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Egg Cleanse: How To Perform And Interpret The Mystical Ritual!

Feeling a sense of negativity around you lately? Try the egg cleanse ritual to eliminate dark energies and make way for positivity in your life!

Written by Priyanka Sonkushre

On Dec 13, 2023 – 12 minutes read

egg cleansing

So you had been to a wedding, and everyone around you was admiring you and your dress. They couldn’t stop themselves from telling you how beautiful you looked! And bam! Late in the night, your dress gets torn, and you also get a severe bout of illness all of a sudden. Or maybe your business was flourishing and you were achieving new heights of success. But suddenly, things take a U-turn, and you see a drastic dip in profits without any substantial cause. Could this be due to an evil eye? You may think. Because there are instances when energy vampires inflict bad energy on others, intentionally or unintentionally. If you suspect you are afflicted by an evil eye or feel negative energies surrounding you, it may be time for an egg cleanse.

The Enigmatic Art Of Egg Cleanse

Egg cleansing, also called la limpia con huevo in Spanish, is a simple yet powerful ritual practiced in several cultures worldwide to ward off negative energy and the effects of evil eyes. One can imagine how much people believe in this ritual, as the practice has been relevant since the ancient Mesoamerican period. It is quite popular in Latin and Mexican cultures but is also practiced by people belonging to Filipino and Italian cultures.

The ritual involves rubbing an egg in circular motions all over the body and then cracking it open in a glass of water to interpret. An egg is said to have the power to absorb all the negative energies around a person and can clean their aura so they can once again be the best version of themselves (1).  

The Enigmatic Art Of Egg Cleanse

Different cultures have their own versions of egg limpia (clean), but all have the same egg cleanse meaning and intention – getting rid of negative spiritual energies that pose a threat to their physical, mental, and emotional well-being and other aspects of life.

An egg limpia or egg cleansing ritual can benefit you if you are dealing with one or more of the following:

  • You feel lethargic and grumpy.
  • You feel there’s negative energy all around you.
  • There is a barrier hindering your growth and success.
  • You have had a string of bad luck with no obvious reasons.
  • You are otherwise healthy but are suddenly facing health issues.
  • You are dealing with stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues.
  • You’re having recurrent bouts of brain fog and confusion.
  • You have fears and phobias you can’t seem to overcome.
  • There’s an imbalance in your aura or blockages in your chakras.

How To Perform An Egg Cleansing Ritual?

La limpia con huevo is traditionally performed by spiritual practitioners and healers, known as curanderos. But it doesn’t mean you need to find a practitioner every time you want to undergo this ritual. You can easily perform it on your own in the comfort of your home.

While there’s no specific day or time for an egg cleanse, some people prefer to do it at the beginning of the year, at the start of a new month, or whenever they feel it is necessary. Right intention and an open mindset are all you need to perform an egg-cleansing ritual on yourself or your loved one.

Ready to know how to do an egg cleanse to get rid of bad luck and bring in good luck? Let’s begin.

Things You’ll Need For The Egg Cleanse

  • An egg (white or brown)
  • Lemon juice
  • Sage sticks or copal
  • Some salt (regular)
  • A large bowl of water
  • A glass filled with room-temperature water
  • Lavender oil, some candles, and Epsom salt (for a spiritual bath)

Egg Cleanse: Steps For Performing The Ritual

Steps For Performing The Ritual

Have a spiritual bath

Having a spiritual bath before you begin the egg cleansing ritual is not a prerequisite but a good way to get into the mood of spiritual cleansing. Light up some scented candles in your bathroom, fill your tub with warm water, add in some Epsom salt, a few drops of lavender oil, or your favorite bath oil, and sprinkle some rose petals or rosemary sprigs to prepare a relaxing and spiritually uplifting bath. Enjoy your bath by soaking in it for some time and come out fresh and rejuvenated.

Some people wonder if they should shower before or after an egg cleanse. Well, a shower or bath is not really necessary. But taking a bath can help you clear your mind and soul and prepare you for the actual ritual. And once you’re done, a post-ritual bath can wash away the remaining negative energy that failed to get absorbed in the egg. Frankly, whether to take a bath or not is more of a personal preference than a necessity in the egg cleansing ritual.  

