Spritz These Best Setting Sprays for Long Lasting Makeup!

The best replacement for touch-ups and tissues, setting sprays never go out of being handy.

Written by Manal Yahya

On Jun 13, 2023 – 12 minutes read

Spritz These Best Setting Sprays For Long Lasting Makeup

The beauty of the best setting sprays is that they can save and lock in your makeup at times when touch-up is not an option. It could be at any time from a day out in the sun to an all-day-long major night event. Either way, you don’t want all your hours of brushing and polishing slipping down your face or creasing with beads of sweat, right?

To set your final look of flawless blush and bluff for hours on end, all you have to do is spritz a setting spray at the end of the makeup routine. Say what?!

Best Setting Sprays for All Skin Types

We all know that ensuring the seamlessly buffed foundation, blinding highlight, and sharp-winged liners don’t smudge is nowhere near easy. Especially when you cannot leap at an open door for quick damage control.

Whether it’s the heat you are surrounded with or the nerves making you anxiously sweat. Whether you are way past the time limit your makeup products were set out for, your makeup will crease or run down your face after some point. But do you have to worry about that? Not with a setting spray misted on your makeup to lock your look!

best setting sprays for sensitive skin

A setting spray works as glue that sticks the makeup on your face and holds it together. The best setting sprays keep your base makeup on till the early hours of the morning if you want to pull an all-nighter. They can set even the heaviest foundations powders. Like any other product, this one also works wonders because of its ingredients.

Generally, setting sprays are made up of three components: alcohol, water, and a film former that creates a barrier to prevent the makeup look from heat, sweat, and running down the face.

Yes, it is the same chemical formula used in hairspray and hair gel. But this is made gentle and safe enough to use on the face. With some of these sprays, even the ickiest, humid, and sweaty air don’t stand a chance!

What Does A Setting Spray Do?

A setting spray works. It does what it says. There are mattifying mists to dewy hydrators that promise longer-lasting makeup(1) without the mess or texture of the powder. In addition to prolonging your makeup-wear, it locks your makeup in, rain or shine keeps your makeup fresh, prevents fading, and smudging.

best setting sprays for normal skin

Best Setting Sprays for Different Skin Types

You don’t have to worry about using the wrong choice of setting spray that is not right for your skin type. Surprisingly, there are several setting sprays in the market. Each has its own set of benefits to suit different makeup styles as well as skin types. So you must choose a setting spray that’s tailored to your skin type and what you need.

You cannot simply grab the first setting spray you find or start using just any. Because not all of them are created equally. You must know your skin type and the ingredients used in the setting spray to ensure safe usage.

setting sprays for different skin types

Since alcohol is drying, using a setting spray infused with alcohol on sensitive skin won’t make your skin happy. Let’s ignore the fact of how effective alcohol is in keeping everything in place because it can irritate and dry out your skin in the worst possible way. So, for sensitive and easily irritated skin, you should opt for a setting spray with a water-based formula.

They increase the skin’s hydration and boosts oxygenation for brighter skin. If your skin is safe for an alcohol spritz, you can use any setting spray with alcohol for an effective and longer hold.

Unlike before, it’s not just alcohol-laden mists available now. You have some promising setting sprays with formidable formulas that are kind to the skin, such as soothing hydrators like aloe and hyaluronic acid(2). They have come a long way; they are not just for oily skins. Now, there are setting sprays for dry skin to look dewy with a glowing finish.

How To Use a Setting Spray for Best Results?

A little setting spray can go a long way. So you don’t have to be generous with it. Shake the bottle just enough to mix it all up. Then spritz a little mist before you head out the door. But always spritz it on the skin while keeping a safe distance of 6 to 8 inches from your face to dehydrate the face post makeup application.

