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How To Practice Self-Love? No Bluff Easy To Follow Tips To Build Self-Care Psychology

Busy with our lives, we often tend to forget to love ourselves along the way. How to practice self-love? Self-love with the right steps is easy to implement in life!

Written by Aashika Rajendran

On Mar 21, 2023 – 8 minutes read

begin your life with practicing self love

How to practice self-love? This is something most of us women don’t know, “how and where” to start. All along our lives, we struggle to balance our family, friends, work, and all other relationships we come across. We don’t realize its late with so much in hand, we managed to forget one important relationship- with ourselves.

Honoring oneself and setting boundaries that cannot be crossed is very important for personal growth. So if you are not already on the journey of self-love then initially you might feel things to be challenging. Learning how to practice self-love, will give you the results eventually. Keep reading the article on learning how to practice self-love.

How To Practice Self-Love? What Is The Secret?

When things get hard I always look around for motivation and seeing many women make it big, it’s normal to wonder how they do it.

How To Practice Self-Love? What Is The Secret?

When one is in a hard place in life, practicing self-love can be difficult. Especially doing this when you don’t have the time or space to give yourself to practice self-love.

So How To Practice Self-Love When You Absolutely Have No Time To Invest?

People might tell you to go for a trip, or take time off and relax for a while. The feeling is temporary. You need to find ways to prioritize self-love in everyday life and not just for a short while. 

This article will give you a rundown on how to practice self-love without doing anything drastic like running away from life for a while or investing your savings into some crash course to self-love. Methods like that are not sustainable and the results are temporary.

Learn How To Practice Self-Love

Learning to love oneself allows one to reach new levels of happiness and self-assurance. The reality is one can only appreciate and truly feel loved when we love ourselves. True love comes from within. Practicing self-love will make you feel the following:

  1. Confident in yourself
  2. Safe
  3. A positive outlook on negative events
  4. Feel happier
  5. Conquer life goals
  6. Freedom from self-doubt
  7. Accepting failure positively

A state of mind where one starts to appreciate oneself is known as self-love. Self-love and how one shows it might differ from person to person but the basic value remains the same. Overall, willing to love and forgive yourself no matter what your situation is what self-love is. (1)

Physical Health Benefits Of Practicing Self-Love

When you learn how to practice self-love, you will naturally start prioritizing your physical health, your body needs to be taken care of. Being physically healthy will help improve blood circulation, stress, body pain, clear thoughts, weight management and reduce the risk of diseases. Looking good will also help you feel good.

Physical fitness doesn’t just include working out, it also includes doing what you love, wearing the dress you like, and feeling comfortable in it. Physical health also comes from eating good food. Instead of eating nothing and just getting by the day, understanding your body’s nutritional needs and eating the right food for your health-all the while balancing and allowing yourself to enjoy your favorite food is the most satisfying and sustainable way to stay healthy, consistently. Restricting yourself to strict diets and counting every calorie will not just stress you out but it also has the increased risk of backlashing.

Mental Health Benefits Of Practicing Self-Love

Practicing self-love is very important for one’s mental well-being. No human being is born stressed- society, social anxiety, and constantly handling and dealing with negativity and criticism can not only be emotionally draining but can lead to serious mental health issues in the long run. By learning how to practice self-love one will also learn to slowly move away from negativity and set priorities in life. Not only will you engage in activities you love but also learn not to waste your energy in situations that don’t bring you positivity and joy anymore.

Setting boundaries and saying no when you are not comfortable comes from the confidence you get from practicing self-love. If you have been through anxiety and depression then learning how to practice self-love will help you gain self-confidence, happiness, acceptance, self-esteem, awareness, and forgiveness.


Most people are not aware of the fact that when one loves themselves, they become capable of seeing and accepting love from the outside. Learning how to practice self-love will improve your personal as well as professional relationships and help you maintain an overall positive attitude wherever you go.

Empathy comes from patience, understanding, and compassion, a person can never understand or empathize if they don’t have empathy for themself. Kindness to self helps one extend it to others.

If you are someone who has been looking for ways to start your self-love journey, then you might have come across many theories that are hard to put into practice. You do not need to book a spa or join a club. Self-love need not be expensive, and self-love can be cultivated from the simplest of things such as putting your needs first. Self-love doesn’t happen overnight, it’s an attitude and behavioral change that takes time and patience. Changing the whole outlook on life is not easy initially but possible with patience and willingness. 

How To Practice Self-Love? Basic Steps

Here are some of the most basic things you can start doing every day to initiate your self-love journey

Organise And Clean Your House

Yes, you read that right! Self-love comes with a clean positive space and if you are someone who loves to hoard things that have no value or use to you, then get rid of them. Waking up to a well-cleaned and organized house will automatically lift your mood and instill a sense of positivity. 

Note: If you love plants you can go ahead and add some indoor plans, paintings, etc. to make your home look comfy and peaceful.


Journaling is the most underestimated method for self-healing and self-love.  If you are someone who hates to write everything that happened the other day, just write down stuff you are grateful for. Anxiety, stress, and feeling hopelessness are all results of overthinking about the future or not letting go of the past. Journaling can help you stay in the present and remind you of the good things you have when you feel low, keeping you grounded and helping you accept things the way they are.

Compliment Yourself More

Do not wait for others to compliment and appreciate you. Complimenting yourself and appreciating the little things you achieve in life will change your outlook on yourself and act as a boost of self-confidence. Nobody is perfect and letting go of that notion and pressure of being a certain way and instead embracing yourself for who you are and what you have is very important. Give yourself tiny affirmations here and there and before you know it you will find a difference in the way you see yourself.

follow tips to build self-care psychology, learn how to self love.

Celebrate All Milestones Whether They Are Big Or Small

We all work hard every day for something, and it’s important to appreciate yourself even for the little things you get done. It is also important to set realistic expectations that lead you to your goals. This way with each milestone you will feel satisfied, motivated, and accomplished.

Stop Comparing

We know it’s easier said than done in a competitive society to stop comparing our life with that of others. Everybody has their problems, and nobody is perfect. Hence it’s important to be focused on your journey and what’s necessary to improve your life. Instead of comparing and pulling yourself down, take positive inspiration from others’ journeys.

Become Your Own Best Friend

Positive self-talk over negative talk will help you overcome your shortcomings. When things don’t go as planned or you are at a low point in life, think of the things you would tell your friend to motivate them and tell yourself the same. Finding that voice in you is the most important key to learning how to practice self-love. Not only do you need to find the- voice but also stop that voice from putting negative thoughts in you.

Understanding And Limiting Social Media

One of the most dreadful things that come with a social life is self-judgment. Comparing and setting standards based on what you see on social media could seriously have seriously tarnished your self-esteem and make you less content and motivated no matter what you do. It is very important to realize that social media is not the reality. For example, women tend to compare their skin and body to photos of influencers and celebrities they see on social media. What we don’t realize is that the final photo or video we see on our social media platform is not just taken under the best lighting and camera but also the results of the best editing.


Meditation for a few minutes in the morning can help develop mindfulness. Being mindful will help one be more realistic and non-judgemental which is very important in today’s lifestyle.

Apart from the above points, you need to keep a positive mindset and have the patience to develop self-love, the magic doesn’t happen overnight. It is also important to know that self-love will not solve all your problems but will help you face the problems in a better and less stressful way.

If you are facing depression or anxiety and nothing you do seems to work for you, you can always seek help. Expert therapy and guidance can help you get better and ease into your self-love routine. Hope this article on how to practice self-love will bring you the motivation to incorporate the same in your life.

Love yourself because you deserve it!

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