Set out the egg

Set out the egg

Now is the time to prepare for the ritual. Take an egg that’s not cold and is at room temperature. If you keep eggs in the refrigerator, you may want to take one out ahead of time so it’s at room temperature when you perform the cleanse. Cold eggs and cold water can interfere with your readings, so make sure you have this sorted.

Give the egg a nice cleanse

Take a large bowl of water and add some salt and lemon juice to it. You could use any type of salt you have in your kitchen. It could be simple iodized salt or pink Himalayan salt, whatever you have handy. The type of salt doesn’t really matter. 

Give the mixture a nice swirl to dissolve the salt and mix the ingredients. Now dip the egg in this water and give it a gentle cleanse. Wipe it dry with a fresh piece of cloth. This will purify the egg and remove any previously absorbed negative energies. You wouldn’t want to acquire this bad luck, after all!

Arrange for a glass of water

water for egg cleanse

Fill a clear glass with room-temperature water, around three-fourths of it, and set it aside. You will need this later in the ritual. Be sure to use a glass you wouldn’t mind setting aside just for this ritual.

Purify your surroundings

You may now burn sage or copal to purify your surroundings and remove bad energies that may have settled in the room or your house. Open the windows to let fresh air in.

Connect with the egg

It’s now time to meditate, connect with the universe, and set your intentions straight. Hold the egg close to your heart and say out loud or in your mind what you want the egg to do. It could be relieving you of the dark energies in your life, protecting you from the energy vampires and bad energy, or removing any blockages that are coming your way.

Rub the egg all over your body

Here comes the crucial part of the ritual. Hold the egg in your dominant hand and roll it in circular movements all over your body. Start from your head and go all the way to the soles of your feet. The egg should touch every inch of your body. Don’t forget your eyes, the back of your ears, and the space in between your fingers. While you do this, the egg will take on all the negative energy around you and make you feel like yourself and filled with positive energy again.

Crack the egg

When you’re done, crack the egg open in the glass filled with water. See that you don’t break the yolk while doing so. Let the egg settle in the water for some time. You could give it a good five to seven minutes to do that. It is now time for egg cleanse reading and interpreting the results.

How To Read An Egg Cleanse?

Performing an egg cleanse is one thing. The other aspect of it is egg reading. Some people choose not to get into the intricacies of egg reading and dispose of the egg once they have finished the cleansing routine. Then there are others who wish to know what the egg wants to tell them or what it indicates. 

To interpret the results accurately, one must know how to read an egg cleanse because you may observe one or more things in the glass holding the egg, and each one has a different egg cleanse meaning. Time to know what you might see:

The water in the glass remains clear:

water remains clear

Clear water in the glass means it’s time to rejoice because you have no negative energy around you! You can now sleep with peace of mind with positive energy and pay attention to how you can move ahead with your life without worrying about anything.

The glass water turns cloudy:

The glass water turns cloudy

Cloudy water indicates that you currently have negative energies around you and are not free from them completely. You may need to do more egg cleansing rituals to remove the leftover negative energy.

You see bubbles floating in the water:

You see bubbles floating in the water

If you see bubbles in the water close to the yolk or in the egg white, it means you have successfully completed your egg cleansing ritual, and the egg has absorbed all your negative energy.

The yolk has sunken to the bottom of the glass:

The yolk has sunken to the bottom of the glass

A sunken yolk at the bottom of the glass indicates that you have been freed from something heavy that was constantly weighing you down.

The yolk is floating at the top:

The yolk is floating at the top

If you observe the yolk floating even after 5 to 7 minutes of resting, it means that your issues have still not been resolved, and you may benefit from another round of egg cleansing.

The egg stinks or has bloody streaks in it:

The egg stinks or has bloody streaks in it

If the water turns smelly or you observe bloody streaks on the egg or anywhere in the glass, you could be under the influence of bad vibes or evil spirits. Make sure you repeat the cleanse to dissipate the toxic energy and protect yourself from getting afflicted once again.

You observe needles in the glass:

You observe needles in the glass:=

If you notice the egg white has taken the shape of needles, you could be surrounded by people who have bad intentions toward you. Such people secretly wish you don’t get the things you wish for and fail to achieve success in life.