If you are using an alcohol-based setting spray, apply a hydrating skincare product as a base to keep your skin from drying out. There are different ways to use a setting spray. After you are done applying your makeup, you can apply it in these ways over your face post makeup application:

how to use setting sprays for best results
  • In a zig-zag motion starting on the forehead and moving down to the chin.
  • Dampen a beauty blender with the setting spray. Then press the blender on the skin to smooth out creased makeup or dry patches. This can also smoothen your foundation more evenly.
  • In a “T” motion through the center of your face and “X” to hit the outer perimeters.
  • Spritz your flat eyeshadow brush with a little mist. Use the dampened brush to pick up and lay down an opaque and bold color and a better-foiled effect with your high-shimmer shadows. This also helps the eyeshadow to stay in place long without creasing.
  • Spray onto your slanted brush for intense contouring that lasts all day long.
  • For a sturdy base on an all-nighter, spritz the spray between each makeup step to lock it in.
  • Do not rub your face after spraying to avoid messing it all up. So, allow the spray to dry naturally.
  • You can reapply the setting spray whenever necessary to rehydrate your skin if you want.

Best Setting Sprays to Keep Your Makeup Fresh

Makeup is all about layering artfully. And you want the full beat to last long (you spend hours on it!) and don’t want it to budge or smudge. You gotta keep the look for longer like at your wedding. You have to dance all night, right?

Well, one adept spritz of ultra-fine mist from a setting spray, and you are set for hours on end without feeling like you have an extra layer on your face. There are a lot of setting sprays from dewy and natural ones to long-lasting mattes to mists with SPF. No cakey flaking, no messy melting, no fuss at all!

Best Setting Sprays for Dry Skin

To help you choose a setting spray that specifically caters to your skin type and complexion needs, I have compiled a list of the best setting sprays for different skin types. 

MAC Prep & Prime Fix + Setting Spray

This favorite go-to setting spray of several makeup pros with dry skin is brilliant at delivering its promise of hydration.

best setting spray for dry skin - MAC

Price: $31

Along with keeping your makeup intact even after 12 hours, it hydrates the dry skin with a blend of soothing agents chamomile, green tea, and cucumber, leaving a heavenly smell on the skin. It is non-acnegenic, dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested as well.

Tarte Shape Tape Shape Spray Setting Spray

Being one of the best setting sprays for dry skin, Tarte’s setting spray leaves your skin deeply hydrated and sets your makeup in place perfectly.

Tarte Shape Setting Spray

Price: $35

But unlike many other setting sprays for dry skin, its microfine mist is lightweight enough to hydrate your skin. It does not leave behind a sticky, greasy residue. Your skin will thank the mix of cucumber with aloe and vitamin E, the hydrating ingredients that treat any dried skin.

Best Dewy Setting Spray

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

If you are after that glowing finish that makes your face glow from within, you can spritz on this setting spray from Tatcha instead of loading your face with a highlighter. Made from 20% botanical oils, humectants(3), hyaluronic acid, and algae, this one promises the best dewy finish you could ask for.

best dewy setting spray

Price: $49

Its hydrating formula will keep your skin moisturized and dial up the radiance without caking your makeup. Spritz this one after you are done applying makeup to keep your face from drying and flaking.

Best Setting Sprays for Sensitive Skin

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Though safe for all skin types, Urban Decay’s all-nighter setting spray is a cult favorite setting spray for sensitive skin and oily skin. The promise of 16-hour long wear makes this one a favorite go-to spray. Because it lives up to its name! It controls the temperature of your base makeup and keeps your makeup smudge-proof (regardless of the weather you are in).

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Price: $36.60

The best part is the claim of its ability to help you pull an all-nighter. And it works wonderfully. Don’t take my word for it, the thousands of reviews prove that. You can dance all night without worrying about your makeup melting off.

Make Up for Ever Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray

Since this is the best alcohol-free formula, you can guess why it is known as one of the best setting sprays for sensitive skin. There is no room for worrying over whether or not it is effective at keeping your makeup from running down.

Make up For Ever Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray

Price: $37.99

A clinical test proved that it can help your makeup stay for up to 12 hours in addition to keeping your skin moisturized up to 63% right after application. All thanks to its oxygenating agents!

Best Setting Sprays For Oily Skin

Skindinavia The Bridal Makeup Finishing Spray

If you are the next bride of the circle, it’s time to pocket this impressive setting spray designed with brides in mind. Skindinavia’s setting spray can help you withstand 16 hours of creases of smiles and tears of joy. Color me impressed! The mattifying finish is truly a godsend, especially if your skin is oily.

Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray

Price: $29

This is also the best setting spray for acne-prone skin. Because it does not contain any parabens or silicone, you won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts you dread. So, spray this little magic over your makeup to cross all your makeup woes on your big day!

NYX Professional Makeup Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray

Anyone with oily skin is well familiar with runny and melting makeup. No surprise there. For them, spritzing this lightweight, best setting spray for oily skin as the final step can keep the greasy (T-zone) at bay. This also makes NYX’s setting spray an ideal setting spray for combination skin. It dries into a matte finish that is so soft you won’t feel the oiliness you normally feel and combats the overly glowing shine.

nyx setting spray

Price: $9.50

Also, it minimizes the appearance of pores in the process. Since there is a high percentage of alcohol in it, those with dry and sensitive skin can stay away from this one. If you want a dewy finish, NYX offers that too for a natural look!

Best Setting Sprays for Mature Skin

Dior Airflash Radiance Mist Primer & Setting Spray

With its anti-aging benefits, Dior’s 2-in-1 setting spray is the best setting spray for mature skin. The mix of hyaluronic acid in the spray can blast and smoothen out those wrinkles and fine lines you are not overly fond of.

best drugstore setting spray

Price: $59.95

 A quick spritz of this setting spray on mature skin can give a high dose of hydration while leaving the skin soft and with a dewy finish.

Best Setting Spray With SPF

Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 40

If you don’t layer an SPF coating before you start your makeup application, I can assure you that you are doing it all wrong. If you are going to be in direct sunlight, forgetting sunscreen is non-negotiable. Likewise, this setting spray spiked with an SPF of 40 sprayed directly on top of your makeup can set your makeup in place for a long duration while protecting your face from the sun.

best setting spray with spf

Price: $34

This one is for those with combination to oily skin, not too oily though. However, it won’t make your skin appear dull like most mattifying setting sprays.

Best Drugstore Setting Spray

E.L.F. Cosmetics Illuminating Mist & Set

This is the best affordable setting spray you can moisturize and nourish your face with while saving your makeup from melting too soon. With just $6, you can give your face a treat with its incredible cocktail formula of aloe, green tea, antioxidants, and vitamins.

makeup setting spray

Price: $6

The best thing is that it is suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin that needs a mattifying finish. Apart from prolonging your makeup wear and smudge prevention, it can help you pack on the rich pigment if you spritz it on your brush. Your hunt for budget-friendly, best drugstore setting spray ends here with this ideal steal!

How To Choose The Best Setting Spray For You?

Now that you know the best setting sprays available in the market, it’s time for a guide to help you choose the best and right setting spray for you. Consider these following factors before buying a setting spray:

how to choose the best setting spray for you?

Best Setting Sprays According to Skin type

The first and foremost factor anyone should consider before buying any product to use on their skin is whether or not it suits your skin type. In the case of setting sprays, those with dry skin must choose sprays with hydrating and moisturizing properties instead of alcohol-based sprays.

For those with mature skin also, use a setting spray that has hydrating properties and go easy on the setting powder. If you have oily skin, choose a mattifying or oil-free setting spray. For combination skin, experiment with different setting sprays to find the right one that works for you.

Best Setting Sprays According to Weather

During hot and humid weather, makeup tends to melt off the face whereas your skin lacks moisture during the winter. So, on hot summer and sunny days, choose a setting spray that is cooling and sweat-resistant. For dry, winter days, choose a setting spray with hydrating properties to protect your skin from harsh and drying air.

SPF factor 

If you prefer a setting spray with SPF, choose one that gives you protection from harmful sun rays. Along with helping your makeup stay longer than usual, it can save you from sunburns.

Final Thoughts

You can also consider the finish you prefer. You can either have a matte and shine-free finish, or a dewy effect with dialed-up radiance. Choose a spray that is specifically designed to suit your preference.

So these are the factors you must consider before buying a setting spray. Now you know everything you need to know about setting sprays. If you want an all-natural spray, you can make one on your own. Simply add one tablespoon of glycerin to half a cup of rose water and mix it well. You can spray it all over your face, even on your painted lips. Or you can choose any from the list of best setting sprays mentioned above and start using them to prolong your makeup’s lifespan. Now, you can enjoy your pool parties wholeheartedly!

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