Flirty Tinder Conversation Starters To Stir Up Feelings

Swiping right for the right person with the right words.

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Tinder Conversation Starters

It’s no secret that we all prefer getting the first message from our attractive Tinder matches. Let’s face it: waiting around for someone cute to reach out first isn’t exactly a thrill. Instead of sitting around anxiously waiting for a notification, why not take control? In other words, kick things off with a great Tinder conversation starter to get the ball rolling with your matches right away. Explore these Tinder Conversation Starters to spark engaging discussions with your matches.

If you’re worried about being ignored or left hanging, here are some tried-and-true Tinder conversation starters to help you make a good impression.

Tinder Conversation Starters That Promise Quick Responses

Tinder is where we connect with like-minded people with shared interests, hoping to get off the phone and land a perfect first date. So you cannot afford to blow up an opportunity with a seemingly perfect match, right? The trick remains the same: keep some of the best Tinder conversation starters up your sleeve.

Easy Tinder Conversation Starters

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned user of Tinder, having smooth opening lines is essential for starting and maintaining a conversation, especially when it comes to Tinder conversation starters with a girl. We’re all tired of the cliché opening lines that only result in dull and uninteresting chats ending in awkward silence. Plus, since people tend to be judgmental, first impressions are crucial. That’s why you need to make a lasting impact with the best Tinder conversation starters, especially when chatting with a girl. Looking for more? Check out our first-date flirting tips for women to enhance your dating game.

What Is A Good First Message On Tinder?

To ace good Tinder conversation starters, you need a good first message on Tinder. Point often overlooked: not every first message is good enough to get the ball rolling. If you are still in your “hey, why?” era, you need to step up! Because it is not cutting it!

According to dating experts, a good first message intrigues interest and prompts conversation. Even if you are looking for a fling, you must put in some effort, seeing that crafting the best Tinder conversation starters is an art in itself. 

Tinder Conversation Starters With A Girl

Once you’ve found common ground, it’s time to send that first message, especially for guys looking for Tinder conversation starters. Forget about the usual, tired lines that won’t grab your match’s attention. Instead, opt for a uniquely clever and creative opening line using Tinder conversation starters for guys.

💟 Humorous jokes

💟 Cheesy pickup lines

💟 Sweet compliments

💟 Interesting questions

💟 Witty comments

💟 Open-ended questions

💟 Flirty and playful banter

💟 Hint at their interests

In essence, a solid first message should elicit a response without leaving you feeling awkward. That’s why you need the top Tinder conversation starters, including funny ones, that actually get results. After all, the ultimate aim is to kick off a conversation. So, the more you tailor your opener to the individual, the more effective it’ll be.

Listed below are a few conversation starters on Tinder you can use to catch your match.

Tinder Conversation Starters To Get A Response

To hit it off with your potential match, try these best conversation starters on Tinder.

💜 Short, Sweet, And Smart Opening Lines

Your Tinder match may find long sentences boring and lose their attention quickly. In that case, choose to work a sweet and witty conversation starter with one or three sentences tops. You can always go into details later on your first date! In short sentences, find something to compliment them generously and a smart comment to go with it. This surely butters them up for a self-pat.

“I wonder how many gushes over that body! Cuz I haven’t been able to stop looking at it.”

“Are you from Tennessee? Because you are all the 10 I see!”

“I get to talk to a hot personality, is it my lucky day already?”

💜 Flirt The Pants Off But Subtly

Flirty Tinder conversation starters almost always lead to a match. While many men may not openly admit it, they do get excited and affectionate over text messages. To stir up those feelings, flirt with confidence in subtle ways. It’s wise to engage in playful banter and keep the tone light and cheeky, adding a dash of spice with some saucy hints. This is especially effective when figuring out how to start a Tinder conversation with a girl.

Tinder conversation starters for guys

“That jacket in your last pic looks cozy, can we share it on our date?”

“Do you find it sexy when a girl/guy sends the first message? Or, should I wait for you?”

