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Alignerco Reviews: Is It Safe In The Long Run?

From safety to effectiveness and treatment cost, we cover everything you’ve been looking for in AlignerCo Reviews to help you make the right choice between aligners and braces.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Feb 26, 2024 – 10 minutes read

It’s crazy how fast these aligners are blowing up! Lately, I have been noticing a bunch of Alignerco reviews popping up online. But at the time I had them, it was not from reviews that I got to know about them. Nah, my dentist put me onto them. I had been juggling in my mind the idea of getting metal braces or retainers and couldn’t make up my mind as to which one to go for.

Whenever I think of those old-timey braces, it takes me back to high school. Scary, right? So, when my dentist told me about these invisible aligners, I got hella curious. I learned all I could from the doc, and finally decided to go for the impression kit-only package first. Then I changed my mind and decided to go all in with the All Day Invisible Aligners. 

Here’s my story. In this Alignerco review, I’ll analyze the price details, package options available, ease of use, benefits, pros and cons, and finally talk about what kind of impact they had on my life. Ready, are you? 

Alignerco Reviews: What are Alignerco Aligners?

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Alignerco aligners are the new kind of invisible braces, also known as ‘Invisalign’, which includes a set of removable aligners that are capable of slowly straightening your teeth. About time they got rid of those metal braces!

Alignerco has three different kinds of packages designed for convenience and flexibility, all with a common purpose. Among those, the kit-first plan is only meant to take dental impressions that need to be sent back to the manufacturer and includes impression putty and trays, smile projection, and a cheek retractor. The other two packages, All Day Invisible Aligners and NightOnly Clear Aligners, also come with three payment options each, among which you can either go with their one-time payment options or the monthly installment options.

All Day Invisible Aligners package includes an impression kit, smile projection, aligners, and retainers, and are supposed to be worn for 20 to 22 hours a day. With this package, you can expect noticeable changes within 4 to 6 months. Among its payment options, SmileAdvantage is the one-time payment option, and SmilFlex and SmileFlex Easy are two installment options that can be paid within 6 to 12 months, the latter with a downpayment of $135.

The wear-time of NightOnly Clear Aligners is just 8 to 10 hours at night while you sleep. It includes everything that comes with the All Day Invisible package but takes a few more months than the former to get results due to reduced wear-time. Except for the NightAdvantage option, the other two are installments and NightFlex Easy requires a downpayment of $445. 

That’s a lot of information to keep in mind! I will break it down later with price details later on in my Alignerco review for you.

How Does It Work?

Alignerco aligners work by aligning your misaligned and crooked teeth using a series of aligners during the prescribed course of treatment. You can either choose the impression kit alone with the kit-first plan or go for either one of the other options that include the impression kit along with the rest of the things. Use the impression kit to take your dental impressions at home and send them back.

A specialized team of experts at Alignerco will analyze your impressions and customize a few sets of invisible aligners based on that. Each of these aligners and the treatment plans are evaluated by a licensed orthodontist to ensure safety and efficacy. 

They give clear instructions to wear these customized series of aligners regularly for the prescribed time so that they can gradually move your teeth into their desired position to achieve a balanced bite. The retainer in the package is supposed to be worn after the teeth are properly aligned using the aligner, to retain their position. If you have time, just go through a few more Alignerco reviews and you will get an even better idea about how it works.

Alignerco Price

Alignerco has an array of options on packages you can choose from depending on your convenience. All of them are available on the official website of Alignerco and nowhere else, and you can purchase them with a single click.

Let’s take a look at the Alignerco price details.

  • Kit-First plan – $59.99
  • All Day Invisible Aligners
    • SmileAdvantage – $820 (one-time payment)
    • SmileFlex – $69/month
    • SmileFlex Easy – $135/month 
  • NightOnly Clear Aligners
    • NightAdvantage – $1020 (one-time payment)
    • NightFlex – $85/month
    • NightFlex Easy – $150/month

Both SmileFlex Easy and NightFlex Easy require down payments of $335 and $445 respectively, which bring it to a total payment of $1145 and $1345 each.

Alignerco Flexibility, Re-evaluation

Alignerco aligners are flexible and convenient to use. They work faster than traditional braces and you would only need to wear them for 4 to 6 months, depending on how severe your case is. 

During this period, you are supposed to wear each set of aligners for ten days and change them out as directed. Take them out while drinking or eating anything and clean them regularly using a brush and an aligner cleaner, if possible. One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t change or make treatment decisions on your own instead of following professional directions. 

After receiving your teeth impressions, if Alignerco’s team of professionals decides that you are not a good candidate for the treatment, they will issue a refund in full, no questions asked. This is one of their customer-friendly policies to ensure customer’s trust. 

Alignerco results (Before and After)

Alignerco reviews consumer reports

Has any one of you seen me with my crooked teeth? You should have! Or not. That was the whole reason I hated my high school pictures and why I burned my yearbook without a second thought (which I totally regret now, by the way). If those were still with me, I could have given one for an Alignerco before-after picture! 

