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Not the Botox you’ve heard of, but the Hair Botox you need!

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While thinking of the word “Botox”, you might be thinking of those scary injections that people get on their face to rejuvenate it and make it look younger. Well, Botox hair treatment does not involve any “injections” and it is a much gentler way of nourishing your hair and making it look rejuvenated. 

With time and no special care, your hair might start looking dry and dull. If you are looking for ways to transform the look and feel of your hair, then you should give hair botox a try. This innovative hair treatment adds luster to your tresses and makes them manageable. 

Whether you wish to slay that party with your luscious locks, mark your everyday presence with gorgeous hair, or give your tresses the long-due nourishment that it needs; botox hair is the solution you’re looking for. 

Let’s look into the nuances of Botox hair. So, let your hair down, because this innovative hair treatment is not gonna let you down. 

How Does Botox Hair Treatment Work?

Let’s first clear up the dilemma about “Botox” in hair botox. Hair botox does not involve injecting botulinum toxin(1) into your hair or scalp, unlike face botox which involves this ingredient. However, they both are similar in a way that Face Botox helps in relaxing the muscles and smoothing skin, whereas hair botox revitalizes hair by filling in individual fibers of the hair. 

How Does Botox Hair Treatment Work?

So, there’s no dermatologist, needles, or numbing ice packs involved in hair botox, just the same as the process of applying a hair mask will do the job. That is, making your hair smoother and bouncier. 

Benefits Of Hair Botox Treatment

Botox hair treatment is called “Botox” because it involves the process of improving the condition of your hair by rejuvenating it and making it look spiritful. However, it does not involve any injections as in the skin Botox treatment. Botox hair treatment leaves your hair looking smoother and shinier. 

Here is what hair Botox does to your hair: 

  1. Deep conditioning: The main purpose of Hair botox is to treat your hair with all nourishment and care. Thus, it involves infusing your hair with nourishing ingredients such as keratin, proteins, vitamins, and conditioning agents.
  2. Repair and rejuvenate: Typically, hair botox is used for treating dry, brittle, and damaged hair. Botox replenishes your hair and repairs the damage by providing it with lost proteins, nutrients, and moisture. 
  3. Smoothing and frizz control: Those coveted silky smooth strands could be achieved with Botox hair. This hair treatment minimizes hair frizz and hair flyaways, giving you that gorgeous and elegant hair look. 
  4. Protective layer: A botox hair treatment gives your hair a layer of a protective cover that protects your strands from external factors that may cause damage and moisture loss. 

Botox hair treatment aims to nourish and revitalize your hair and make it look healthier, smoother, and voluminous. 

Key Ingredients

There is no standard list of ingredients for hair botox treatment. The ingredients differ from brand to brand. For example, L’Oreal Professional’s Fiberceutic uses an ingredient called Intra-Cylane(2). This ingredient gets into the hair shafts and fills the gaps within the hair fiber. 

Generally, a hair botox product might include:

  1. Hydrolyzed Keratin: A botox hair product could have Keratin as its main ingredient. Hydrolyzed Keratin is a form of keratin broken into smaller molecules. Keratin is known for replenishing hair from damage and making it look vibrant.
  2. Collagen: You might have heard of collagen as an ingredient that helps in anti-aging. In the context of Hair botox, collagen helps improve the elasticity of hair, reduce breakage, and enhance the overall health of the hair.
  3. Argan oil: This oil is for adding nourishment to hair. Argan oil is derived from the Moroccan argan tree. This oil is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamin E. It nourishes and moisturizes the hair and restores its shine.
  4. Hyaluronic Acid: You might be familiar with this ingredient if you follow skincare trends. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally produced in bodies to hold moisture. In the botox hair treatment, this ingredient adds moisture and luster to your hair.
  5. Plant extracts: A botox hair product built with plant extracts would contain aloe vera, chamomile, green tea, etc. These ingredients are added to restore the nourishing properties of the hair and scalp.
  6. Vitamins and Minerals: Hair botox is all about nourishing your hair with all the goodness. Thus, it must involve vitamins and minerals. Vitamins like Vitamin B5, B7, and E, and Minerals like zinc and magnesium help promote healthy hair growth. 

Botox Hair Treatment: What’s The Treatment Like? 

Don’t be misguided by the term “Botox” because hair Botox does not mean sitting in a Dermatologist’s office examination chair, getting ready for that painful injection. Hair botox is a gentle process of revitalizing your hair. The treatment goes like this:

  1. First, the stylist will assess the condition of your hair and determine what kind of treatment your hair will need. Yes, the botox hair treatment differs from person to person. 
  2. Then, the stylist will massage the deep conditioner (botox hair product) into your hair and leave it for 20 to 90 minutes. In this process, all the ingredients in the hair product get penetrated into your hair, nourishing it deeply. 
  3. Your stylist might ask you to sit under a dryer or steam. This is because the heat activates the ingredients and helps in better penetration.

How To Apply Botox Hair At Home?

The best thing about Botox treatment is that it could be done at home easily. To be honest, the process of doing hair botox at home is not any more difficult than applying hair masks at home. Moreover, every product comes with its guidelines and still, if you need visuals, youtube has got tons of videos on how to apply hair botox treatment at home.

