Who and Where Is Rita Marley? What Happened to Her After Bob Marley’s Death? 

Where is Rita Marley, and what did she do after Bob Marley’s death? These questions are finally answered

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Rita Marley wife of Bob Marley

Bob Marley was always a great advocate for freedom and the revolutionary battles to achieve it. No wonder his wife, Rita Marley, has taken up his mantle and has been working tirelessly in the background to help his spiritual vision come true, all the while preserving his music.

Who and Where is Rita Marley

Bob Marley and Rita Marley with their son Ziggy Marley

The name of the divine singer Bob Marley keeps ringing in the hearts of music lovers even after 43 years have passed since his song of life went silent. The newest biopic depicting his life is about to be released and has prompted his new generation of fans to question the current status of his wife.

Mrs. Marley was born in 1946 in Jamaica, with her roots stretching from Cuba to Kingston. She was raised by her aunt in Jamaica after her parents split up. Her talent was exposed early on when she joined the church choir, which in turn granted her an invitation to join the Soulettes. 

Bob Marley met his future, wife Rita Constantia Anderson, in the 1960s, who was a prominent figure in the reggae scene, and they got married in 1966. Rita’s melodic journey since their initial meeting has been under the guidance of Bob Marley. Their mutual love for music gave way to profound love with a hint of divinity to it.

Rita’s career in the reggae scene was phenomenal, as she was one of the very best in the industry and became part of many institutions, including Wailing Wailers. Her collaborations with Judy Mowatt and Marcia Griffith were legendary. 

They together formed the I Threes, which later on turned into the backbone of the Jamaican music industry and Bob Marley’s shows. They are still talked about to this day as one of the few artistic talent collaborations that have lasted in the fast-paced music industry. 

Her solo career was as phenomenal as her collaborations with her hit albums “Who Feels It Knows It” and “Harambe,” which gave her a diversity-driven voice along with the rich spiritual achievements expressed in her songs.

The Death of Bob Marley 

The death of Bob Marley completely devastated Rita, all the while with an unexpected and unprepared job handed to her on a platter. She had to manage the entire empire of Bob Marley, including his recording studio and various other properties.

She was initially criticized and even faced legal allegations that accused her of stealing his property. Rita never feared battles and faced them all with great courage and dignity. Even with all those setbacks, she was able to develop and expand the empire.

Rita later on explained that she dared to keep fighting because she never considered herself a feeble widow of Bob Marley but rather felt like he was still here with her. Helping and advising her as he always used to.

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Ziggy Marley, son of Bob and Rita Marley, has expressed his stance on his mother’s influence in developing and preserving his father’s creative works was nothing short of perfection, as she had completely worked to the bone to make sure Bob’s ideas would keep on living.

Ziggy believes that such a connection is not a miracle in itself but something that everyone needs in their life to live a peaceful and happy life. He further elaborated that they had a deep connection beyond love beyond mystical, a deep spiritual connection. 

Rita is currently recuperating and living in Miami after suffering from a stroke in 2016, which she took as a hint from God to rest. Although resting, she is still working to preserve his legacy by taking on the role of producer for the new biopic about Bob Marley called Bob Marley: One Love.

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