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Versatile And Must-Have Lip Liners In Every Women’s Makeup Kit

From being thought of as a profligate auxiliary to becoming an out-and-out prerequisite in every girl’s makeup kit, lip liners have come a long way!

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Best Lip Liners

Lip Liners have recently rediscovered their position from being a hidden gem in every makeup lover kit to becoming a front-end tool to create and play around with various makeup looks and styles. You might have previously ignored your lip liners. If you have, then it’s time now to rethink. Discover the world of lip liners, from enhancing natural beauty to creating stunning looks.

Having the best lip liner which is also versatile, can help you work with any lipstick even if it does not suit you. How? Keep reading to learn the lip liner hacks most makeup artists follow to achieve the pout we have always gawked on celebrities. Like lipsticks one need not buy lip liners in every possible shade, just one lip liner can get the job done as long as you pick that one lip liner based on the tips and tricks we are about to tell you. The versatility of these best lip liners will help you not just flaunt any lipstick but also do many other fun things with makeup. 

For Those Who Have Never Tried A Lip Liner: Here is What The Best Lip Liners Can Do For You!

A lip liner is supposed to create a partition between the outer edges of your lips and the lipstick acting as an outline. This can create an illusion of more desirable-looking lips, giving the lips an extra pop to its present look with just a coat of lipstick (1). The best lip liner can also give your lipstick a clean edge and stop bleeding and smudging while looking at lipsticks or lip gloss.

What The Best Lip Liners Can Do For You!

Lip liners come in two forms the usual pencil form which requires sharpening and the other the twist form which is more convenient if you are not someone who likes to carry around a sharpener. Explore top lip liners from around the globe, and find out how they measure up to the Best Drugstore Lip Liners In India.

How To Pick The Best Lip Liner For Your Lips?

When picking the best lip liner for your lips you have three options based on your style.

1. Color Guide: Pick The Right Colors To Get The Best Lip Liners Look

Color Guide: Pick The Right Colors To Get The Best Lipliners Look

The Best Nude: How To Pick The Best Lip Liners

The most versatile and best lip liners you can get your hands on would be the nude lip liner and finding them can be quite tricky. Finding the most flattering nudes also works similarly to finding the perfect fit foundation It is a trial-and-error method but the results are going to be worth it.  While picking up the best nude shade, always follow this simple rule, the most perfect nude would be the shade that’s closest to your natural lip shade or a shade darker. Never pick a light shade of nude as this can completely alter the basic purpose of the limping and in fact, even make your lips look shapeless and thin.

Bold Lines For A Bold Look: How To Pick The Best Lip Liners

If a bold makeup look is your personal style choice then going a few shades darling with your lip liner can help you achieve the perfect bold look. Lining your lips with a darker color can help you achieve a sexy yet dramatic lip that is also defined and classy. 

Pro Tip:

While picking a dark shade of lip liner, to achieve a bold look, make sure the liner and the lipstick you are planning to wear all fall in the same color category. For example, wearing a dark brown lip liner with a bright pink shade is, yeah, you imagined it right, disastrous!

Mix And Match: How To Pick The Best Lip Liners

While using lip liners to create a perfect less obvious plumping effect to the lips, it is always advised to stick to liners in the same color category so that the outcome is a rather blended-out neat lip look and not like you drew an outline and then colored it. Blending out the edges of your lip liner can also ensure the lips look naturally defined. The pro tip mentioned above applies here too.

2. Pick A Best Lip Liners That Acts As A Lip Primer

If you have the best lip liner it can double up as a lip primer. If your lipstick isn’t as long-lasting as it was expected to be a lip liner could be your savior. Applying a layer of waterproof lip liner as a base to any lipstick will ensure that even if the lipstick fades out the tint from the liner stays intact. A good nude shade of lip liner can also be effective on pigmented lips to conceal the darkness and even out the color before lipstick application.

