline Skin Care Brand And Mitopure

The only first-line skincare product with Mitopure(2) is revealed by Timeline Skin Health(3). The ingredient is clinically proven to energize your cells from the inside giving you a healthy layer of the outer skin. There are four key benefits of the ingredient, Mitopure when applied religiously. Energy, youthfulness, resilience, and gentle power are the essential functions of Mitopure. Mitopure enhances mitochondrial function and muscle endurance in older and middle-aged adults. Its anti-inflammatory properties rejuvenate the immune system.

Within 2 weeks of application, the results are visible to the naked eye. Collagen is the naturally found element in our body that makes our cells strong and increases stretching capacity. As a person grows older, collagen reduces in our skin making the skin look saggy. Mitopure supports the process of collagen assembly and protects against aging.

“Timeline has always been on the cutting-edge of health advances with performance-driven products that improve well-being at the cellular level,” said Timeline CEO and Co-Founder Chris Rinsch, Ph.D. Chris firmly believes that this will be a revolutionary product beating the retinol-based products in the market.

It is also proved that our 500mg product contains the organic compound Urolithin A 6 times more than in a pomegranate juice. The idea came to notice when it was found out that people could only observe a very less number of components from food that aid in better skin health. Only a few people had the power to observe all of the nutrients in the food.

About The Skincare Products

Currently, there are three products of the brand up for sale in the market. Each cream is designed to achieve certain properties of the skin.

The Day Cream aims to boost skin hydration and leaves the skin’s appearance revitalized, rejuvenated, and resilient. Clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkle depth after two weeks of use. Overall skin quality, texture, and radiance are visibly improved. It leaves the skin soft with a silky feeling. The product cost is around $250 for 50 ml.

The Night Cream helps to regenerate skin overnight, so you wake up re-energized and look younger. The product manages to work wonders on your skin at night. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A deeply hydrating formula that strengthens the skin barrier. Skin texture and grain, feel smoother and more even. The product melts onto the skin and leaves a soft, velvety, and silky feeling. For a 50ml tub of cream, it costs around $250.

A deep tightening and lifting sensation is instantly felt for a visibly firmer complexion with the application of face serum. The face serum works on t reduce wrinkles and hydrates the skin. Proper usage of the product makes the skin appear more radiant, brighter and younger. A lightweight, highly concentrated formulation absorbs fast, leaving the skin feeling soft and velvety. The above-mentioned products clinically proved the promised results. Timeline face serum cost $280 for 30 ml. Additionally, Timeline Skin Health’s packaging includes a refillable system for Day Cream and Night Cream. Our dermatologist-approved products have been third-party tested for their clean formulations.

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