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30 ‘The Notebook’ Quotes You Must Reread Every Now & Then to Swoon! 

Kindling a range of emotions in even the toughest of us, here are some of the most beautiful quotes from The Notebook.

Written by Manal Yahya

On Dec 6, 2023 – 9 minutes read

The notebook quotes

Nicholas Sparks never fails to make his readers cry their eyes out while leaving them longing for more. His timeless classic and emotional rollercoaster, ‘The Notebook’ is no different. Fans who were swept away by Sparks’ powerful words and narration still carry with them The Notebook quotes that tugged at their heartstrings.

Not to mention, the movie adaption starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams(1) gave the book a whole new level of a fan base that believes “it wasn’t over, it still isn’t over.”

The ongoing chemistry between them is so beautiful that they steal hearts as much as the breathtaking setting keeps the viewers captivated to the end. But even after 18 years, the words are still the star of the show. Which famous love quote from The Notebook is your favorite, and why?

‘The Notebook’ Quotes!

The notebook quotes about love are sweet and classic, and they capture the essence of strong loving bonds.

The notebook quotes you must read

The way they found each other at the end is a perfect storyline for a fairytale. Nevertheless, what Noah and Allie have taught us is to acknowledge that love is ultimately a struggle. A struggle worth fighting for.

The Notebook has set the bar too high for a love story. One of many such gut punches of The Notebook that stayed with me is “read this to me, and I will come back to you.” This inscription to the notebook was shown at the end of the movie revealing Allie wrote it for Noah to read to her. Cue the gushing!

The Notebook; A Summer Romance That Lasted A Lifetime

From quotes that could make you feel hopelessly romantic (or lonely if you are single) to quotes that you could add to your wedding vows, here are our 30 favorite The Notebook quotes, 26 years later, thematically categorized. You must reread them even if they give unrealistic expectations, because why not?!

Disclaimer: With so many beautiful quotes, it was hard to choose a few to list. But I’ve done our best!

What is the famous line from the notebook?

This is an iconic and most quotable line from The Notebook to this day. Although it doesn’t make literal sense, it might be Noah’s promise to be anything Allie wanted. A promise of “I will be whatever you are.” He reminds her that they are in this together and he will be what she needs him to be. 

the notebook quotes short

If somebody said this to you, you would have swooned then and there. Right? Now, imagine Ryan Gosling saying this to you. The theatre must have swooned.

Share this quote with your significant other and see how they respond. Everyone needs an assurance like this from time to time, be it between husband and wife, or between lovers.

No words can better describe the feeling of falling into this once-in-a-lifetime love that transforms us. It takes us into this world where now everything about you revolves around the other person who gave meaning to your life.

best quotes from The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks sure knows how to throw right at our feels!  Relationship goals right there. You know in your gut that this was the person meant for you when you experience love that flows as naturally as a river into the ocean.

most memorable Notebook quotes

This quote speaks about the feeling of love and how it impacts people. More than that, it reflects on how true love is not just passion but peace as well. It must inspire people to want and be more and Noah’s and Allie’s love for each other was just that. And more.

I don’t know about you. But I for one strongly believe that strong friendship is key to a strong relationship.

notebook quotes movie

Cue the waterworks! This was a sweet scene right after Allie remembers Noah for a brief moment before their love actually did what they wanted it to and realizes love has no limits.

It’s no wonder they call it “falling” in love. Once you meet the right person, love just happens whether you want it or not. I’m sure every Noah and Allie among us can agree with that.

You might have heard people say that one never forgets one’s first love. Well, let’s put it this way – one never forgets one’s true love. There seems to be a universal consensus that true love happens only once. After all, is love really love if it isn’t exclusive?

I love this one for how it describes love as a journey, and not as a destination. The end doesn’t matter so long as you have loved with all your heart, at least for Noah.

The notebook quotes about love

This is more than just a dramatic, romantic quote. In fact, this is a powerful reminder from The Notebook that all of us should take note of. Noah reminds Allie to think about herself and follow her own desires. Ultimately, our choices must be what we want and what is right for us. Not for others.

Being in love isn’t always roses all the way. But in times of grief and sorrow, if you had your lover speak these words to you, how would you feel?

heartbreaking quotes from The Notebook

This quote in The Notebook about distance is another piece of advice for each of us. Time spent apart can either make your relationship or break it. Unlike Noah and Allie who find their way back to each other, the chances of our stories ending the same are close to slim.

notebook quotes love

A man who would write you 365 handwritten letters? Get me more than one, please! Another iconic quote from The Notebook that just proves Noah is worthy of another chance. One thing everyone remembers from the movie is how Noah wrote her letters for a year and he yells this at her followed by that iconic kiss. 

The notebook quotes for wedding

Noah’s belief in miracles brought a miracle right in front of his eyes. Miracles happen every day but we cloud them with other feelings and fail to witness them.

The notebook quotes about life

Despite the time and distance, the feelings Allie and Noah had for each other were stronger than they’d imagined. Yes, they were young, but that doesn’t mean the love wasn’t real.  

the notebook quotes noah

Another piece of advice for people who think relationships are easy to take care of. Not any relationship is easy to handle. It is always going to be hard but in the end, what matters is whether you are ready to work at it or not. And with whom you are choosing to work, of course.

the notebook quotes the best kind of love

Relationships do not always sail smoothly. As Noah’s and Allie’s personalities crash from time to time, they don’t often agree and fight over so many matters.

They challenged each other. But that was not entirely a bad thing. A relationship is not good just because the couple doesn’t fight. It is good when the couple is ready to work out the issues despite the amount of fighting.

The notebook quotes in english

We will leave you with this final quote from The Notebook. Ask yourself, what are we? 

The Notebook not only has romantic quotes but life advice as well that all of us can consider while taking care of our long-distance relationships.

Thankfully, he gives the famous Noah and Allie a wholesome ending they truly deserve, albeit unrealistic. If you haven’t devoured The Notebook yet, you should grab a bowl of popcorn and Kleenex and start at it already! Get sappy for two hours straight!

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