Below is a simple process of applying botox hair treatment at home:

How To Apply Botox Hair At Home?
  1. First off, you need to make sure that your hair is squeaky clean. There should be no build-up, oil, or dirt. Use a shampoo of your choice, leave it in the shampoo for 2–3 minutes, and then rinse your hair. Repeat the process for better cleansing.
  2. Section your hair into thin parts and apply the hair botox treatment ¼ inch away from the roots.
  3. Apply on each partition thoroughly. Once you’re done with the application, comb through your hair. This will allow the product to spread throughout your hair without leaving any tangles.
  4. After the combing, let the treatment sit in your hair for 40–60 minutes. The time duration differs according to the different hair types. For straight or wavy hair, leave the product for 40 minutes, and for curly or coarse hair, leave it in the product for 60 minutes.
  5. For better nourishment and locking in the moisture, cover your hair with a bonnet or plastic cap.
  6. After leaving the product for 40–60 minutes, depending on your hair type, rinse it out thoroughly with warm water. Make sure that there is no product residue in your hair. Rinse the hair until the water runs clean.
  7. Now, to achieve that smoother hair, blow-dry your hair at a reasonably high temperature.
  8. Make sure that your hair is totally dry. Once your hair dries completely, flat iron your hair at 400°F to seal the cuticles.

And there! You have those silky smooth tresses that you would wanna flip as Gigi Hadid did at Jacquemus Fashion Week. 


Even though Botox hair treatment is a gentle method of nourishing your hair, haircare professionals advise you to not do hair Botox more than thrice a year. 

I know you want to be an “Extra” but Botox treatments at an excessive frequency can make your hair dry by damaging your hair follicles. This can also lead to thinning of your hair and strip off moisture from your hair. 

Also, Hair botox is not a tailor-made guaranteed solution for everyone. It might not work for people with certain hair types. So, if you don’t see the desired results after hair botox, know that it’s not for you. So, before investing the big bucks into Hair Botox, study carefully. 

…which leads us to our next section of the blog:

How Much Does Botox Hair Treatment Cost?

The cost of hair botox depends on a variety of factors including location and the type of botox you choose. However, generally, the hair botox treatment can cost anything between Rs. 5000 to 11000, according to Poonam Lalwani, a renowned make-up artist in India. 

The cost can differ higher or lower, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Your hair stylist might also charge differently according to their expertise. 

How Long Does Botox Hair Treatment Last?

The lasting effect of Botox hair treatment depends on different factors and that includes how well you take care of your hair strands on a daily basis. 

Still, generally, hair botox lasts from four to six months. The various factors on which the longevity of your hair botox treatment depends are how often you wash your hair, the amount, and frequency of heat you use in your hair, other styling and chemical processes, and the existing health of your hair. 

Note that Botox treatment is not a permanent solution. You might need regular touch-ups to maintain the luster of your hair. Also, it cannot totally let go of frizz and dryness from your hair forever. It is advisable not to use harsh chemical-infused shampoos. Avoid shampoos with sulfates and parabens for the long-lasting effect of botox treatment on your hair. 

How Is Botox Treatment Different From Others?

In some cases, people might get their scalp injected by dermatologists to reduce sweating and oil secretion in order to reduce the need to shampoo frequently and prevent dandruff. In these cases, too, oils and conditioners are used to restore moisture and smoothen the hair. 

How Is Botox Treatment Different From Others?

However, a typical hair botox does not involve any injections. It is a gentle and excellent way of giving your hair that voluminous look and making them look smoother and shinier. 

Hair Botox Vs Keratin

The main difference between botox hair treatment and Keratin is that Hair botox is gentle on your hair as it does not involve any harsh chemicals. Keratin, on the other hand, does involve chemical treatments like formaldehyde, which is not the best thing for your hair’s overall health. Formaldehyde is used to lock in the hair in a straight position, so they look frizz-free and smooth. 

Keratin treatments are cheaper than Hair Botox though. 

Hair Botox Vs Collagen 

While some Botox products may include collagen, collagen treatment alone might not do the magic to your hair as hair botox does. Hair botox penetrates into your scalp skin to nourish hair strands from the roots and make it look fuller and healthier. However, collagen doesn’t penetrate into your skin. It coats the outer layer of the hair to make it look fuller, shinier, and smoother. 


1. Can I oil my hair after hair botox treatment?

Yes, you can oil your hair after botox treatment. However, it is advised to wait at least for 48 to 72 hours before applying oil on your hair, after the botox hair treatment.

2. Does hair botox straighten hair?

Not necessarily. Hair botox treatment is done to make hair look frizz-free, smooth, and shiny. While botox hair treatment might make hair look straight, it does not necessarily straightens the hair. 

3. Can I dye my hair after a Botox treatment?

Yes, you can dye your hair after a Botox treatment, but it’s generally recommended to wait for a certain period of time before doing so.

4. Can hair Botox affect already colored hair?

Yes. Hair botox does not have any effect on colored hair. Since it is mainly for nourishing and revitalizing the hair, it is safe to apply botox treatment on already colored hair. 

The Final Verdict 

If you think your hair has suffered from enough dryness and dullness and it needs a revitalizing treatment, then Botox hair treatment could be your best bet. 

Hair botox nourishes your hair with the right ingredients and makes them look shinier, smoother, and frizz-free for a considerably long period of time. Also, typically it does not contain any treatment with harsh chemicals, so it’s safe for your hair. 

Just be mindful that before spending big bucks in the salon or on Botox hair products, know if this treatment is for you by doing enough research and knowing your hair type. 

See you in the next one, until then, Ciao! 

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