“What is your favorite way to be seduced by a woman/man?”

💜 Refer To Something On Their Bio

Mentioning something you found on their profile affirms your interest and suggests that you are attentive. Even if their profile is bare to the minimum, work with what you have got! In other words, comment on anything interesting you found in their pictures, or about their hobbies or activities.

“Where is that place in your first pic? I would love to get a tour from the pro itself!”

“I see you are a football player and a crazy (team name) fan! How did it feel to watch your favorite team lift the cup? Tell me over drinks.”

“So, you are a traveler. Where’s your next trip to?”

💜 Ask Open-ended Questions

The most effective Tinder conversation starters often involve open-ended questions. They leave the other person no choice but to respond! Opt for questions that prompt more than just a brief reply, encouraging deeper engagement. Additionally, ensure your questions are meaningful, showing genuine interest in their responses. This approach keeps the conversation flowing smoothly.

Tinder Conversation Starters Funny

“What are your weekend priorities? Netflix and chill, sleeping in, or sunset picnic?”

“It is no secret that I find your workout pics hot. How else do you relieve stress?”

“What is the one thing I should know before asking you out?”

“Have you recently watched any amazing movies? I’m constantly seeking suggestions, especially for movies to watch with your boyfriend!”

💜 Make A Witty Or Funny Comment

Once you pick something that stands out from their profile, write a funny or witty comment that guarantees a laugh. You may even add a personal story relatable to it. Even better, end this conversation starter on Tinder with a question as well. This might help in building a connection between you two.

“Wow, I am resisting the urge to throw a cheesy pickup line at you!”

“Let’s cut to the chase, do you go for a funny one or a cute one? Lucky for you, I am both!”

“Let’s be honest, I think your first message got lost on the Internet. So here is mine!”

💜Trade Lightly And Keep It Positive

Indeed, asking questions is encouraged. However, it’s essential not to get too personal and risk creeping them out right after they swipe right! Always keep your best Tinder conversation starter light and positive. It’s universally true that nobody appreciates a rude comment from a complete stranger, so save the smug attitude for your buddies. Instead, begin with a light and friendly line that naturally initiates a conversation.

“Don’t tell me you watch the show (name)! Can we debrief last night’s episode quickly?”

“OMG, you have been to (place’s name). I am dying to hear all about it!”

“Anything fun left on your checklist to check off? I can help you finish.”

💜 Cut To The Chase And Get To The Point

Sometimes being blunt is a good Tinder conversation starter. It is obvious that they like you, hence they swiped right. Some sort of physical attraction is already established. If you are actually interested in a date, get off the phone as soon as possible. According to dating experts, you should mention a date within three text exchanges. Sounds bold, might even go south. But just do it! Add a few flirty suggestions, your match will catch the hint.

How To Start Tinder Conversation With A Girl

“I say we continue the chat over our favorite dish in (town’s name). Yay to a happy hour?”

“Where is your favorite bar in town? We should go for a drink!”

“Picnic dates are my favorite first-date vibes! Should we agree on a dinner spread over the beach?”

💜 Stick To The Good Old Stuff

If you are drawing a blank on the right Tinder conversation starter, you can always go with the basic questions. Or, you can ask some heavy yet engaging questions as well.

“What does your dream life look like?”

“Can you tell me about a book that changed you?”

“Let’s talk about your secret guilty pleasure.”

Final Take

Writing the best icebreakers for a first message could be nerve-racking. You don’t want to seem pretentious and instead remain authentic. Hence, you can try any of the best Tinder conversation starters listed above that scream your personality. Pick an optimal opening line from funny and flirty to smart and sexy lines, chances are your date could be taking you to the first date in no time.


1. What do you say on Tinder flirty?

“If you are going to skip the starter and go straight for the dessert, I am your pick.”

2. How to flirt on Tinder?

By using pun-intended first messages with cheesy pickup lines, a play of words with a sexy tone, and saucy hints.

3. What to text a guy on Tinder?

“Did you know I fall for guys with attractive eyes like you?” 

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