Who Is Maria Georgas From The Bachelor 2024 And Why Is She Going Viral 

Who is Maria Georgas, and what is her role in The Bachelor 2024 that keeps her at the top of the viral feed?

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Maria Georgas on Bachelors 2024

Maria Georgas is the name that everyone in Batchelor Nation utters. But who is Maria, and what made her so outrageously famous and a worthy competitor for becoming the ultimate bachelorette of the year? 

Who is Maria Georgas

Maria Georgas at Bachelor 2024

Maria Georgas is one of the 32 contestants on Batchelor season 28 with Joey Graziadei, who was a runner-up on the 20th season and the 28th season’s bachelor.

Maria Georgas is a 29-year-old woman from Kleinburg, Ontario, who is working as an assistant executive. She also worked as an actress before this career transition. She worked with Vin Diesel in the movie “The Pacifier,” released in 2005.

Her Bachelor Nation bio creates an image of an independent, cool woman with unique taste and surprising elements that otherwise would be hard to pin on her. She is depicted as a woman who is finally done with flings and other situationships and ready to have a long-term relationship. 

Due to something supernatural, she was given a glimpse of such a person to settle down with the help of a psychic. Which in turn pointed to Joey, making her pursue him with sheer determination. Only time could tell whether this psychic could predict the future or not.

She is interested in all sorts of niches, making her a well-loved personality with a multitude of traits and interests. She has a black belt in Taekwondo, loves to eat spaghetti, and has an unhealthy obsession with watching gory horror films. 

She wishes to find a man who could enjoy those passions with her or at least embrace them without judging them, all the while giving her space to be herself instead of trying to change her personality to meet his needs. 

Maria Georgas believes that Joey is such a person, and his words also point in the same direction, creating a higher chance for them to be crowned in the end. 

The Viral Drama

Joey brought Maria and Sydney together on a two-to-one date on a boat to finally end the squabble between them. He had enough of the bullying accusations and all the other drama-inducing narratives.

In the end, Sydney got kicked out of the show, while Maria was chosen to have dinner with Joey. Fanning the flames of jealousy for other contestants. Moreover, Maria was excited to have the rose and take part in the upcoming rose ceremony.

That’s when the drama unfolded as Lea Canayan accused the other girls of not shedding a tear for their lost comrade and her best friend Sydney. All the while, they are trying to cozy up with Maria, who has the potential to win.

Lea’s anger reached its melting point when Madina’s cordial behavior towards Maria was the reason for their initial quarrel with Mariah in the first place. Lea accused Madina of jumping the boats and having no loyalty, which was vehemently rejected by Madina.

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Madina expressed that her stance on what to do at any given moment is up to her and is not based on external opinions. All the while Lea, kept on ostracizing Maria, causing her to cry and leave the cocktail party in tears.

She later expressed her desire to leave the program due to other contestants’ behavior. Furthermore, she expressed that she wanted to leave right there and then, reminding herself to tell Joey that she was living because it felt like the right thing to do. 

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