The Best Lip Liners Can Make All The Difference

You can either draw along your natural lip line or draw over it to highlight and enhance your natural lips. For a subtle makeup with lips as the highlight the overlining can be something you can try.  Make sure you don’t overline too much as this can look very artificial and cheap. You can also use a similar technique to make your lips smaller, all you have to do is line your lips inside your lip line and conceal the edges using a good coverage concealer. This technique can be used to alter the shape of the lips to achieve the desired shape and size (2).

The Right Way To Apply A Lip Liner For The Best Lip Liner Look

Before you take your lip liner line your entire lips and fill in with lipstick, to only end up looking creepy and far from what you expected follow these pro makeup artist’s tips. 

  • For a seamless lip liner application always prep your lips.
  • If you have dry and patchy lips use a good lip scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells and apply a lip balm at least half an hour before lipstick application. This will make sure the product will glide seamlessly
  • Line your lips with the best lip liners you have by keeping a half smile on your face. Keeping a full smile might alter the natural shape of your lips and give a patchy and uneven outline. Stretching your lips slightly but not too much will make sure the product can glide smoothly and help you see the edges.
  • Start the application with lighter strokes and gently build the color.
  • Refrain from outlining the corners of your lips as this can make your lips look uneven.

List Of Best Lip Liners Of 2023

Mac is a universal brand with lip liners that work great, have a long-staying power, and are easy to use. Here are some of the best Mac lip liners to get your hands on. Best Mac lip liners for Medium Skin: Spice, Auburn, Half Red, for Tan Skin: Whirl, Stone, Boldly Bare, Cherry, and for Fair Skin: Subculture, Ruby Woo, Burgundy, Stripdown, Edge to Edge.

List Of Best Lip Liners Of 2023

11 Best Lip Liners From Other Brands

Apart from Mac here are some of the best lip liners  from other brands

👉 Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk

👉 NYX Slim Lip Pencil Creamy Long-Lasting Lip Liner

👉 Milani Color Statement Lip Liner – All Natural

👉 Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner

👉 Tower 28 Beauty OneLiner Lip Liner + Eyeliner + Cheek Pencil

👉 Makeup By Mario Ultra Suede Sculpting Lip Pencil

👉 Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Liner

👉About-Face Matte Fix Lip Pencil

👉 Maybelline New York Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner

👉 Rimmel London Exaggerate Full-Colour Lip Liner

👉 Sugar Cosmetics Lipping On The Edge Lip Liner


What Color Of Lip Liner Is Best For Yellow Skin?

Any lip liners with undertones of red, peach orange, or brown would look flattering on yellow skin.

What Are The Best Nude Lip Liners?

There is no one nude that fits all, the best nude lipiner is one that is a shade darker than your natural lip colour and glides on seamlessly.

What Balm Lip Liners Work Best With Balm Meet Matte Hughes?

The Balm Meet Matte Hughes is a high-quality liquid lipstick with amazing lasting power and pigmentation. Any lip liner would go with these lipsticks just make sure you pick one depending on the color of your lipstick.

What Are The Best Lip Liners?

Best lip liners are any lip liner that applies smoothly, gives a good color payoff, and complements your lip shade and skin tone.

Do Lip Liners Last Longer?

Yes, The Best lip liners are usually designed to last longer on the lips and help your lipstick from bleeding and fading. 

Final Word – Best Lip Liners Of 2023

Overall lip liners are a perfect addition to every woman’s vanity if you love doing lip make up. Always pick a shade darker than your natural lip color for a natural look. Applying a lip balm before applying a lip liner will ensure that your liner stays put and glides on smoothly.

A good moisturizing lip liner can also double up and work as a lip primer. If getting a nice big pout is your target then lining only the center of your lips i.e. the cupid bow and the center of your lower lip can give you the illusion of bigger lips. If you feel that your liner is sharp make sure you use a smudging brush or your finger to make the liners more soft.  Finally, the perfect recipe for a perfect pout is lip care, followed by best lip liners, a good lipstick, and a topping with a good clear or tinted lip gloss.

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