You see egg whites turning into cobwebs:

You see egg whites turning into cobwebs

Cobwebs suggests that you have someone in your life who is jealous of you and is sending you negative vibes and bad energy. This negativity is causing disruption and confusion in your life. It also means that you need a second cleanse to eliminate the effects of the bad vibes that has been laid on you.  

There’s a face-like shape forming on the egg yolk:

There’s a face-like shape forming on the egg yolk

While this may seem unrealistic, it is said that sometimes one can even see a face in the yolk. If a face-like shape has appeared in the yolk you have used for cleansing, you may have an enemy who wishes nothing but bad things for you. Pay attention to it and see if you can figure out who it could be.

What Do You Do With The Egg After You’re Done Egg Cleansing?

We know that eggs cost money, and it’s only natural to feel bad to simply throw them away. But after you’re done with the egg cleanse reading, you must dispose of the egg and the water. You can either drain it in your kitchen sink or flush it out in the toilet. Try not to throw it in your trash can, as the negative energies and bad luck will still linger close to you and in your home. 

Then wash the glass well and keep it aside in a separate cabinet. A place where no one from your family can get their hands on it to have a glass of water. You may use the same glass the next time you perform an egg reading.  

Is It Biblical To Pray With Eggs?

According to some scholars, eggs symbolize fertility and new life. So, they could be linked to spiritual transformation. However, the Bible does not specifically mention the use of eggs in the context of prayer or worship. Christianity primarily centers around your relationship with God and encourages you to seek his guidance and protection. The use of eggs in prayers varies from one culture to the other, and it is up to the communities to include or not include eggs in their prayer rituals.

A Sincere Prayer for Healing With An Egg In Spanish: Egg Cleanse

Many spiritual practitioners and individuals like to incorporate prayer to enhance their egg-cleansing ritual. If you, too, feel like it, you can say any prayer you would like or say a limpia prayer in Spanish. This will ensure your mal de ojo egg encapsulates every single ounce of negativity and bad luck around you and heals your mind, body, and soul.

Here’s a prayer for you in Spanish:

Querido señor,

He venido a ustedes hoy para pedirles guía y sanación. Es difícil para mí manejar todo sin su ayuda. Te pido que me protejas de la negatividad y el mal que me rodea. Te pido que sanes mi cuerpo y me ayudes a sentirme mejor. Gracias por cuidarme.


If you’re not comfortable with Spanish, here’s the English version for you:

Dear Lord,

I have come to you today to ask for guidance and healing. It is difficult for me to manage everything without your help. I request that you protect me from the negativity and evil surrounding me. I ask you to heal my body and help me feel better. Thank you for watching over me.


FAQ On Egg Cleansing

1. What is a limpia with an egg?

‘Limpia,’ or cleaning with an egg, is a spiritual art of helping yourself or another person get rid of negative and toxic energies they may be holding onto. It is believed to be a very effective ritual to escape the ill effects of an evil eye.

2. What is egg in spirituality?

The spiritual meaning of an egg is new life, new beginnings, fertility, and resurrection. It represents the rise of Jesus after conquering death. Eggs symbolize hope and represent the cycle of life. That’s why eggs are frequently incorporated into ceremonies and rituals in many cultures and are also used as a divination tool to absorb toxic energy.

3. What is a healing egg?

A healing egg is a term used to describe the immense power of an egg for healing purposes. Whether a person is fighting an ailment, bad energy, or bad luck seems to be following them around, egg cleansing can help them alleviate their suffering and revive their positive spiritual energy.

Egg Cleanse: Wrapping Up

Egg cleansing has been around for ages. People of different backgrounds have been using eggs to heal their bodies and find out if someone has an evil eye on them. Those who practice it believe in the power of eggs. Others, who have never heard of this ritual before, may find it a little weird. After all, it’s not easy to believe that an uncooked egg, besides turning into a delicious omelet, can tell you if you are cursed by someone.

After reading this entire write-up and understanding the egg cleanse meaning, you may be curious to try this ritual and see if it actually works. If that’s the case, we suggest you believe in it and immerse yourself completely while at it. You will hopefully feel the difference and be filled with a strong sense of positivity to take on new challenges and accomplish your life goals. Happy Egg Cleansing!

  1. Mickaharic, Draja. Spiritual Cleansing: A Handbook of Psychic Protection. Weiser Books, 2022.

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