Let’s come back to my teeth. They were not only crooked, but also had a wide gap between the two front teeth, and a pair of crossbites on the left side. Okay, that completes the set! Fortunately, there was no tooth decay or infections, because that could have made it difficult to opt for an invisible aligner.

I wasn’t sure about the whole process since it didn’t involve a dentist visit and taking the dental impression part had to be done by myself. But once I started, it wasn’t that hard, and took less than a minute to get the impression. I received the aligners faster than expected and ever since I have been wearing them every day for 22 hours for almost 6 months.

Another thing I was skeptical about was its efficacy, especially since it is removable and doesn’t have anything that holds it to the teeth, unlike metal braces. Needless to say, it proved all my prejudices baseless. I have a perfect set of teeth now, that too without removing any of my teeth, and without the teeth discoloration that comes with metal braces.  

Benefits of Alignerco invisible aligners

Alignerco invisible aligners are already impressive with their comfort in use and shorter treatment period. They also reduce dentist visits and let you eat any food or drink you want without the fear of those getting stuck between your braces and teeth. But what else? 

  • Aligned teeth: If you wear them properly, for the specified time period, it will set your misaligned teeth straighter. Achieving a more balanced bite will also reflect on your jaw health as it will correct the position of a misaligned jaw as well, with consistent use.
  • Better dental hygiene: This is an advantage of invisible aligners over conventional braces. Since it can be removed whenever you want, it will allow for better dental and oral hygiene, letting you brush and floss your teeth like you normally do and cleaning the inside of the aligners preventing any food particles from getting stuck in them.
  • Eliminates oral health issues: Uneven teeth often result in issues such as gum inflammation and even chipping of teeth. A straighter and more tightly packed set of teeth without gaps will reduce the risk of all such problems including jaw pain and gum infections.
  • Boosts confidence: An aligned set of teeth will improve the appearance of your smile, which will boost your confidence and self-love more than you can imagine. Even when you are wearing the aligners, since it is barely noticeable, you will be less conscious about your smile and yourself in social situations. 

Alignerco Pros and Cons

Alignerco aligners are a set of cost-effective and easy-to-use aligners and related things that help align your teeth more easily and efficiently. But is that all there is to it? It has no disadvantages? Does it have any more advantages? Which one outnumbers the other? Check out the list given below and add more to your personal list if you find anything other than what I have found. 


  • Shorter treatment period
  • A wide range of options to choose from
  • Reviewed by a licensed orthodontist
  • Hand-crafted and trimmed to the gum line
  • BPA-free
  • Money-back guarantee


  • May not work for everyone

Alignerco Drawbacks

alignerco vs byte

We have already talked about the cons of the product but didn’t compare it with anything else to see if it has any other drawbacks. In most ways, invisible aligners are beneficial over the traditional ones. But is that always the case?

  • Unlike braces, you can’t leave them on. You need to remove the aligners every time you eat or drink anything except water since doing so can damage them.
  • You need to take them out and clean them multiple times a day, unlike traditional braces that can be cleaned while brushing your teeth.
  • Not putting them back on after you remove them could slow down the whole process. 
  • There is a chance of losing the aligners in case you didn’t put them back on immediately, or if you forget the place you kept them.


1. Can we eat with aligners?

No, you cannot. You can neither eat nor drink anything except for water while wearing them. 

2. How long does it take to get aligners from Alignerco?

Once you place an order for the impression kit, it will be shipped in 3 to 4 business days. Within 12-14 days of sending back your dental impression, you will get your smile projection, along with your whole set of aligners.

3. Can invisible aligners damage teeth?

If you are using them with proper maintenance, they won’t damage your teeth. You need to follow the instructions and clean them at regular intervals to prevent the growth of bacteria that might cause tooth decay.

4. How long do Alignerco retainers last?

You are supposed to wear a set of them for ten days and change them out as instructed. 

5. Are invisible aligners better than braces?

Invisible aligners are more convenient than braces. Unlike braces, they can’t be detected easily on your teeth, and are easier to clean.

6. Will my dental insurance cover my invisible aligners?

No, it won’t. But since the Alignerco doesn’t cost much and is a good investment, it would be worth opting for this treatment even without insurance coverage.


Found your solution yet? I will say this once again, if facing people with metal on your teeth and the fear of getting bullied for it is what holds you back from getting one, an invisible aligner is your go-to. 

I have seen and read a lot of Alignerco reviews, and the majority of them found changes within the mentioned time. The experience was not the same for those who didn’t follow the instructions properly, but that’s a different case. Search something like Alignerco reviews Canada or the USA on Google, and you can see them for yourself. 

The aligners not only straighten your teeth just like metal braces but work way faster than the latter. Those being removable helps us maintain dental and oral hygiene and even lets you eat and drink whatever you like. 

Now, let me see those smiles of confidence after setting your teeth straight! Snap some pics and send ’em over, alright?

  1. Ke, Yunyan, Yanfei Zhu, and Min Zhu. "A comparison of treatment effectiveness between clear aligner and fixed appliance therapies." BMC Oral Health 19.1 (2019): 1-10.

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